Meal Planning for a Busy Week, Mardi Gras, and Valentine’s Day

Multi Grain Pancakes

Hold onto your hats! It’s going to be a busy week. Let’s figure out a game plan so we can still eat well. Each week I sit down with a meal planning form (typically one found here) and plot out the week. Sometimes, I plan for the month. But, seeing as it’s the 9th already […]

Meal Planning 101: Plan for a Whole Month

Monthly Meal Planning

Make your month a little easier by planning all your meals at one time. In case you missed the posts, we’ve already addressed the methods for weekly and bi-weekly meal planning. This week we’re tackling the monthly meal plan. It seems that for many years right around November I feel the need to plan for […]

Meal Planning 101: Make a Two-Week Rotation

Make a two week meal plan and rotate it to make meal planning easier. One of the things that I’m learning about myself and cooking is that there are several factors that keep my interest in the cooking and meal planning that comes with every day life. Those would include: My children actually eating what […]

Meal Planning 101: Create a formula for the week’s meal plan

Create a formula for the week’s meal plan to make meal planning simple and easy. You’ll have a template to fill in each week for a quick menu plan. Meal planning is a proven means to help you improve your nutrition, increase quality family time, and save money. If you’ve got a meal on the […]

12 Easy Meals to Make When There’s “Nothing” to Eat

Don’t think you have time to make dinner? Too tired to cook, but don’t want to eat out? Think that there’s “nothing” to eat in the cupboards? Yes, yes, and yes. I’ve been there many a time. And there have been many occasions when I’m tempted to make a run for the border. Now that […]

Meal Planning 101: Ask the Eaters

Including your family in the meal planning is a great way to ensure better dining for everyone and less waste. Meal Planning 101 is an ongoing series to help you find ways to make mealtimes easier, tastier, and more economical. As much I love takeout and letting someone else do the cooking and cleaning up, […]

Meal Planning 101: Take Inventory

Take an inventory of the ingredients you already have to help you make a meal plan that makes good uses of your resources. There are many ways to approach meal planning. When I was a young newlywed, I just wrote a list of things that sounded good to me. When I shopped, I added to […]

Meal Planning 101: Know Your Eating Habits

Knowing your eating habits as well as setting goals for yourself can be a great starting point for successful meal planning. Last week, I introduced a new series here on Good Cheap Eats: Meal Planning 101. Over the next few months, I’ll be talking about different aspects of meal planning and how it can help […]

Meal Planning 101

A meal planning series about the basics, the secret tricks, and ideas to tweak meal planning to suit you and the way you live. Last month, I received two emails in the span of five minutes that were on the same topic: Meal Planning. Both readers were writing asking for help in how to improve […]