Just How Much Should You Spend on Groceries?

How Much Should You Spend on Groceries? | Good Cheap Eats

What you spend on groceries can be one of the most flexible line items in your budget. How do you decide just how much you should spend? A few weeks ago when I was cleaning out our family library, I came across my accounting book from my junior year in France. I kept track of […]

Meal Planning Tips to Save You Money

Food costs are one of your most flexible expenses. These meal planning tips can help you save money, eat healthfully, and enjoy great meals. Peanut Butter Chicken What we spend on food is one of the most flexible line items in the average budget. There generally isn’t much month-to-month negotiation when it comes to mortgages and rents, but what […]

Frugal Foodie Wins and Losses

Did you save money on groceries this week? Tell us your Frugal Foodie Wins and Losses. Well, I’m sad to say, I didn’t do much in the way of Frugal Foodie-ism this week. It was a busy, but homebound week for the most part. It’s Friday, and I’m hot and tired. Summer, please go away! […]

Frugal Foodie Adventures

Ready to talk turkey? How are YOU saving money on food costs? Here are my Frugal Foodie Adventures: I feel like the week just passed before my eyes. The weather was cooler; we even had rain. I wasn’t melting in a puddle all week long, which was a welcome change. I also was a major […]

Frugal Foodie Efforts This Week

How did you save money on food this week? The Frugal Foodie is my report on how we worked to save money on food and still eat well. From the sounds of it, everyone enjoyed last week’s inaugural Frugal Foodie Efforts. It’s like a mash-up of Grocery Geek and Pantry Challenge, without the need for […]

Frugal Foodie Efforts This Week

Our Frugal Foodie Efforts This Week

Let’s talk turkey. Or at least how we saved money on food this week.  Saving money on food costs doesn’t just happen at the grocery store. It happens in the kitchen, on the road, and at the drive-thru. We all gotta eat, right? I mean food procurement has been one of the chief occupations of […]

Easy Meals to Serve One Person

Don’t have a lot of mouths to feed at home? Here are some simple, but tasty meals that are perfect for the single guy or gal. I haven’t been single for over twenty years, but I remember the transition from my family home to college. I’d been used to cooking for my parents and four siblings. […]

5 Easy, Packable Lunches

5 Packable Lunches

Ready to get packing? School lunches don’t have to be drudgery. Consider these tasty, packable lunch menus.   School days are approaching if they aren’t here already. Time to start thinking about what to pack. You know as well as I do, that packing a lunch for your kids will be healthier, tastier, and probably […]