Tortellini Soup with Sausage and Vegetables

Warm up your tummy with this comforting Tortellini Soup with Sausage and Vegetables. It comes together quickly and easily serves a crowd. This whole produce box thing is really giving me a workout. And I don’t mean just lugging it from car to kitchen. I have met some vegetables and fruits in real life that […]

Sauteed Yu Choy with Mushrooms, Onions and Squash

As you know, most of my produce is coming from an organic produce co-op. For about $38 each week, I get a huge delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables. While I don’t have a ton of “choice,” the amounts are generous and have made for some fun meals in the month or so that we’ve […]

Roasted Vegetable Soup with Fresh Oregano

Roasting vegetables in the oven caramelizes their flavors. Blend them with herbs and seasonings into this Roasted Vegetable Soup for a lovely meatless meal. Years ago when my husband and I were visiting friends in France, they had to step out for a few hours, promising to be home for dinner. We encountered a little […]

Asian Composed Salad

One of our family’s favorite meals is an Asian-flavored Chicken Salad, that throw back to the nineties that was so very popular. It seems every restaurant had a version of an Asian Chicken Salad. And now, it seems like every restaurant still does. These are flavors that have found a place in our hearts. And […]

Grilled Mini Peppers

Grilled peppers are one of the easiest side dishes to pull together. Not only are they full of flavor, but they also add an element of vibrant color to the plate. Recently I found a package of mini peppers marked down at the store. They were still fresh, but the store simply had more than […]

Tossed Salad with Pepperoncinis & Feta

A tosssed salad is a fresh and flavorful way to get your veggies. I love them in any number of ways. But, easy is at the top of the list. What do you put in a tossed salad? Creating a good salad does not take a lot of work or complex ingredients. In fact, provided […]

Easy Garlic Green Beans

Easy Garlic Green Beans | Good Cheap Eats

Green beans are such an easy side dish! I keep a bag in the freezer for this quick fix dinner dish. I love meals that are quick and delicious. Who doesn’t, really? But, I seek these out. I search high and low for recipes that can come together in a snap. I lie awake at […]

Spring Greens Salad with Pepitas & Feta

Liven up your nights with a fresh Spring Greens Salad with Pepitas & Feta that is bursting with fresh and vibrant flavors.  As the weather starts to warm up, our appetites start to get a hankering for fresh and bright flavors. Move over slow cooker meals, bring on the salads! There are so many flavor […]