Cumin-Scented Cabbage Salad

It’s a beautiful thing when you can make a dish that tastes just as good the second night — if not better — as it did the first night you served it. Such is this cabbage salad full of root vegetables and scented with ground cumin.

Cumin-Scented Cabbage Salad

For some reason during the last week or two of the Pantry Challenge, I ignored the contents of my vegetable drawer. Probably because it was just too full. The cold temps have had me drifting toward carbs instead of the abundance of fresh vegetables that I normally enjoy.

The other night while preparing Cheese Enchiladas and simple bean and rice side dishes, I decided to dig into the crisper and face the music. I’m so glad I did.

The cabbage, a few weeks older than when the farmer packed it in my produce box was still in very good shape. I thank my ten-year old KitchenAid refrigerator. I splurged on the bells and whistles which includes a crisper that does its job.

We had carrots, a few green onions, and cilantro, so I knew I could pull off a colorful and tasty salad.

And don’t forget the watermelon radishes! Yes, really. They are red in the inside with a greenish-white exterior.

We’ve had them in the produce box from Abundant Harvest Organics on a number of occasions. But, these were amazing! A little sweet, a tad spicy, making them the perfect addition to this salad.

We enjoyed the salad with our Enchilada supper one night and as a cole slaw the next night. Delicious both times! I’m going to make this with tacos next time. I think they’ll be a perfect crunchy filling.

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  1. Don’tcha know I’ll be making this tomorrow! I have the same ingredients in my crisper (I need to pick up some cilantro on the way home). What a crazy week this has been for me. I haven’t cooked one night. Leftovers and Costco have provided our meals and the free pizza I scored from Target tonight (a red card reward). Four straight days of putting on workshops has left me totally blotto at the end of each day. Thank goodness my dh isn’t a demanding soul.

  2. It’s SO PRETTY! And looks yummy, too! : )

  3. Thank you, Jessica for posting this. Gives me a more specific plan for the head of cabbage that I am sure will come my way with this year’s CSA share. Loving the inspiration.

    And continuing in the vein of the Pantry Challenge, husband and I made a dinner of leftover Hubbard squash puree and arborio rice–the resulting risotto was good and filling. Perfect one pan dinner for a night when boy is not home to eat with us. I will either need to bake with the rest of the squash or put it in the freezer for future inspirations. Either way, we will use it. I absolutely cannot stand letting fresh produce go bad and have to be thrown out.

  4. yum, what a great way to use up some red cabbage I have – and might just use parsley instead of cilantro – after all we still are on the LAST day of the pantry challenge! 🙂

    did cave though — gonna try again in Feb!

  5. That sounds & looks amazing.. M’honey will just have to do without since he doesnt like cumin or cilantro.. but my palate will be doing a happy dance. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your great salad!

  6. Brooke Kingston says:

    We loved this with your Mexican Beef Tortas…had it for dinner and everyone raved! This slaw is lovely; colorful, flavorful and so crunchy!

  7. I was so excited I received radishes & cabbage in my co-op basket yesterday. Definitely going to be making this salad/slaw this week.

  8. Looks great, I am obsessed with cumin!

  9. This salad looks amazing and I hope to make it soon, but I miss new posts! I think I got addicted to hearing from you everyday during the pantry challenge!!

    • I miss new posts, too! I’ve been swamped this past week with life. Hoping to share new stuff by the weekend!

  10. I’m making this tonight. My family will be having tacos but I was planning on a taco salad and since I’ve had a head of cabbage in the fridge since January so I need to use it. I think I’ll use this as the base and add some black olives too. I don’t have any radishes.

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