How to Make a Week of Lunches & Save Money

meal prep boxes of lunch

Want to save money, eat better, and avoid the takeout line? Make a week of lunches! I do this almost every week and it pays off. Here’s how you can, too. At the start of each work week, I spend a couple hours in the kitchen, prepping lunches for the days ahead. Believe it or not, these are […]

Quick Fix Dinners To Save You Time and Money

Find yourself pressed for time and money? There are some great quick fix meals you can make that take care of you on both counts! Sometimes we find ourselves hard pressed to save time and money. Often we have to choose between one or the other. A convenient food item costs more money, but it […]

Grocery Shortcuts to Help You Make Dinner Quickly

Grocery shortcuts can help you bridge the gap between a busy schedule and the desire to eat well. They can also help you make dinner quickly. In case you didn’t know, I’m a regular writer for one of my favorite sites, The Kitchn. I love what they do there and their mission to help people live […]

Quick BBQ Ideas to Save You Time & Money

Love the taste of a grilled supper? You can have it in just minutes if you plan right and follow these quick BBQ ideas. Even though summer has come and gone, there’s no need to pack away the BBQ. At least not yet. The early fall months are generally an ideal time to do a little […]

Cook Dinner Quickly Without Leaving a Messy Kitchen

Cooking at home is a great way to save money and eat well, but what about all the time you spend and that messy kitchen?! Consider these tips to make it quick and tidy. Have you ever hosted a dinner party where you cooked for days and then seemingly took just as long to clean up the […]

Quick Supper Ideas

Keep it simple, make it quick. Try one of these recipes on a night when you need a quick fix dinner.

Kitchen Tools to Help You Make Dinner Quickly

banana pancakes cooking on the griddle

Want to get dinner on the table quickly? Then tool up with these kitchen helpers.

5 Favorite Quick Fall Fixes

Quick-fix meals can bridge the gap between hunger and a pricy meal out on the town. Try one of these favorite fall fixes. I think that one of the biggest detriments to our grocery budgets is the desire for immediate gratification, also manifesting itself as hanger, in our house. If you’re hungry, it’s just so […]