5 Things to Help You Save Money in the Kitchen

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Kitchen costs can add up quickly, but not if you’re careful. Consider these 5 things to help you save money in the kitchen. I spend a lot of time in kitchen. And a lot of money. I’d guess it’s the room that gets the bulk of our messes, the bulk of our attention, and the […]

Bowl Meals Tips and Recipe Ideas

fried egg on a breakfast bowl with vegetables and sausage balls

Want quick and healthy meals that you can easily pack for work, school, or road trips? Discover the beauty of bowl meals! Bowl meals are some of my favorites. “Bowl meals?” my husband said. Yeah, you know, rice bowls, burrito bowls, teriyaki bowls. They’re a thing, don’t ya know? You might also hear them go […]

Buy Groceries on a Budget: How To Make it Happen

We all have to buy groceries. Buying them on a budget can be a challenge. Here are my strategies for staying in the black this year. Years ago when we were young newlyweds, I would buy groceries almost daily. If something sounded good to me for dinner, I ran to the store to get the […]

Use a Price Book to Track Grocery Prices & Save Money

Wondering if it makes a difference where you shop? It does! Use a price book to track grocery prices, shop the best deals, and save money. I’ve never been one to keep a price book. I mean, I heard about them TWENTY YEARS ago, when I first picked up a copy of Miserly Moms at […]

Healthier Habits Your Budget Can Handle

Easy Garlic Green Beans | Good Cheap Eats

Are you looking for affordable strategies to help you eat healthier and live better? Check out these five healthier habits that your budget can handle. While January and the flush of the new year is past us, healthy habits are not something we should shirk with the changing of the calendar. I don’t care how […]

25 Best Kitchen Tools to Make Life Easier

Are you slowed down in the kitchen because you don’t have the right equipment? Here are 25 best kitchen tools that make life easier. I know people who brag about being minimalists in the kitchen. I’m not sure how they cook all they cook. Yeah, I know, all you need is a good knife. BUT, […]

How to Make a Week of Lunches & Save Money

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Want to save money, eat better, and avoid the takeout line? Make a week of lunches! I do this almost every week and it pays off. Here’s how you can, too. At the start of each work week, I spend a couple hours in the kitchen, prepping lunches for the days ahead. Believe it or not, these are […]

Lower Your Grocery Bill in 7 Simple Steps

Since food costs are the most flexible of your monthly spending, taking some steps to lower your grocery bill can really pay off. Follow these easy strategies to help you do it. Food is one of the great comforts of life. Not only does it bring nourishment to our bodies, but it can also bring comfort to […]