What Strange Foods Do YOU Love?

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As a child I liked foods that my classmates would have thought bizarre. I loved mushrooms on my pizza. My mom served us alfalfa sprouts on sandwiches. And my siblings and I practically drooled over Sauerkraut and Pork Strips.

Sauerkraut is not the most photogenic. But, we love it around here.

Well, actually, 6/8ths of our family loves it. I have yet to win over my husband to my childhood favorite dish. But, last week I won two more FishKids over to the Force. I cooked it up in the crockpot for lunch and we scarfed it down. Love it!

What strange foods do you LOVE?

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  1. Karen says

    We love cabbage sauteed with bacon, topped with feta cheese and black pepper. My hubby’s family makes it with butter, cabbage, and egg noodles. Sounds totally weird but it’s awesomely delicious!

  2. Kelly says

    I know I am going to hear about it, but we are a southern family at heart so we eat peanut butter and miracle whip and banana sammys….. mmmmmm I so could go for one now!

  3. April says

    Hmm… I don’t know what I like that would be considered …. different… I mean, I love steamed broccoli but if you try to feed it ot my 6 year old, he’ll tell you he doesn’t like “sweaty broccoli” HOWEVER, in his defense, that kid will eat almost ANY veggie raw! So, raw broccoli for him it is!

    I love German kraut and sausage! My hubs, not so much. We love biscuits and gravy, him — not so much. I’m not a sushi eater and I don’t really get into game meats… maybe I’m the picky one? LOL

    I remember as a kid (we’re southerners) we’d have red beans and cornbread for dinner. I thought I was being a good little wifey wife and my ex-hubs was like… where’s the meat? Is this ALL we’re having for dinner. Last time I made that for him (and, another reason he’s an ex) 😉

  4. I love mashed potatoes mixed with cottage cheese, scalloped potatoes mixed with cottage cheese, macaroni & cheese mixed with cottage cheese. . . You get the idea. My mom put cottage cheese in most of my hot foods as a toddler to cool them down faster.

  5. Vicky says

    I agree with the sauerkraut and pork. YUM! My mom always did an electric skillet full of kraut and pork chops. Served over mashed potatoes = delicious!

  6. Sarah says

    Love sprouts on sandwiches! I have a thing for condiments. I put ranch and soy sauce on rice, italian dressing or buffalo sauce on mac n cheese, mustard on my beef stew and pot roast.

  7. Jenny says

    Hubby and I love kraut, but the kids won’t touch it. My grandmother makes a wonderful scalloped cabbage that I dearly love.

    • Nia says

      @Jenny, I’d be willing to try this if you don’t mind sharing thanks.

      • Jenny says


        No problem! Just talked to Grandma and got her recipe. Its more guideline than exact recipe : )

        Mary’s Scalloped Cabbage
        1 head cabbage, cored, outer leaves removed, cut into chunks
        1 can cream of mushroom soup
        1/2 small onion, chopped
        a little butter
        salt and pepper
        velveeta chunks
        buttered bread crumbs
        1. Boil the cabbage chunks until just tender, drain.
        2. Add cabbage, onion, and soup to casserole dish. Season with salt and pepper.
        3. Sprinkle velveeta chunks over the top, then sprinkle with bread crumbs.
        4. Bake at 375 until heated through and bubbly, 25-30 min.

        • Erika says

          Oh my goodness! I just made your recipe and I love it! I used the small head of red cabbage that I had in the fridge, and I cut it into thin slices instead of chunks.
          Delicious, thanks to your grandmother!

  8. Kaycee says

    I have always loved mushrooms. So much in fact that I am known to eat them straight out of the can. 🙂

    The *strangest* thing that I like to eat is Liver Pate’. However, this is a knockoff version made with braunschweiger and cream cheese.

  9. Tami says

    I love dried seaweed. Ya know, the kind they wrap sushi in. Love it! Best part is, my little boy loves it too. Our favorite mix is a plate of rice with soy sauce, hot dogs and seaweed. Yummo! My hubby thinks we are crazy. One night I was gone and I got a text from him. “Your son just told me he wanted hot dogs wrapped in seaweed for dinner.” Haha! Sweet!

    • Nia says

      @Tami, when I was young one of my mother’s friends made us rice with soy sauce and hot dogs while baby-sitting. When she was throwing it together I thought, ew, gross, but it was so good.

  10. Jan says

    Cabbage and noodles- yummy!

  11. Cottage cheese mixed with catalina dressing and scooped up with fritos! I know sounds gross but is really quite good.

  12. Dixie says

    Our whole family enjoys Sauerkraut and Kielbasa over Mashed Potatoes. My daughter just recently requested it for her birthday meal!

  13. green olive and cheddar cheese sandwiches. on farm bread with a little mayo or butter. I invented this sandwich at age 5 and never looked back!

  14. Don’t everybody groan at once, but secretly I love fried Spam on mustard. And to Kelly, my mom eats peanut butter on Miracle Whip too minus the bananas. I personally think peanut butter is the most awful thing ever invented. Seriously, why would you want to squish up a perfectly good peanut?? To be fair, since I know I am in the minority, I try it once a year. It’s getting easier but I’m not there yet. I do love cabbage though I wish I could cook it in someone elses kitchen. ~LeslieMichele

  15. I love mixing BBQ sauce with mayo and dipping my fries in it. I also like crushed tortilla chips or potato chips on my cottage cheese. I ate a whole jar of homemade canned pickled peppers once. And I also enjoy crackers with slices of sharp chedder cheese and a dollop of strawberry or raspberry jelly on top!

  16. Nia says

    Pickles and Doritos chips. My mom ate it while pregnant with my brother. I’ve been eating ever since even though I was just a child and still enjoy it today. So does my son. Also once in a while I get a craving for a peanut butter and scrambled egg sandwich (loads of protein) and a little healthy fat. I think my favorite would be peanut butter, banana and melted marshmallow sandwich.

  17. When I was little, I LOVED cutting up kosher dill pickles and putting them in my chocolate icecream. The trick was to eat the pickle bits first so they didn’t freeze. I still enjoy sweet and sour combos to this day.

  18. I like ketchup on my macaroni and cheese. At least the boxed stuff. We don’t eat that too often any more but when we do, I can’t help but take a small bit and put ketchu on it! Yum!

  19. well after reading all these i don’t think i like anything that’s considered strange! 🙂 but to my husband, my love of hummus is quite odd 🙂

    • Jessica says

      No kidding! Sauerkraut looks quite tame compared to some of these culinary endeavors.

  20. Carrie Moore says

    I love pickles on pizza!!

  21. Brandi H says

    My 8-year-old son LOVES peanut butter, pickle and mayo sandwiches!

    I can’t really think of anything strange that I eat… I enjoy buttercream frosting on saltine crackers. Does that count?

    • Jessica says

      Yes, I think that counts! LOL

  22. Cathie says

    My mom used to give us saltine crackers with peanut butter and American cheese, I still make it now and again, LOVE the PB/American cheese combo!
    I also have an undying love for artichokes, I grew up near the artichoke capital of the world (Castroville, Ca) and still can’t get enough of them! My hubs thinks I’m crazy but my fav is to steam them whole then dip into mayo or garlic butter and scrape the leaves with my teeth. Yum-O!

  23. I have a spagetti squash from the garden that is begging to be used. Just found it’s purpose! Thanks!

  24. As I kid I liked peanut butter on my tuna sandwich. Today I love squid, especially the little ones served whole with all the tentacles! Yum.

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