Spinach Salad with Chicken and Strawberries

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This spinach salad will make you happy. It’s easy to make and the chicken, strawberries, and other fruit just make it sing.

Spinach Salad with Chicken and Strawberries

A few weeks ago I was feeling a little bored with my typical savory salad¬†combinations and decided to play around with what I had on hand. Lucky for me — and you — I had some really FUN things that went great on a salad. I’ve made this again and again — and it’s just so good!

I top a simple bed of baby spinach with chicken seasoned and cooked quickly in a skillet. Add strawberries, oranges, avocado, red onion, and almonds — these toppings take spinach salad over the top!

I love to buy the ice-glazed chicken tenders at Trader Joe’s. They help my lazy-tendencies. It’s so quick and easy to pull a few out of the bag and cook them quickly on the stove.

This dressing is out-of-this-world good. I found that it tastes best with homemade jam, but if you’ve got a favorite commercial jam, that’s good too. When you get to the bottom of the jam jar, mix the dressing in the jar to get every last bit.

Now is a great time to make this salad with strawberries going on sale and oranges and avocado still easy to get. Obviously, it’s gorgeous with blood oranges, but you can use plain old orange oranges, too.

If you want to make this for the Whole 30, it’s a great recipe for that. Just omit the cheese and use fruit-sweetened jam. This will make anyone on the Whole 30 sing with joy. Promise you.

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