Save with A Month of Budget-Friendly Meal Plans

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Years ago, almost twenty now, my husband and I purchased our first home. We got the wild and crazy idea to buy a house in a different county where we knew NO ONE. Did I mention neither of us had a job, either?

Talk about taking a flying leap. Thankfully, we didn’t crash and burn. Bryan commuted 125 miles to work each way until he found a local job. And I?

I learned how to cook on a budget.

In our pre-homeowner days, we had lots of disposable income. I bought whatever groceries struck my fancy, spending almost as much to feed the two of us as I did 15 years later to feed our brood of six children!

That first year as homeowners was my landmark year as a good cheap eater. I still have the spiral notebook in which I used to jot down budget-friendly recipes and meal plans. Even then, I built those meal plans around a month’s calendar.

Funny how some things never change.

Save with A Month of Budget-Friendly Meal Plans

Now two decades later, here are the new and improved versions of those original menus, meals that we love AND that help us stay in the black.

You’ll notice something different about this meal plan from other Month of Meal Plans: there’s less meat. This is by design.

No, I’m not going to make you vegan.

I know from experience that beans and eggs are cheaper than steak and seafood. I also know that certain animal proteins are more affordable than others. Ground beef or turkey cost less than whole pieces of the same proteins. Pork and canned tuna are generally cheaper than both.

While this Month of Meal Plans is specifically designed to be trimmer on the budget, that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in taste. Some of my very favorite dishes are included!

Trust me when I say that recipes such as the Black Bean and Sweet Potato Quesadillas or Herbed Lemon Linguine with Tomatoes will have you coming back for seconds. The Turkey and Pepper Lettuce Wraps or Vegetable Fried Rice will rival what your favorite take-out joint is serving up.

Photo collage of budget friendly meals

If you play your cards right, this meal plan will be your gateway to more affordable meals, lower grocery bills, and abundantly delicious dinners — all month long.

  • 30 budget-friendly, family-approved main dish recipes
  • 4 weeks of meal plans
  • 5 grocery lists
  • Side-dish suggestions
  • Homemade alternatives
  • Weekly prep tips
  • Leftover alerts
  • Basic DIY Convenience Recipes
  • Printable planners (monthly and weekly)
  • Frugal Snack Ideas

Get the meal plan instantly downloaded to your computer so you can get going on a delicious, budget-friendly month.

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