The FishMama Trifecta & My Favorite Meal

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favorite supper

As you know, we celebrated the FishMama Trifecta this month. My anniversary, Mother’s Day, and my birthday all fall into the same two weeks. It’s pretty fun, to say the least. The month of May is one big party.

FishPapa came through with flying colors. He baked a chocolate cheesecake on my birthday. He bought me a whipped cream machine for Mother’s Day. He splurged on the fondue pot for our anniversary.

And he made me my favorite meal:

OK, he didn’t do it all on his own; FishBoy15 helped a ton, and I might have mixed the seasoned butter. Regardless, it was a fabulous meal and contained all my very favorite things.

steak and mushroom dinner

The plate doesn’t look the most colorful, but some of our favorite things in the world don’t always coordinate. I’m okay with that.

What’s funny is that Palmolive challenged me to create my favorite meal and coordinate it with one of their new detergent colors. Who knew that my very beige dinner would fit the bill exactly?

I shared recently how my kids are good at kitchen duty. Here’s FishBoy10 taking care of dishes after a great meal. Palmolive sent us the  Coconut Butter scent which all of us enjoy. The new line is called Soft Touch and contains Vitamin E to help protect skin.

I’m also pleased to report that it doesn’t react with my skin like other dish washing liquids have. Seriously, Madge, I promise! In fact, the old Palmolive tears up my skin, but this one doesn’t. We ran out of soap one day and we used that instead. I was a little worried, but it worked great.

my favorite meal palmolive

My family really spoiled me this month. I had presents, hand-made cards, time to sleep in, time to be lazy, and folks cheerfully serving me and my every whim. It was a pretty awesome FishMama Trifecta.

But, I’m not going to wait until my next birthday to eat my favorite meal again. I’m thinking next week might be pretty good!

What’s YOUR favorite meal?

Disclosure: Palmolive sent me product samples and a gift card. All opinions are my own. I really do like this dish liquid.

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  1. Erin says

    Inquiring minds want to know – whipped cream maker? Please describe! 🙂

  2. Happy Anniversary/Birthday/Mother’s Day! I have a similarly busy May; my birthday, eldest son’s birthday and our anniversary (Mother’s Day is in March in the UK) My fave meal is my husband’s version of chicken Kiev’s with dauphinoise potatoes, but since he had just started a new job we had a takeaway instead!

  3. sounds like my house, My husband’s birthday, our anniversary and often times fathers day all fall within a 4 day time span.

  4. Harriet says

    Happy late Birthday, but it sounds like you had a fun one! Glad you were pampered!

  5. My husband’s birthday and Mother’s Day usually fall within days of each other. And I always feel like I have to make a big fuss because he ends up sharing the day with me when they fall on the same day. It’s also concert season for me, which means I’m crazy busy!!

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