Seasoned Corn Off the Cob – Simple Summer Side

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Liven up a simple summer supper with this easy, Seasoned Corn Off the Cob. It comes together in minutes and makes for an ideal side dish without the fuss.

Seasoned Corn Off the Cob | Good Cheap Eats

Sweet corn is a summer-fall dish for me. It’s not something I particularly crave in winter or even spring. But once summer starts to peek it’s head around the corner, corn comes to mind. It goes great with grilled meats, big salads, and pretty much every summer menu plan you can dream up.

Boiled corn on the cob was a regular feature on our dinner table when I was growing up. I loved it slathered in butter and salted generously.

Today, while my kids love gnawing on the cob, I prefer it off the cob. It’s so much easier to eat that way, and I don’t spend the evening picking silk strings out of my teeth. TMI?

One of my favorite ways to serve corn is off the cob as well. It’s so much simpler than wielding a tower of corn cobs, hoping none fall off, waiting for the butter hog to pass the butter, etc. Plus, you don’t have the shorn cobs to deal with later when you’re clearing the table.

Seasoned Corn Off the Cob | Good Cheap Eats

Corn off the cob is just  simpler in so many ways: easier to eat, easier to serve, easier to prepare. Plus, you can stock up on bags of corn on sale and fill your freezer.

You can also cut the kernels off your own farm fresh corn cobs if you’d rather. I’ve done that when we got a produce box, and I was always very happy to pull “fresh” corn out of the freezer. I’d say commercially frozen corn is not bad at all, but it’s true, it can’t compete with fresh sweet corn.

Other favorite corn recipes

This dish is perfectly simple, comes together in about ten minutes and won’t heat up the kitchen or require you to heft big pots of steaming water over to the sink. And it still tastes of summer. Without all the work.

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  1. Alice E says:

    Interesting idea. I’ll be the first to agree that the frozen corn in the store doesn’t compare to fresh from the field frozen corn. But I no longer receive lots of the fresh grown and frozen kind. So I am slowly learning to settle for what they have at the store.

    I usually cook frozen corn and other vegetables by putting them in a corning-ware casserole and microwaving them. That way I don’t have to drain the water off. But, next time I think I will try adding the butter and seasonings and see if that doesn’t improve the flavor and make up for the lack in the store bought variety.

    Thanks for the idea and the other links. I’m going to try the thyme seasoning, for sure.

  2. Pat says:

    We almost always eat our corn off the cob. Like you said it is so much easier and less messy. We did sixty ears of fresh corn off the cob last year supporting a friend’s farm stand with an electric knife and a bundt pan on a large cookie sheet. It kept the mess contained and we got 50 bags of corn>
    I’ll give this recipe a try for something different

  3. Marje says:

    I didn’t know corn was “allowed” on the whole 30 diet? I’m new at this!

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