Turkey Avocado Salsa Panini

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Remember that Avocado Salsa I told you about the other day? Well, we had a little leftover that first night. And while avocado doesn’t normally “keep” well, I saved it. It was too good to go to waste and I was already stuffed full of taquitos! I covered it and store it in the fridge until the next morning and then made this “to die for” sandwich. The avocado warmed to a beautiful buttery texture and the spice of the cheese and the salsa offered plenty of kick.

Having a panini grill makes it super easy to whip up hot sandwiches. But, you could always prepare this sandwich like a traditional grilled cheese.

Got a favorite grilled cheese combination?

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  1. My favorite grilled sandwich is portobello mushroom, mozzarella cheese and fresh basil…I used to love the panini that they made at Panera bread. They discontinued that panini so now I make my own…can’t wait to try your avocado salsa!! Thanks!

  2. AllieZirkle says

    Oh yum! This looks super tasty! I love turkey avo tomato & cheese. We use our griddle for most everything. Yum!

  3. Michele says

    I love panini. But I don’t have a panini grill or griddle. Any idea if a George Foreman grill would work?

    • Jessica says

      I think so. But, I don’t have one, so I’m not positive.

  4. i think i might make this for lunch right now!

  5. Kelly Perry says

    can’t wait to try this once my new panini grill arrives!

  6. That sounds really good! i had one the other day that was amazing with turkey, roasted red peppers, mozzarella and pesto on it. i love grilled sandwiches!

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