Time to Make Some Diet Changes?

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You may or may not know that I write two blogs. Yep, true story. I do most of my recipe sharing and food talk over here on Good Cheap Eats, but I can’t help but talk about food wherever I go.

Recently, I completed a series over on Life as MOM about ways to improve the family diet. As you know, I’m kinda into this thing about eating healthier and bringing my husband and six kids along for the ride.

If you missed the series or one of the posts, you can catch up here:

It’s not about eating a perfect diet. It’s about making changes in the right direction. My kids may have had hot dogs (they were kosher!) last night, but they are eating better than they were a year ago and eating better than they did 5 years ago. That’s all we can ask, right?

What diet changes are on YOUR agenda?


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  1. My husband and I are doing a 3-day juice cleanse beginning on May 1. It’s recommended you eat a pescetarian then vegan diet leading up to the cleanse and then vegan then pescetarian for a few days after. I’ll be blogging about it on my blog. Anyone have any recommendations for non-bean vegan dishes? My husband HATES them…

  2. Shari says

    We eat vegan, and potato soup using soy milk is one idea or we roast potatoes, carrots, onions etc in light olive oil with sea salt and pepper. Jessica has a pretty recent recipe post for roasted veggies. We also love to steam veggies on the stove and eat them over rice with a dab of our favorite Asian sauce on hand. Whole grain noodles tossed with your favorite veggies is another option.

  3. Ashley S says

    We have been making some major changes in our house since January when I started a fitness and clean eating challenge. I never enjoyed cooking or dishes and loved eating out 🙂 ….but our budget and my waistline needed that to change! We also watched several eye opening documentaries and really started researching what was in our food. I was feeding my kids processed mac n cheese with hot dogs (not kosher ones!) on a regular basis and now we don’t buy those things at all. Zucchini lasagna and roasted brussel sprouts are now a regular meal in our house. It did take time and we certainly aren’t perfect, but I feel good about where we are and where we are headed. I also wanted to say thank you. Your blog was a major help in helping me to learn to cook and enjoy it! I loved your Trader Joe’s meal plan!

    • Wow! What great progress! I’m so excited for you. Glad I could play a part in it all.

  4. Courtney L says

    I normally eat decently, lots of fruits/veg and lean proteins. Since the holidays I have slid into a bad habit of leaning more on processed food for me and my family. I’m really feeling the burn out as we enter our last 6 weeks of school for my daughter! My sister is getting married this summer, and I’m using that as my motivation to get back on track. I have just ordered a program called 21-day fix (but I did not get the expensive shakeology drinks) to help me stay focused on what I’m eating, exercising regularly and learning about better portion control. I just need that jump start reminder, and something to motivate me.

  5. ms.p says

    More fruit and veggie. Less pop. Trying new food each week. Little steps

  6. Debbie says

    Hi! I was wondering what your family learned on your sugar fast and if you think you can ever give it up completely? I remember back when you loved loved loved your Pete’s coffee and now you don’t drink it? or at least sparingly? Was it hard to give these up? I have an iced coffee addiction but thanks to your honey syrup I use that instead of sugar.

    • I am planning to write a post on it all soon. I will probably lower our rate of sugar, but right now I’m swamped. It’s hard to source cheap alternatives.

      As for coffee, I think I might be lactose intolerant. I gave up coffee about three weeks ago for green tea. Coffee kind of lost its appeal once I stopped putting sugar in it. Without cream? My word, why would anyone want to drink it?!

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