Easy Skillet Pork Chops

I was a “know it all” child. My poor mother. She humored me. She still does. (Love you, Mom!)

My dad, on the other hand, chose to fight with me about it, most of the time. He’s a know-it-all, too. (Love you, Dad!)

So, about the time I was sixteen, I decided that I could grocery shop and cook better than my mom. Yes, really. (Sorry, Mom.)

I worked at a grocery store then. Note the fancy work uniform above. So, I dealt with food and groceries about five days out of the week. I saw all kinds of ingredients I’d never seen before.

I’d always liked to eat and to cook, so it was a natural next step to write up a menu plan, a grocery list, and go spend lots of my dad’s money. (Sorry, Dad.)

One of the recipes I discovered back then were these easy skillet pork chops. I dug out the recipe the other day and made them for the kids’ lunch. The recipe is super easy and you can adapt it in a multitude of ways, depending on what kind of sauce you use. I always have used barbecue sauce, but I imagine that salsa, marinara sauce, or your other favorite basting sauce would be equally good. Make sure you coordinate the type of liquid you use to match the sauce. I wouldn’t recommend pineapple juice with marinara sauce.

I used a homemade Asian flavored barbecue sauce which went really well with the pineapple juice. And I think chopped pepper and pineapple would make a great sweet and sour pork chop. Another time….

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  1. I am so very jealous that you were able to get your bangs higher than I ever managed!

  2. Oh Jessica, you looked so hawt ;)!

  3. I still remember the Lucky’s in our town. Something funny – about 5 years ago, my siblings and I were digging through our parents’ fridge for salad dressing. We knew we didn’t want to use it, since it came from Lucky’s – that had closed down many years before!

  4. LOL!
    Great recipe….and wild trip down memory lane. I failed the whole bang thing. We used to do a kind of date night thing at Lucky’s when they started staying open late.

  5. Tried this tonight. Family really enjoyed it! Thanks for a great dinner idea!

  6. Charity L. says:

    Hmmm…think this could be made with apricot marmalade instead of the BBQ sauce? I think that would still pair well with the orange or pineapple juice (I like sweet sauces, obviously). Thoughts?

  7. Monique Lawrence says:

    Hi Jessica, I am new to your website. I made this recipe last night for dinner. It was absolutely delicious. Even my 9yo DD who is a very picky eater ate it all up.

    Thank you for all that you do.

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