Make Your Own Stocks and Broths

What to Do with Turkey Bones? Make Stock

Don’t buy processed stocks and broths. You can make your own for less money and better flavor. Now that summer is over, we should see more and more sales on whole chickens, turkeys, and roasts. This is good news. Don’t be intimidated by cooking the whole bird. You can easily roast a small chicken or […]

5 Favorite Breakfasts to Help You Save Some Coin

Save money on breakfast by making it yourself instead of opening a box. Try one (or all) of these five easy recipes this week! Processed breakfast foods are hugely expensive these days. Many of the varieties available really don’t offer much more than empty calories. My kids could eat through a box of Frosted Sugar Num-Nums and […]

Mix Up Your Own Dressings and Marinades

Homemade marinades and salad dressings taste so delicious…and they are so much friendlier on the budget. Making homemade marinades and dressings has become second nature to me over the years. When I first started doing it, it was because it was cheaper. In the coupon boom, you could get the bottled varieties pretty cheap or even […]

Homemade Chipotle Taco Seasoning Mix

Avoid expensive, packaged seasoning mixes. Make your own for less! One of my favorite ways to save money but still eat incredibly tasty food is to make my own spice mixes. I buy spices in bulk from Costco and then make all kinds of blends myself at home. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the different […]

Saving on Seafood

Good Cheap Eats Tip for Saving on Seafood | Good Cheap Eats

Like fish and seafood but not the price? Stock up and save. Our family loves to eat seafood. That wasn’t always the case for me. However, since I married a deep-sea diver with a love of fish and the last name of Fisher? Well, it’s a bit hard to avoid. One thing that helped me […]

How Can I Save Money This Week?

5 Easy Last-Minute Desserts | Good Cheap Eats

There are lots of ways you can save money this week. What will you do? As you head into a new week, think about how you can reduce your spending. There are lots of spending categories that you can address, but it’s been my experience that food has the most variables. The gas bill is going […]

Give Day-Old Bread New Life

Save Money on Groceries - Buy Day Old Bread | Good Cheap Eats

Snap up that day-old bread at the store and give it new life in recipes! Bread is expensive, particularly if you want quality bread with few preservatives and additives. Since Trader Joe’s changed their distributor, my favorite Harvest Whole Wheat Bread is now off our radar. The replacement is, in a word, unsatisfactory. It’s been […]

Grocery Geek Q&A: Where to Start?

Grocery Geek Q&A: Where do you start? When you

When you’re trying to get a handle on grocery expenses, where do you start? Recently a reader wrote me an email with these words: I just do not know where to start [in cutting my grocery bill]. I see that you are big on making your own basic things. What does one start off with? bread? please […]