About Good Cheap Eats

Six kids. Southern California living. A $800/month grocery budget.

These seem to be incompatible circumstances, don’t they? But, our family is living proof that it can be done. Not only does our family eat, but we eat well. Thanks to cooking from scratch and making good use of the deep freeze, I am able to feed my family healthy, home cooked meals on a budget and make ends meet in the Golden State.

When I’m not chasing kids or washing mountains of laundry, I try to equip fellow moms and home managers with the tools they need to do their jobs well.  LifeasMOM is my other little place on the web where I do that, hosting Frugal Friday and Ultimate Recipe Swap and regularly sharing Freezer Cooking Tips.

GoodCheapEats is where I index many of my recipes, focusing on affordable, delicious, and healthier meals that use more whole ingredients than processed foods. Homemade pizza? Oh yeah. Beans and rice? Of course. Homemade corn tortillas? Absolutely.

I also share product reviews, foodie giveaways, and other helpful tips for saving money on food. Whether you dine in or eat out, there are always good ways to eat well, act your wage and enjoy life.

Because no one should be without Good Cheap Eats.