Freezer Smoothies Make for Quick Snacks & Breakfasts

Build a stash freezer of freezer smoothies so that you can enjoy quick snacks and breakfasts without having to clean the blender every day! Do your kids love the sweet taste of smoothies? Do you love how smoothies lend themselves to life on-the-go — and how you can hide vegetables in them without the kids […]

Strawberry Mango Smoothie with Banana

Make your own smoothies to save money, eat more healthfully, and bring convenience to your own home. Ever since I was in college, the siren song of the smoothie bar has been strong for me. Even after we bought a pretty heavy-duty blender, I found myself tempted to go get a smoothie rather than make […]

Coconut Mango Banana Smoothie

All natural, real food ingredients blend up into a tasty, sweet concoction that kids of all ages will love. As I continue on this dairy-, soy-, sugar-, grain-, and alcohol-free diet, I find myself considering my own children’s regular fare. I thought they were eating pretty healthfully, but my recent label reading has revealed that […]

Build a Smoothie Station for Easy Smoothies at Home

Want to enjoy smoothies more easily and with less mess? Build a smoothie station to streamline your process and to help you enjoy more smoothies more often. Ninja Ultima Blender Don’t you just love a good smoothie? Cool and creamy, sweet and tart, packed with all kinds of good things. Spinach? check. Kale? why not? […]

DIY Smoothie Bar for Making Smoothies at Home

My kids love to eat. And they love to cook. They also love to make some messes along the way. Recently, I came to terms with that cook-mess-eat reality. Afterall, I’m probably going to make a mess, too. So, I might as well say, “Yes!” and let them help. We can make memories and messes all at the same time. Oh, yes, yes, we can.

Red Banana Smoothie: Pure and Simple

red banana smoothie with strawberries and bunch of bananas

Enjoy the creamy, milky goodness of a Red Banana Smoothie. It’s pure and simple, without any fussiness. Smoothies these days can be so complicated. It’s amazing how many different options are out there, how many ingredients, how many nutritional supplements and weird sounding items can make up a smoothie recipe. Soaked almonds. Maca powder. Pea […]