Yummy Summer Drinks To Try

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Don’t let summer pass you by without relaxing out of doors with a tall glass of something delicious. I’ve got five yummy summer drinks to try.

cherry limeade in a pitcher summer drinks

My favorite Cherry Limeade 

So, I’ve been thinking about summer….

It’s going by all too quickly. Fourth of July, say what?

I haven’t been to the pool yet. Or the beach! Yikes! Okay, I was in England for a month.

I’ve got loads of backyard projects to tackle. No, it’s not too late to plant a garden in San Diego.

I haven’t made enough cool refreshing drinks. Time to remedy this, pronto.

So, before I don my bathing suit or scramble to Lowe’s for the last of the starter plants, I think it’s time for us to mix up a pitcher of something cold and delicious. We both know that staying hydrated is essential in the summertime. Even more, is stirring up something delicious as well as refreshing.

Here are a few yummy summer drinks I stumbled across this week. I think we should make them. Soon.

Yummy Summer Drinks to Try 

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glass of raspberry limeade summer drinks

photo source: Dessert for Two

Check out this luscious Fresh Raspberry Limeade from Dessert for Two. Forget Sonic. You can make this at home!

summer drink red white and blue smoothie

photo source: The Lemon Bowl

I love the look of this Red, White, and Blue Smoothie from the Lemon Bowl. It’s packed with protein so you could even indulge at breakfast!

pina colada summer drink

photo source: Cooking with Curls

A Pina Colada is my favorite cocktail to order on a night out on the town, but it’s so much more affordable to make it yourself at home. Cooking with Curls has a great, simple recipe for the Classic Pina Colada.

berry smoothie summer drink

photo source: Good Life Eats

I’ve not been willing to jump on the chia bandwagon just yet, but Katie’s Berry Mango Kale Smoothie might have me convinced to give it a try!

What’s your Yummy Drink of the Summer?

Have you got a cold, refreshing drink that’s your go-to this summer? Let me know about it!


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  1. That Red, White and Blue smoothie looks too perfect! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Karen Fleming says

    These drinks look amazing.

  3. Janet says

    I love an Arnold Palmer on a hot day (half ice tea and half lemonade)

    • Me, too! Particularly with Earl Grey. I discovered that combo last summer and fell in love.

  4. Alice E says

    Fruity flavored herbal teas are a frequent choice for me or iced chai. I occasionally indulge in orangeade, a memory from my childhood. I think it was my Mom’s way of getting us to drink orange juice when we didn’t really like it full strength. Basically it is just watered down orange juice over ice, extra sweetening optional.

    • When we were in England, we found a drink called squash. It’s diluted juice. Thought that was interesting that it had a name.

  5. Jen says

    Our new favorite is kombucha, it’s really refreshing on a hot day. A friend gave me a scoby and started making my own. I’m just finishing up a batch of blueberry ginger and can’t wait to see how it tastes.

    • I have not been brave enough to try kombucha yet. I don’t know why, but it scares me.

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