The Spring Street Club Sandwich

Spring Street Deli Club

I realized last weekend that the club sandwich is one of my tests on a good restaurant. It’s hard to mess up so you aren’t taking a huge risk in ordering it, but depending on the quality of the contents, you can gauge a restaurant. In fact, some of my favorite restaurants are those where I first ordered the club sandwich and then branched out into other parts of the menu.

Or not.

The Club Sandwich at the now defunct Spring Street Deli in Paso Robles, CA, was pretty amazing. Good quality meat and cheese on toasted San Luis Sourdough bread. It was rockin’ awesome. They put half a pound of meat on one sandwich!

I’ve toned it down for this sandwich, but I’ve modeled it after theirs, a very simple affair actually.

Toasting the bread allows it to hold up for packing, even if you load lettuce and tomato on it. You might want to keep the mayo on the side to prevent soggifying the sandwich. We love the combination of soft and crisp textures with a hint of smoke from the bacon and sweet from the tomato.

This sandwich definitely makes a meal.

Spring Street Club

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  1. Got any good suggestions for where you get your deli meat?? I usually get the Columbus turkey at Costco and the deli counter for the rest?? Looking for another idea

  2. Nia Hanna says:

    Hey Jessica, where’d you find that pretty blue jar? I saw some like that at my local 99 0nly store, along with pink and purple but I’m not sure if they were any good or if I should splurge on Ball or Kerr brands.

  3. A woman after my own heart! I could have written this post exactly like yours – that is how I gauge restaurants too – from their club sandwiches! I really love club sandwiches and your recipe looks amazing!


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