Fresh Salsa with Garden Tomatoes

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a garden in this year. The days just slipped away from me. But, my husband has a coworker with too many tomatoes. Amen and amen. He’s been sharing with us. We’ve enjoyed them on salads, on pizza, and in salsa. Isn’t this pretty with both yellow and red tomatoes? You don’t […]

Homemade Salsa – It’s Easier than You Think!

If you’ve been buying salsa in a jar, it may be time to think about making Homemade Salsa. It’s cheaper and tastier than the commercial varieties. And so easy! Since we eat so much Mexican food at our house, we eat a lot of salsa. When we first married, I paid $4 for a 16-ounce […]

Shredded Beef Filling for Tacos, Burritos, Sandwiches, and More

Shredded Beef Filling | Good Cheap Eats

This Shredded Beef Filling is great for tacos, burritos, and taquitos. It makes a mean sandwich, too. Best of all, it cooks up easily in the slow cooker. Shredded Beef is one of our favorite fillings for all sorts for sandwiches as well as Mexican dishes. It’s economical because beef chuck often goes on sale […]

Spice Rub for Chicken or Beef

We’ve used a spice rub for grilling twice this week with great success. I love it because it doesn’t take the advance preparation that a marinade does, it’s lower in calories, and it is packed with flavor. The following mixture is really versatile. I made it with thyme for chicken and with cumin for tri-tip. […]

Recovering the Lost Art of the Carrot Stick

Over the past fifteen years, pre-cut baby carrots have become the main way that consumers buy this highly nutritious root vegetable. But unless there’s a good sale, my experience – both in the Midwest and West Coast – is that a pound of carrots costs at least $1.50/pound. But, there is a better way. A […]