Garlic Focaccia

I can’t take all the credit for this recipe. The basic ingredients list is based on a recipe from my all-time favorite bread machine cookbook and then I tweaked it a little. It is a regular staple around here and there are rarely leftovers. But, when there are, they make great croutons.

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  1. beautifulladybird says:

    I made this tonight and it was wonderfully delicious!

    For the commenters who were asking: I made it in my kitchen aid mixer since I don't have a bread machine. I proofed the yeast, then added in the dry ingredients and let knead until the dough was smooth and elastic – perhaps seven minutes. Then I followed FishMama's baking directions.

  2. Fantastic recipe & super easy! Has anyone tried making this recipe with less oil? It was really delicious when I baked it yesterday (as per recipe) but I was a little bit alarmed by the amount of oil I added. Just wondering if reducing the oil would spoil the end result?

  3. this looks simple enough to make before a meal at my house. I will try it this week. thanks

  4. This is our favorite bread recipe at home now!! Every time we have soup my son asks “Where’s the bread?” I have a hard time staying away from it before dinner though… Thank you for posting this Jessica! :)

  5. This was delicious when I made it last night – so easy and fast! However, when I pulled it out of the fridge today (less than 24 hours later), it had a heavy sprinkling of what looked like white mold spots over the top. Did I do something wrong? I’ve never had bread go bad on me that fast.

    • I don’t think that’s mold. I am guessing that’s the extra olive oil that hardened. I don’t store mine in the fridge. But, that is my guess. Or the salt crystallized.

  6. I started to use the meal plans and they are great. I notice you use a bread machine …. I don’t own one… can I knead the dough and for how long…

  7. Jennifer Hoffman says:

    How long can the dough sit out? I need to make it in the morning so I am wondering if I can let it sit out before dinner when I bake it.

  8. Hi!
    I made the bread this past weekend, and I must say it was so tasty! I baked it and put some farm fresh veggies (eggplant, zucchini, onions, and tomatoes) on it. YUM. My only issue is the bread was a little too thick (maybe I had smaller pan or something). I would probably just divide the dough into two next time. Also if you want to add your own veggies I would recommend putting them right on top of the dough when you first bake it. Overall this is an excellent recipe I am definitely making again. Thanks for sharing!

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