Preparing Artichokes

Artichokes are definitely an interesting vegetable. Technically, they are the large bulb of a thistle plant. Tell your kids that Eeyore would eat them, and they just might try them.

Globe artichokes, considered to be the “true artichoke” are cultivated mainly in California’s Central Coast. We had them growing wild behind our house last year. We watched them carefully, waiting for harvest time, but someone else was watching them, too, and beat us to them! They are a seasonal vegetable, peaking from March to May. I consider $1.50 to be a decent price, so I bought twice as many recently when they were $0.88 each.

Artichokes are also available frozen or canned. But, I think eating them fresh is a fun adventure.

I never ate an artichoke until I was 20 years old, but I’ve loved them ever since. Hubs can take ‘em or leave ‘em which is fine with me. More for me! I do have one child who’s acquired a taste for artichokes, so it’s fun to have a buddy in my munching.

Artichokes are super easy to prepare.

1. Cut off the stem end so that it can rest flat on the plate.
2. If the leaves are prickly, cut off their tips, as shown above.
3. Boil or steam until leaves pull away from the bottom easily.
4. Serve with melted butter or herbed mayonnaise.

How do you serve artichokes?

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  1. Okay here’s my question … How do you EAT them?

    • Jessica says:

      @Sharon, you peel off the leaves and scrape the meat off with your teeth. LOL. Yes, really. Usually meatiest near the center. Yummy!

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