Why I Love My Keurig

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Wondering if a Keurig brewer is a good fit for you? Here’s why I love mine.

In the last month I’ve made it pretty clear that I am a big fan of small kitchen appliances. I’ve waxed eloquent about the bread machine, the food processor, the immersion blender, and the waffle maker. This week let’s talk coffee.

Over the years I have purchased and then donated a number of traditional coffee makers. Usually, we’d enter a season where we were hosting a weekly event or meeting in our home, and I’d need a coffee maker to serve the masses. Then that season would end, the coffee maker would collect dust, and I’d donate it to the AmVets, only to rebuy a new one a year or so later.

Yet, those who know us know that we drink coffee in massive quantities. How can this be without a coffee maker?

You see, my husband makes his coffee using this and this. He’s had the same gold filter for more than fifteen years. He likes it the way he likes it. He brews himself a big, thick cup of joe every morning. Sometimes twice.

I, on the other hand, want a quick cup, preferably with cream and sugar, but for the last month I’ve drank it with just coconut milk. I think it was good for me to give  up the sugar, so for now, I’m sticking to just cream.

Anywho, I want a quicker, easier, less messy way to make my coffee. Plus, I’m a little wary of using the now vintage coffee filter and brewing cone and somehow damaging them. 😉

So, the Keurig has become a welcome member of my kitchen arsenal. The Keurig is a single cup coffee brewer, but the K-cups come in a  number of varieties besides coffee, including tea, cocoa, cider, and lemonade.

Several years ago I received a Keurig Brewer to review. You can read my initial thoughts here.

For about a year I’ve served as a K-Cup Ambassador for Green Mountain Coffees. I’m not compensated for participating, but every once in awhile I receive some K-cups to try out.

Keurig brewer Love cup

Here’s how I make the Keurig work for me:

Appliance Companions

While I have some favorites in the K-Cup line, namely Newman’s Extra Bold, I most often rely on my K-Cup adapter and filter. It’s basically a small one-cup filter cup that you can reuse over and over again. It’s an economical and eco-friendly way to have the ease of the Keurig without the waste. I can add whatever coffee we have on hand.

Besides K-cups or a refillable brew basket, you just need a coffee cup.

Use of a Keurig

I don’t know that there are any real tricks to the Keurig. My parents really enjoy the machine we gave them. My dad is vehemently NOT a coffee drinker, but he enjoys the other beverages. The grandparents in our midst enjoy the brewer as does my six-year old daughter.

This is one of the selling points for me, actually. The Keurig can be used to produce hot water for oatmeal or homemade cocoa mix, making it a great way for my kids to act independently in the kitchen, but also in a safe way.

To use the machine, I simply fill the water reservoir, turn on the machine, add a K-cup or my coffee filter, and press “brew.” That was easy. Clean up is super easy: just toss the cup or rinse out the brew filter. As needed I wipe down the machine with a damp cloth. Early on, readers recommended that I only use filtered water. We’ve done this for the life of the machine and it’s going strong.

I like to make my mornings just a tad bit smoother; I load the water tank and the coffee filter before I go to bed at night so that the coffee is ready to go in a jiffy.

I will obviously never need to buy another coffee maker because the Keurig brewer fits the bill for everyone in a group. I’ve seen these machines in hotels and doctor’s offices. They are a quick and easy way to brew hot or cold beverages for any taste.

Salted Caramel Affogato 7

While we drink a daily cup of java, I also like to use coffee in other ways. Some of my favorite recipes include:

Care and Storage

Either me or my son drink coffee on a daily basis, so our machine is getting regular use. If you had a machine like this for group settings, it’s an easy thing to store in a cupboard or garage shelf. As I mentioned, wipe it down with a clean cloth, use only filtered water, and I think you’re good to go.

Buying a Machine

The only drawback to this machine is that it can be an expensive purchase. The different models range in price from $89 to $249.

As with all appliances in this series, I suggest you be sure before you buy. Use the hotel’s machine on your next vacation. Have a cup of  tea while you wait at the orthodontists’ office. Ask your friends how they like theirs. Also, consider your coffee making habits. If you’re throwing out old coffee on a regular basis or have folks with a variety of tastes, then a single-cup brewer could be a great choice for you.

Watch for sales or coupon codes (see below) so that you can grab a brewer at a price you can best afford.


Tully’s Hawaiian Blend

I recently had a chance to taste Tully’s Hawaiian Blend. I think it makes a great cup of coffee, especially with a little coconut milk.

About the Hawaiian Blend:

Made from 10% Hawaiian and other fine Arabica beans, Hawaiian Blend is a delicious, mildly sweet coffee, that’s slow-roasted (a Tully’s signature) to capture subtle tasting notes.

Use the promotional code: STOREWIDE8163 to get 15% off storewide at www.GreenMountainCoffee.com , plus free standard shipping on orders of $30 or more. The code will be active valid through April 21st.

What’s your experience with a coffee brewer?

Disclosure: I have received product samples and product information from Keurig as a K-Cup Ambassador. All opinions are my own. This post does include Amazon affiliate links. If you make a purchase through those links, I am paid a small amount in way of advertising fees.

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  1. I loved my Keurig. Sadly, it broke in our most recent move. I replaced it with a Breville that uses k-cups. I love it even more. It’s much more quiet, I think it’s nicer looking, and it makes a great cup. 🙂

    • Jessica says

      @Jessica, I don’t think I knew Breville made one for K-cups. Crazy!

  2. Have you tried the blueberry k-cup? It shouldn’t be good. I don’t know why, but it’s fabulous!

    • Jessica says

      @Jessica, I’m not a fan of flavored coffees, despite my love of cream and sugar.

  3. Sue R says

    I love my Keurig! Like you I use the refillable filter instead of the disposable kcups. I have seven of them now so when we have guests there are plenty to go around (the filters, not Keurigs: )).

    • Jessica says

      @Sue R, great idea to have more than one! The lid of mine got chewed in the garbage disposal. Maybe it’s time to have a few spares.

  4. Cheri A says

    I am interested in reading this. I have heard so many people rave about these machines. But I just don’t see the benefit for myself. We have a Cuisinart coffee maker that also has a separate hot water dispenser. It works for the tea drinkers as well as the coffee drinkers and is also great for making oatmeal. I love drinking several cups of coffee every day. The Keurig seems too putsy to me to have to deal with. I’d just rather make a small pot of coffee.

  5. Marla says

    After much deliberation, hubby and I purchased a Keurig as a Christmas present for ourselves last December. It has had an unintended, but much appreciated benefit ~ I brew caffeine-free herbal iced teas for my son, age 9. He adores them, and I appreciate that he is drinking less soda. And I love that I can brew caffeine-free or half-caff for myself, while hubby can still have his high test 🙂 I keep a running list of what we’ve tried on Evernote, so each time I order k-cups, I can choose our favorites.

  6. Jessica B says

    We do love our Keurig. When my husband switched to decaf, and I was still drinking regular, there were “conflicts” at the coffee maker. Plus I HATE coffee grinds. This has allowed us to do our own thing. I also use the hot water feature. I love Green Mountain Dark Magic. My husband is a Tully’s Decaf French Roast. I haven’t been able to embrace the little plastic reusable cups, I seem to get grinds everywhere.

    If you do move your Keurig, unplug it and let it sit for a LONG time. It’s intended to keep water very hot inside of it, even when the resevoir is empty or gone.

  7. Laura C says

    Love my Keuring!

  8. Tami says

    love ours! I recently bought a set of 4 reusable k cups in the “as seen on TV” retail section at Rite Aide for $10 to have on hand for when we have guests. They are an actual reusable Kcup with hinged lid and they are much more heavy duty than they appear in the package.

  9. I’m curious about making tea in a Keurig. Does it have a coffee taste? I cannot stand using the coffee pots in hotel rooms to make tea. Yuck! 🙁 I’ve had the same trouble with a pump thermos of hot water in a hotel lobby, purposely set out for the tea drinkers. If the thermos has ever held coffee, the cup of tea tastes like coffee.

    The Keurig seems like a solution for us, since my electric tea kettle is biting the dust as I type. I drink hot tea multiple times a day. We have a regular coffee maker stored in a cupboard for when we have guests, but I always have to ask them to make their own pot, since I don’t have confidence in that department, as a non-coffee drinker. If the purpose of our coffee pot is for guests, it seems that a Keurig would help us improve on that, b/c we could offer decaf or regular, thereby making *each* guest happy.

    • Harriet says

      @Judith, I make tea in our Keurig after my husband makes his cup of coffee. I simply run it through one cycle (as if it were making a cup) but I don’t use the K cup. This usually rids the coffee taste and my tea is just fine.

  10. Before Keurig became such a big hit, there was the single cup system called Senseo that had pods instead of K-Cups. I’m not sure why it didn’t go over as well, but for some reason, it didn’t. It’s what we use, though. I have several refillable pods so that I can use whatever coffee I like, usually much cheaper than the pods were (I’m not sure you can even buy pods anymore).

    Although I rarely see these new in stores anymore, I find Senseo machines at garage sales and thrift stores, still in good condition, sometimes still new in box. If they are cheap enough, I get them and keep them for backups because I like this machine so well. We are on our second one in about 10 years, with 3 or 4 on the shelf for when we need them. We also have one in our RV.

    Regardless, I love the idea of a single cup system. My husband and I get up a couple of hours apart in the mornings. One pot of coffee gets old and burnt tasting, while brewing separate pots is such a waste. This way we each get nice, fresh coffee with no waste.

    • KimH says

      @Annie Jones, I have a Senseo machine too.. I worked for the company that made them and I really tried to love them.. but I wasnt wild about most of the coffees offered. I never did see a refillable pod.. I might have to look into that since mine is in a box on a shelf. 😉 Im glad you love yours.. and I know Philips will be too. 🙂

      • KimH says

        @KimH, Uhm.. I didnt for the company that made the coffee pots.. I worked for the same parent company in another sector. 🙂

  11. Megan D says

    We just invested in this & I am SOOOOO thankful!!! My husband was taking over 20 minutes to prepare a cup of coffee every morning with a hand press espresso machine and other things that littered my kitchen. Now I have one machine and one k-cup storage bin….done! He makes a cup of coffee in less than 2 minutes and we move out the door much faster.

  12. Reche says

    I have a Mr. Coffee single serve brewer that uses K-cups, and I love it, although the waste created by the K-cups makes me sad. I recently discovered KiennaKup coffee pods – they have a K-cup adapter, and the pod is just a filter with coffee inside, so you can compost it when you’re done. I am so much happier now!

  13. KimH says

    I’ve had my Keurig for 3 years and I love it. We got it at a Home & Garden Show and its an Office Model..so its a little bigger/heavy duty than the home models. Its not too big though and I’ve only had one issue with it (plugged needle) and I was able to resolve it with no problems. I love this machine! ?

    I dont know if you’re aware of them but San Francisco Bay coffee cups are a wonderful K-cup (sorta) that I buy for my Keurig all the time on Subscribe & Save at Amazon. You can pay .33 for each cup which is at least 10-15 cents cheaper than most other places.. I actually get mine cheaper since I’ve had mine on S&S for a long time.. I get 15% off instead of the 5% that they offer today. Luckily, my % was grandfathered.

    I get the Fog Lifter which is my very most favorite and I’ve had their French Roast & decaf French Roast. They also have Rainforest & Breakfast Blend. Costco sells the Breakfast Blend but I didnt price it when I was there a few days ago. The company is a fair trade company and I love their coffees.. HTH some of you.

  14. Sandi says

    I drink coffee once every couple of months and even then, it usually needs substantial sweetening (chocolate helps, too). I love hot tea but don’t bother to make it as often as I would like to drink it. I’ve wanted one of these machines for about a year now and just haven’t been able to justify the cost, never mind having no counter space to park it. I still really want one, though. I have a birthday coming up soon, so maybe someone will surprise me.

  15. Erin says

    I had a Keurig, and it was one of the pricey ones. I ended up giving it to the petsitter, because it never seemed to make the coffee as hot as I wanted- even on the MAX temperature. I still like easy, so I just use the same method your husband does with a ceramic cone from Starbucks…

  16. Janice says

    I bought my Keurig on Black Friday a few years back and at first I loved it. Then I was over it because I’m not much of a coffee drinker and I just felt the cups were way to expensive! I must admit I still feel that way but I’ve recently discovered it’s many other uses! Our’s gets used all day everyday! For whatever reason it never clicked that the water was boiling so I didn’t have to use the tea kettle to make a cup of tea or any other time I need boiling water! I make oatmeal, tea, coffee, half and half, instant potatoes, instant couscous, and well the list could go on and on! We are now completely in love with that little wonder and I’m already afraid of what I’ll do when it goes out but so far so good!

  17. Kathy says

    I love my Keurig! I’ve had mine for about 4 years now. I like the convenience of it. And it does produce an excellent cup of coffee. I like how many choices you have for coffee, tea, and cocoa. I especially like, now, that there are off brands for much cheaper. I have found several already that have worked and have also noticed that the prices of K-cups seem to be coming down. I would love to be able to use my French Press as I think it does make an even better cup of coffee, but right now at this point in my life, my Keurig is my brewer of choice. I need something in the morning that doesn’t take a lot of energy or brain power!

  18. I have had every kind of brewer from Expensive Italian ones (we bought in Europe) to the Mr. Coffee. I’ve got a percolator that I use from time to time. I’ve had Cuisinart, Tassimo, you name it. And HANDS DOWN (except that it doesn’t make foam) – the Keurig is the best. I won my first one at my child’s PreSchool fair. Then we bought my dad one after his stroke (because he left the other pot on and burned the coffee and this is just easier) and NOW we have one too. LOVE

    We use adapters as well. My husband loves strong European coffee we buy on base. If you ever wants some Jessica, tell me and I’ll put a couple together for you. But my favorite Keurig flavor is Paul Newman’s Special Blend. I also keep half-caff and decaf coffees here. I love Coffee, but at almost 50, I have to cut back.

    Great post. Hope all is well with you Jessica!

  19. Undecided says

    I have a keurig and love it. It was a Christmas gift. The model I have is the basic full size model and I’ve had it for a few years now. It still works great, but the company has come out with fancier models with bigger water reservoirs, a button to choose the cup size,etc. Of course I’m interested, its shinny and new and it lights up. My biggest problem with my model is refilling the water reservoir. Is it worth it to invest in the upgrade to the model which has a larger water tank than my model? I thought I’d still have to refill, buy not as often. Do they sell one that hooks up straight to a water source? If so, is it available to public or only commercial? I know I’m probably going to break down and get the new model that lights up. Lol. I guess I’m asking permission to buy a new one on the fact that the upgrade has a slightly larger water tank and it lights up (it doesn’t take much to excite me, obviously). There are 2 or 3 maybe more, models that have something a little better or different than the next. Some have an iced drink selection, ( I love my iced drinks too) I think I can make iced drinks with my base model. Does it make a difference if you have the actual selector button for iced drink or does my model do the same thing with pressing the reg. coffee button and adding ice. I don’t know if its brewed at a different temp. or strength. So now that I’ve babbled on, asked some questions, and shared some likes and dislikes, what is the best keurig model for me? PS. There are two sometimes three coffee drinkers in my house that have very different tastes. Our keurig is used everyday, a.m. and p.m. And we have a purified water cooler that holds the five gallon jugs, sitting next to the keurig. Please help me decide which model to get or stick with the one I have already. ( I can always sell the old one)

    Thank you kindly,

    Confused and undecided

    • susan says

      I don’t know which model you want, check Amazon for product reviews, but for the iced tea, we just pick the middle button on the Keurig. It brews the iced tea kcup over the ice that we have put in the cup. We have 3 different buttons on our Keurig and the iced tea comes out great. For hot tea, I just put a tea bag in a cup and use the hot water from the machine.

  20. I LOVE MY KEURIG! I’m addicted to coffee, but I was spending way too much money at Starbucks… here’s my Keurig story: http://www.weartostandout.com/blog/keurig xoxo, WearToStandOut

  21. Carol says

    I wondered if you’d ever had a problem with exploding Kcups? I’ve recently been reading a lot of stories on the problem although have never experienced it myself. Also one thing I do find is that my machine, the Elite, isn’t one where you can adjust the brew temperature and my coffee isn’t as hot as I’d like it to be.

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