Watch for Meat Department Deals

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Don’t buy the cut you want when it’s full price. Watch for sales and stock up.

Watch for Meat Department Deals - Don't buy the cut you want when it's full price. Watch for sales and stock up.

Despite my daughters’ love of meatless meals, my sons are not cut from the same cloth. Maybe it’s a chick thing? But, they want meat. Lots of meat.

Unfortunately, with the price of meat what it is, meat is not a big plate item at our dinner table. In order to stretch my dollar on chicken, turkey, pork, and beef, I lean on grocery store sales and my deep freeze. I watch for great prices and then stock up on the items that I know we’ll use over the course of six weeks.

That’s about how often the sales cycles repeat. If whole chickens are on sale for 88 cents/pound, but the limit (usually 2 or 4 in my neighborhood) and then use those up over the next month and a half. About that time, they’ll go on sale again.

Track the sales so that you can keep a target price in mind and know when to snatch up the good deal.

If you do this will all your favorite cuts, you’ll always have the one you want on hand when you want it.

Watch for Meat Department Deals - Don't buy the cut you want when it's full price. Watch for sales and stock up.

And you can make these yummy recipes:

Beef  Recipes:

Chicken or Turkey Recipes:

Protein-Style Freezer Cooking Plans:

To take your saving even further, consider spending a couple hours prepping those proteins for the freezer. I have two protein-focused freezer cooking plans that will walk you through the process, complete with shopping lists and serving suggestions.

What cuts do YOU stock up on and what’s your target price?

Watch for Meat Department Deals - Don't buy the cut you want when it's full price. Watch for sales and stock up.

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  1. Kjane says

    What’s the deal with the high price on ground beef? I haven’t bought it for months. Ground turkey has been cheaper and subs well in most of my recipes. Basically we are happily eating meatless about half the week. Split chicken breasts (bone in) have been on sale for $1.29 lb. so I’ve stocked up on those. My target price for pork roast is $2 lb, but I haven’t seen it recently lower than $2.49. We eat tilapia and cod when it’s on sale for $4. Occassionally our Safeway has medium raw shrimp for $5 a pound on a Friday special. We can use it in several meals. Other than that lots of eggs, beans, pasta or vegetarian dishes (eggplant parm tonight, yum), and soup around here. I have a foodsaver so when I do get a good deal on meat it lasts in the freezer.

  2. Hubby and I were just talking about the prices of meat. Our landlord raises cattle and chose to raise his own pigs due to the rising prices. Corn which is the normal feed for animals is through the roof. The farmers are not getting those’s going to the middleman. It cost them $2.13/lb including processing to raise the pigs. Beef will be about 30¢ higher per LB and they grow their own feed.

    I check the sales but don’t pick anything up until I check the reduce bin or mark downs. Hubby thought the buy 5 for $20 was a good deal until I showed him that some of the packages wasn’t even a pound. $4 a for a pound of meat is way to high for us.

    We purchase meat packages from our local butcher (that the meat comes from a local farm). I tell them what price per pound and the total I am looking to spend and they give me options of what I can get. I get a lot of beef/pork bones for next to nothing this way.

  3. LizA says

    We’ve been eating from the Manager’s Markdown bins nearly exclusively for the last 4 years, but you have to watch those, too, as the discounts sure aren’t what they used to be.

    Not long ago I read that the virus that was killing off young pigs is finally erradicated — that means more pigglets being born and surviving that at any time in the last couple of decades. Bring on the bacon! My Sav-A-Lot has twin packs of pork shoulder roasts on sale until the end of the month at $2.00 per pound —- not a steal, but the first time they’ve been on sale in a couple of years, for sure. And in the week’s ads one of the Big Sellers has pork loin for $1.99/lb. Thanks goodness.

  4. karen says

    Don’t forget the ‘buy a whole X”. I bought a giant chunk of steak (approx 12lb) for half the regular price and they cut and wrapped it for free!

  5. Janel says

    We just recently moved back to California from Virginia, and I was so looking forward to having tri-tip again. We could always get good deals on it before we moved. I wanted to grill some this past weekend but it was $10/lb — that’s double the non-sale prices that I could get three years ago. I’m really going to have to watch the sales.

  6. Stephanie M. says

    I like to stock up on meats that are on sale. I also like to purchase “manager’s specials”. I am not price saavy and really don’t know what prices are rock bottom. I only know that when I see roaster chickens on sale for .99 per lb., I buy a few. I also go by what the circulars say are on sale and I stock up on whatever meat is on sale that week if it’s something I want. This is how I come up with my weekly menu plan and hope for the best.

  7. Melissa says

    .88 cents a pound for chicken roasters!?? The lowest I can get is .99 cents! I do like to buy chicken thighs early on a Saturday morning for. 75 a pound. I also buy boneless breasts from Zaycon foods for 1.87/pound.

    • Janel says

      How do you like your purchases from Zaycon Foods? I heard about them at a conference awhile back, but I didn’t live near any of their events so I’ve never tried using them before.

      • Melissa says

        I bought a 40lb box of chicken from them last year and was very happy with it. The customer service is great and the chicken is fabulous! I do recognize that it’s not organic but (we dont buy too much organic) it is direct from the processor with no additives and for the price it’s great. I placed my last order and didnt realize I had a $25 credit from all the people in my area I referred and ended up pay $50 for the box, that’s $.80 cents a pound!!

    • Brighid says

      I just checked the Zaycon prices here: $2.49/lb for chicken breasts. Grocery store specials run about $1.88-1.99/lb for chicken breasts.

  8. Lori says

    My local butcher has boneless skinless chicken on sale for 12.99 for a 10 lb. bag now. I bought 40 lbs. trimmed them up for my family and placed them in the food saver. some I also set up in the marinade so it marinades as if defrosts.The little bit of trimmings are fried up and put through the food processor….I add a teaspoon to the dog’s dry food with a cup of water. Saving both ways!!!

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