Don’t Let Milk Go to Waste: 14 Recipes To Use Up Milk

pouring milk into pot of vegetable soup

Don’t let that milk go to waste! Use up milk in these tasty recipes instead of pouring it down the drain. They say, “Don’t cry over spilled milk.” I say, “Don’t cry over milk about to expire. Use it up!” Wasting food is akin to wasting money. We can salvage our grocery budgets when we […]

Create a Party Pantry for Frugal Entertaining

Want to host friends and family without going broke? Build a Party Pantry so that you always have on hand the basic ingredients for fun drinks, appetizers, and desserts. You want to open your home to friends and family, but you also know that it can cost a pretty penny to extend hospitality. Much more […]

Stock Your Pantry for Easy, Quick Desserts

Dessert can be amazingly simple and sweet, especially if you stock the pantry accordingly. Prepare for quick desserts so that you can treat guests — or yourself! — anytime. It can be fun to have friends and family over to hang out and enjoy a bite to eat. It’s even more fun when you’re so […]

Stocking Up on Groceries Can Save You Time & Money

Stocking up on regularly used groceries when you find them on sale is a great way to stretch your resources. Save time and money by stocking up in advance. You might love to cook and eat, but grocery shopping and paying the bill at the check stand are typically not so fun. You’re tired and […]

How to Meal Plan During a Pantry Challenge

A pantry challenge meal plan is what will get you through the month of eating down your food storage. It will organize you and help you prioritize how to spend your grocery budget. So, yesterday I finished my inventory of all our food. Wow! We have some interesting things, including the motherlode of mystery soups […]

Save Money on Groceries Right Now with These Simple Tricks

ALDI grocery cart pantry challenge

Wondering how you can save money on groceries? Consider these ten simple steps you can take to lower your grocery bill and still eat well. There come seasons when you need to cut back on expenses. Maybe you’re expanding your family and need to build a nest egg. Perhaps you’re changing careers and anticipate a […]

Save Money When You Shop Your Pantry

Do you know what’s lurking in your pantry? Shop your pantry to use up what you have, get creative in the kitchen, and save money in the process. I’ve learned over time that I am more careful with my spending when there’s not a lot of money to go around. The same holds true for food. […]

5 Ways to Stock Your Pantry on a Budget

Buying food you love on sale and storing it for when you want it is a great way to build your pantry and save money. This post was originally published on August 13, 2013. I love a stocked pantry. I really do. It may be that my dad — and my gramma before him — […]