Simple Salade Composee

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Salad is one of my favorite dishes. Always has been. I try to make a meal-sized salad at least once a day which makes it my usual lunch. I start with a base of romaine lettuce since I can regularly buy that at Costco for 50 cents a head.

Then I layer on whatever veggies, protein, and cheese I have on hand. Yesterday I created a very simple salade composee. Isn’t that a nice, fancy way to say I-threw-a-bunch-of-stuff-on-a-plate-with-dressing?

Here’s what I used and it was delicious:

a handful of romaine lettuce, washed, spun, and torn into bite-sized pieces $.10
cucumber slices .10
carrot sticks .05
garbanzo beans .15
celery sticks .10
julienned red bell pepper .05
a few homemade, sourdough croutons .05
canned tuna, about 1/4 cup .25
sliced red onion .05
cherry tomatoes .10
feta cheese .25
caesar-salad dressing .10
a few grinds of black pepper

It doesn’t take much to make a good (and cheap) eat. In fact, the prices I listed are probably on the expensive side as it’s hard to price out just a few pieces of each. The total came to $1.35 which may be an over-estimation. You know you’d spend 5 times that (at least) at a restaurant.

Just use fresh ingredients and make it look fancy and you’re good to go.

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