A Month of Good Enough for Company Meal Plans

Want to get A Month of Good Enough for Company Meal Plans? Here’s your chance! This meal plan and the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle are no longer available. Check my estore to see the meal plan of the month. This meal plan, A Month of Good Enough for Company Meal Plans, is one that I developed […]

Take a Craftsy Cooking Class to Improve Your Skills

Have you ever wanted to take a cooking class, but didn’t feel like you had the nerve or the time to make it happen? You can take a Craftsy Cooking Class to improve your skills. This post may contain affiliate links. When you make a purchase through those links, I am paid a small amount […]

8 Great Books to Help You Eat Well and Spend Less

Are you looking for some inspiration in the kitchen? Want to eat well AND spend less? These books can help you pull it off! This post may contain affiliate links. When you make a purchase through those links, I am paid a small amount in advertising fees. Thanks for your support. I really appreciate it. […]

Download FREE Breakfasts-on-the-Go Freezer Cooking Plan


Head on over to Life as MOM to download this month’s FREE Breakfasts-on-the-Go freezer cooking plan. It’s a great companion to my cookbook, Not Your Mother’s Make-Ahead and Freeze Cookbook, helping you get a bigger bang for your buck. Have you missed the other FREE cooking plans? There are already SIX in the collection: Protein-Style […]

FREE Downloadable Freezer Cooking Plan

Each month on Life as MOM, I share a freezer cooking plan that you can download and cook from. Grocery list is included. This month’s plan is suited for Cold Weather and Company Dinners. Here are plans from the last few months in case you missed one: Cozy Winter Breakfasts – stick-to-your ribs oat dishes, granola, […]

We had a TV Dinner Tonight

So, our dinner plan changed today. Instead of the preplanned beans and rice, we ate a TV dinner. That is, the leftovers from my noon segment about freezer cooking on NBC-San Diego. Check it: View more videos at: Gives new meaning to the phrase, TV dinner.

Join Me for Freezer Cooking Days

Today is the 31st day of this series, 31 Days of Freezer Cooking. If you missed a post, I’ve got them all catalogued right here. I’m stunned how quickly October has flown by. If you’re new to freezer cooking, welcome! You will want to join me each month on Life as MOM when I share […]

Make a Freezer Meal Kit

Years ago in my couponing days, I found these pasta kits that came with all you needed to create a full dinner. No doubt you’ve seen similar kits for tacos, burritos, or even pizza. Why not make your own kit and stash it in the freezer?

Freezer Cooking Prep Work

I spent the day in the kitchen doing some massive bulk cooking for the coming weeks. I started out with my prep list, chopping and slicing all the different ingredients that I would need during the day. It was a lot of chopping onions! The prep list is so helpful in being efficient in your […]

Freezer Cooking & Costco

I spent time this weekend finalizing my freezer cooking plan as well as getting some shopping in. BIG batch cooking is on the agenda this week. While I still shop at a number of stores, Costco is often my go-to spot for groceries when bulk cooking. There are some great deals to be had, though […]