Salsa Verde Chicken

The flavors of lime, spices, and tomatillo salsa combine in a flavorful marinade for chicken, perfect for grilling.

My mother in law used to make a wonderful chicken that she marinaded in green salsa and then breaded with flour and spices before baking. Hubby requested this as his birthday supper for many, many years.

I’ve adapted the similar flavors for the grill. The lime adds a touch of sweetness while the cumin and chile powder add just a bit of heat. The grilled chicken makes a lovely protein for salads, to fill tacos, or to eat as a main dish.

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  1. Hmmm, never considered using salsa verde as a marinade. Sounds delicious!

  2. Annette Hart says:

    Could this be done in the oven, stovetop or crockpot? This sounds delicious and I just bought salsa verde to try with beef!

    • Yes, I’m sure all those methods will work: bake, stirfry, or slowcook. I haven’t had time to test them all out. ;)

  3. I read this earlier in the week as I brought the boys home from an extended Labor Day trip. I needed something for the crockpot for Thursday night so I took this idea and blended it with your salsa verde beef which my family clamors for. I cut up a few chicken breasts, added the salsa verde, a cut up onion, a bit of taco seasoning (I was in a hurry) and some black beans. Served over rice it was wonderful for after a night of martial arts practice. Will tried the grilled recipe later but your timely post saved me from making plain ole tacos, again. :)

  4. I just opened a can of this salsa to go with our slow cooker chicken tacos the other night. My boys really enjoyed it with chips. I must try this recipe. Thank you for the recipe!

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