Meal Planning: Sept 29 – Oct 5

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Popeye's Wimpy Burgers

Popeye Burgers

I’m definitely due for a big freezer cooking session, but I’m putting it off. I think it’s the fear of going to Costco and fighting the crowds. Maybe I’ll get brave in the next couple days. Meanwhile, I’ve made a meal plan to hold us over in case I don’t get brave. These are suppers that I can make with what we have on hand.

Works for me.

Here’s the plan for the week, subject to change:

pasta dinner

Pasta with Red SauceCaesar Salad

Carnitas Tacos

Carnitas Soft Tacos

Sausage and Hot Dog Bar

Hot Dog and Sausage Bar
Beans and RiceBeans and Rice
mini pizzas for fun pizza nightPizza Night
Quickest Chili in the WestQuickest Chili in the West

Got a plan for your dinners this week?

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  1. I might have 3 nights out in a row. :/
    Monday: leftover pasta, string cheese; garlic baked potatoes, broccoli, applesauce
    Tuesday: oatmeal & fruit; taco bowls (green chile ground beef in the freezer)
    Wednesday: [WORK PROVIDES LUNCH]; slow cooker chicken w/ baked potatoes and carrots
    Thursday: chicken wraps, fruit; veggie potluck dinner
    Friday: beef burritos (from taco bowls); leftovers/snacky picnic for movie night
    Saturday: chili, fruit, bread; [clothing swap party]
    Sunday: chicken-rice casserole, roasted beets; chili and baked potatoes

  2. We are starting a “No Spend Month/ Pantry Challenge” starting tomorrow night. So we have meal planned accordingly. I went to the store and bought 20.50 in groceries to last until next Sunday. Meals are as follows

    Breakfasts: Yogurt, Fruit, Bacon & Eggs, Eggo’s (need to be eaten and not rebought), Toaster Struddles (Ditto), Cream of Rice (Ditto) and Oatmeal (Ditto). I HATE OATMEAL. Im a southern girl and I love grits so the oatmeal container just stares at me every time I go into the pantry.
    Lunch: Leftovers, Leftovers, Leftovers & PB&J/ Grilled Cheese
    Sunday- Chili
    Monday- Fried Porkchops with Roasted Carrots
    Tuesday- Baked Chicken
    Wednesday- Eat up leftovers
    Thursday- Pot Pie (if any chicken is left) if not freezer meal
    Friday-Butternut Squash Soup
    Saturday- Leftovers
    Sunday- Korean Fried Rice

    I also see Lentil Soup in our future, Lots of Lentil Soup!

  3. I’ve just recently put together a two week menu plan that rotates. Life has changed and I am now out of the house every day of the week. I needed easy–so here is what I came up with.
    Monday is rice bowl night. One week is broccoli beef and next is meatballs in asian bbq sauce with a stir fried veggie.
    Tuesday is salad night. Mexican themed with beans or Greek with chickpeas and chicken
    Wednesday is soup night–potato or clam chowder. Served with a bread on the side
    Thursday is pasta and salad. I am gone that night and my husband doesn’t mind making pasta.
    Friday is get creative night. It’s the night I make something a bit more involved.
    Saturday is leftovers or make your own. And Sunday my husband likes to make a meal centered around meat.
    Having this meal plan has been so freeing! On Monday, I have a free 45 minutes to shop before picking up kids–it’s so easy to head into the store and pick up what we need knowing just what we will have each evening.

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