Chili Stacks – A Quick & Easy Stacked Tortilla Casserole

chili stacks in granite pie plate

Chili Stacks, a quick tortilla casserole, is an easy and economical dish to pull together. You can assemble it and cook it in less than 30 minutes! Hungry? Short on time? Not looking to go back out? That’s when you need a quick and easy recipe that comes together with regular pantry ingredients. No need […]

7 Great Meals That Start with Leftovers

pan of fried rice with potstickers and sauces

Got leftovers? Don’t just want to reheat them? Try one of these recipes for leftovers that will have you wishing you made too much food last night. It happens to all of us. We overestimate how much food to cook. Someone doesn’t show up for dinner. Or appetites aren’t what you expected. The end result? […]

Easy Homemade Crepes

close up of crepe folded and topped with strawberries and cream

Enjoy homemade crepes, save money, and enjoy la belle vie. This easy recipe will get you hooked on making crepes yourself at home. Crepes are a huge part of my memories of France. Whether they were the simple (read: cheap) butter and sugar affairs that I purchased from a street vendor or the savory dinner […]

Basic Pancake Recipe – An Easy Pantry Staple

plate of pancakes on breakfast table with other breakfast foods

These easy pancakes are perfectly delicious and excellent for feeding a crowd. You can even make this basic pancake recipe as a mix or as a freezer meal! From tortillas and lefse to crêpes and pita, flatbreads are popular in every culture. And for good reason! Not only are they quick to prepare and simple to eat, […]

Tools to Help You Get Quicker in the Kitchen

Do you wish that dinner could happen more quickly? That your meals would come together in short order without leaving you frazzled? That you didn’t spend so much time in the kitchen? Or that there were more time to enjoy Triple Chocolate Sundaes?

How to Make a Salad Great

salad piled with cucumbers tomatoes olives and carrots

Knowing how to make a salad is a great skill to have, even better if it’s great. Follow this easy template for salads that will please everyone at your table and never leave you bored. Some folks say that salads are boring. Some say that they never taste fresh. Some say they don’t know how […]

How to Cook a Pot Roast in the Slow Cooker

pot roast dinner

You can truly set it and forget it when you cook a pot roast in the slow cooker. A quick assembly in the morning allows you to enjoy a great dinner at night. You’ve probably heard of the beauty of the slow cooker and what delicious roasts you could cook in one. But maybe it […]

7 Easy Ways to Avoid Food Waste

To avoid food waste is to save money. Have you considered that? You’re throwing money away when you waste food. Good reason to stop, eh? Here’s how. It’s estimated that in the United States 30-40% of the food supply ends up as waste. Imagine if that was happening at your house. A third of what […]