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Food was one of my first loves. And though Jesus, my husband, and my children now take precedence over food as the greatest loves of my life, you can bet that “good eats” are close behind.

My mother enjoys telling the story about how she and my dad took me out to dinner at a steakhouse when I was two years old. They ordered standard fare for 1974: salad, rolls, baked potatoes, steaks, and a plate of sauteed mushrooms. While most toddlers might have picked at the bread and taters, I proceeded to devour all of the mushrooms. My parents are still indignant that they didn’t get a single bite.

From that day on, my mother referred to me as her gourmet. Food had captured my attention. As soon as I could read, I was browsing my mother’s collection of recipes and cookbooks. By seven I had started cooking.

Since then I have worked with food in a number of facets: as a clerk at the grocery store, as a prep cook in a catering kitchen, and as a server in a high-end restaurant. Learning new techniques and recipes has been an avocation for me.

As a newlywed, I spared no expense on the ingredients I purchased. In fact, our first year of marriage, we averaged $500/month to feed the two of us! Times have changed. I’ve wisened up a little and have found some great tricks to eating well, while still living within our means. Today I have the pleasure of cooking delicious and inexpensive meals for my family of 8: my husband, our six children and myself.

I am a happy wife, a joyful mom, and a glutton foodie at heart. I also write for parenting magazines and the web. You can find more of my thought on fun, frugality and the pursuit of a clean house over at LifeasMOM where I host Frugal Fridays.

This blog is an outworking of my passion for food. I am still learning and trying out new things, searching for ways to maximize the enjoyment of every dollar spent and every morsel tasted. I hope that you, too, will grow along with me on this quest for Good (Cheap) Eats.

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  1. I love your blog, it has taught me a lot. I’ll always give Thanks to God for finding your blog.

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