Pantry Challenge Day 27

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This is Day 27 of my month-long Pantry Challenge series  where we’re eating down the pantry (and freezer and fridge) to use up what we have, rotate stock, and save some cash. Today was a sick day.

breakfast cereal 8

This morning at least six out of eight Fishers exhibited some signs of illness. The baby and I are the only two that seem healthy. So, we spent a quiet morning at home. I busted out one of those boxes of cereal from my score on Friday. That was breakfast.

Lunch was a brunch/leakfast affair. I made my hubby’s comfort food: ham and eggs, biscuits, pancakes, and home fries. I had lots of help with the prep work. Otherwise, we’d still be waiting for lunch.

I put the rest of the pork from the freezer into the slow cooker on high in the hopes that carnitas would be ready for supper. Well, the meat was done, but apparently pork loin cannot be made into carnitas. Blech. Super dry. In the hopes of salvaging the meal, I made a gravy with the drippings which was awesome and made rice, corn, and sauteed greens for sides.

It wasn’t my best work. The gravy redeemed it ever so slightly. I think I’m done with pork for awhile. Ugh!

My family was a set of troopers though. They ate without complaining, even eating the greens which were a little bitter from the curly endive I threw in. They get bonus points in the form of ice cream tonight.

Day 27 Menus

Breakfast: Cold cereal
Lunch: Pancakes, Ham and Eggs, Biscuits, and Home Fries
Dinner: Roast Pork Loin, Rice, Sauteed Greens, Corn, Ice cream

This post is part of a month-long Pantry Challenge series. You can read more about my goals for the challenge here.

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  1. Breakfast – Bagels and cream cheese
    Lunch – Tomato Soup and salad
    Dinner – Baked hake, baked potato, carrots

  2. Yesterday was a good day… not a high food day which is good…

    I had leftover shrimp & broccoli for brunch with coffee and for supper I had lo roasted chicken & root veggies with spaghetti squash.. I made noodles too for M’honey.. He had lo choc lava cakes with ice cream and I had a piece of a pineapple coconut pie. Short & sweet.

  3. Ice cream cures everything!

    We had waffles for breakfast and pancakes for lunch! I broke the syrup steak at dinner and we had BBQ pork with slaw & buttered bread.

  4. Breakfast: Leftover pumpkin and chocolate chip muffins, milk, coffee
    Lunch: Leftover homemade non-refried pinto beans over tortilla chips, with sour cream, avocado, tomatoes, and cheese
    Dinner: Venison chili, crackers
    I also assembledthe poppyseed chicken casserole that I will bake tonight for dinner. I try to get as many things done as possible on Sundays so dinners are faster during the week. This is a great way to use up shredded chicken from the freezer and crackers and poppyseeds in the pantry.

  5. pork loin will only work that way if you cook it in a sauce..Otherwise it’s good in stir fry or fried rice.

  6. Hope everyone feels better soon!

    Breakfast: cereal, donuts
    Lunch: L/O turkey & dumplings
    Dinner: Tilapia, sweet potato, broccoli

    Day 28:
    Breakfast: yogurt, strawberries, eggs
    Lunch: turkey sandwich, banana
    Dinner: Moe’s SW Grill no-tortilla burrito

  7. Sharon Sorrels says:

    Roast a 3 lb. pork loin at 350, Baste with mixture of honey and dijon mustard–about 1/2 c. honey and 2 T. mustard. ( I have used reg. French’s) Baste loin, sprinkle with salt and pepper. You can also add thyme. Cook uncovered on rack for 45 min. Baste with other half of mixture and cook 45 more minutes. Use meat thermometer to check that it’s done. Slice thinly and serve. You can slice remainder and cook with barbecue sauce for buns. This was a Gooseberry Patch recipe and I have used it for years.

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