Easy Meals to Serve One Person

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Don’t have a lot of mouths to feed at home? Here are some simple, but tasty meals that are perfect for the single guy or gal.

Easy Meals for Singles | GoodCheapEats.com

I haven’t been single for over twenty years, but I remember the transition from my family home to college. I’d been used to cooking for my parents and four siblings. Once I was on my own, my recipes and cooking needed to be tweaked. I often cooked small meals on the fly but they weren’t as exciting as the “meals” I had made at home.

Today I cook for a crowd, but they don’t always like what I like. As my husband says, I like “froofy” food. So, when I want something that might not appeal to the whole fam, I make it anyway and then package it in single servings for the freezer. In this way, I can have a fun lunch that suits me.

Whether you’re single or a family member with singular taste or diet, the following meals are great to make for one person and are perfectly suited for freezing.

They also work for feeding a crowd, too.

Easy Meals for Singles | GoodCheapEats.com

Pesto Penne and Cheese

Mac and cheese is one of life’s ultimate comfort foods. Cozy up with a plate of this rich and cheesy, Pesto Penne and Cheese to while away whatever worries you may have. Because this recipe makes a full pan, you may want to freeze some of the unbaked mixture in smaller containers for an easy freezer meal to use at a later date.

Easy Meals for Singles | GoodCheapEats.com

Egg Plus Salad Sandwiches

Go beyond the egg salad sandwich with this egg + salad sandwich. Hard cooked eggs, vinaigrette, and abundant veggies make a delicious and economical meal for Sandwich Night. You can make it just for one person or for many.

Beans and Rice

Bean and Rice Bowls

Beans and rice are a good cheap eat, especially when you top it with chips, salsa, and some other goodies. It’s a filling meal to help you save money, and it’s so easy to prepare.

Easy Meals for Singles | GoodCheapEats.com

Green Chile Burritos

Make up a batch of these Green Chile Burritos for supper or to stash in the freezer at a later date. Either way, you’ll eat good and cheap.

Easy Meals for Singles | GoodCheapEats.com

Vegetable Beef and Barley Soup

Mix up a pot of this delicious homemade Vegetable Beef and Barley Soup. Enjoy some now and freeze the rest in individual containers for quick lunches or dinners down the road.

What’s YOUR favorite meal to make (or divide) into single servings?

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  1. Sue says

    For winter, chili is my favorite “make and freeze in single servings” dish. It can be served as is, over pasta, with chips, a baked potato, with a corn muffin etc.

  2. Carolyn Stutz says

    I’ve told you my son has made quite a few of your recipes and usually takes a day to fill up his freezer. He sends me pictures of his “haul for the day”, but this post gives me ideas to pass on to my niece who is at college and renting a small apartment. She’s involved in theater and on the move constantly between classes, working, and play practice. I can make up some “single” meals for her so all she has to do is re-heat them.
    Of course, now it’s got me thinking [once again] about my mother who is not fond of cooking and can “never think of anything to make” although she makes some amazing meals! Anyway, this is a jumping off point.
    Once again, thank you!

    • Love all this: sons who cook, young single women eating well, daughters feeding moms. All as it should be. 🙂

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