The Ploughman’s Lunch, a very British Snacky Lunch

plate of meats, cheeses, egg, fruit, and pickle

The Ploughman’s Lunch, aka Ploughman’s, is the UK version of the Snacky Lunch. What was once a laborer’s meal now looks like a very posh cheese and meat platter. Make your own at home for less! You’re looking for an easy, no-cook meal but you want it to feel a little special. You’re tired of […]

Grocery Geek Goes to the UK

The Grocery Geek went to the UK for a month! Today I’m sharing a little bit of what we ate, where we shopped, and what we spent while traveling as a family of 8 for 31 days. Well, hallo, hallo, hallo! (I hope you read that in my best Bert the Chimney Sweep voice.) We […]