Weekly Meal Prep Can Save You Time & Money This Week

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Take a little time each week to prep food for upcoming meals. It will save you both time and money — and help you eat more healthfully.

Weekly Meal Prep Can Save You Time & Money This Week

It’s a good Sunday when I get some extended time in the kitchen. Sunday is my big “do-over day” when I get a fresh start. This includes our meals. I love to plan some meals and take some steps toward easier meals throughout the week.

Weekly meal prep, no matter what day you do it, can help you save time and money as well.

This weekend I made a big batch of granola, baking mixes for pancakes, waffles, and muffins, hard cooked eggs, a chicken enchilada casserole, and oatmeal in jars. Need a checklist with some ideas? Grab this one.

Something as simple as chopping the vegetables and shredding the cheese you’ll need for this week’s meals can save you a ton of time and making dinner time loads more fun. Plus, there are all kinds of meals you can make in advance.

From breakfasts and lunches to dinners and desserts — and don’t forget snacks! — there’s such a variety of foods that you can prep now to enjoy later. It doesn’t have to take long to do meal prep.

Consider these options for make-ahead meals:

General Prep Work

Weekly Meal Prep Can Save You Time & Money This Week


Weekly Meal Prep Can Save You Time & Money This Week


Weekly Meal Prep Can Save You Time & Money This Week


Weekly Meal Prep Can Save You Time & Money This Week


What do you enjoy making ahead of time?

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I believe great meals don't have to be complicated or expensive. There's a better way, and it won't take all afternoon.

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  1. Janet says

    I got a lot of prep work done today as well. Cleaned and prepped vegetables for a week of salads including carrots, radishes, spinach, iceberg lettuce, grape tomatoes, and red onions. I also cleaned and prepped fruits for the week including apples, oranges, strawberries, lemons and limes. Brewed 2 gallons of herbal tea. The crock pot is full of seasoned chicken breasts for soup and enchiladas later this week. The bread machine is going. I have a brisket in the oven, which will be dinner. The leftover swill end up in chili later this week. I also sliced and/or shredded assorted cheeses for the week. All in all, a good start for week.

  2. Emily says

    Great reminder to get things organized for the week! Can you give me some ideas on how you pack specific items to stay fresh? I have started making a few salads for my lunches & I place a half paper towel in the bottom( it seems to absorb moisture and everything stays fresh and crunchy)– but any other ideas? I have an army to feed too & would love to have lots prepped and ready for them to grab from the fridge at lunch and snack times

    • If I’m storing lettuce for home, I do the same with a paper towel. If you’ve got a salad spinner, that can help as well. I usually use plastic boxes with lids.

  3. Meal prepping saves both time and money because knowing that I’ve already started making dinner lessens the temptation to make a less financially wise choice about dinner.

    I keep a regular “meal prep to do” list next to my meal plan. Any time I have a few extra minutes in the kitchen, I will try to get a task done ahead of time.

    It helps me feel much less frazzled when it’s dinner time.

    Thanks for sharing your tips and recipes with us as always, Jessica!

  4. Thanks for the meal prep ideas! I really need to be better about getting myself organized on the weekend!

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