Real Food We Love: Organic Wholly Guacamole Packs

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Organic Wholly Guacamole Packs

Until this month, I’m not sure I had ever purchased prepared guacamole. I’m sure I’ve eaten. Typically I can find avocados pretty cheaply here in California (between $0.59 and a dollar, usually), so I make my own guacamole.

Lately, I’ve been pretty frustrated that the avocados I’m getting at Sprouts or Ralphs are icky inside. Not sure if it’s them or me, but bleach — I’m chucking too many.

I’m doing a Whole 30 this month trying to shake the shakes and hopefully get my blood sugar regulated. When I was shopping at Costco, these Wholly Guacamole mini packs jumped out at me. I love it when I can find real food in a convenient form, particularly when I know things might be busy or I might need to pack food for the road.

These little guacamole packs are perfect! Check it:

Ingredients: Organic Avocados, Organic Dehydrated Onion, Organic White Vinegar, Salt, Organic Granulated Garlic

The ingredients list contains all the things that I regularly cook with in my kitchen. I have frozen the packs to use as TSA-approved coolant in my cooler bag. Oh, yes, I did. They taste just as good after thawing.

Are they as good as homemade? Not quite, but they’re very decent. They’re a little pricey compared to fresh avocados — the box was $10, making each pack 50 cents. It’s certainly cheaper to buy fresh avocados, but for convenience, portability, and a packaged food with real ingredients? I’m sold for the occasional purchase.

Disclosure: Wholly Guacamole does not know I exist, so this is certainly not a sponsored post. But, I thought it would be fun to share some of the real food products that I’ve found. Stay tuned for more “real food products we love“.

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  1. erica says

    Here in Washington we can’t get consistently good avocados and I got really tired of throwing them away when they cost over a dollar each. I found that the single serving of guacamole is just right for those of us who like to eat it and none goes to waste. I keep them in the freezer because it sometimes takes a while to eat through the box but they quickly thaw while I finish dinner prep. Now I just want to find little packs of hummus that aren’t just plain (I’m the only one who eats it and I get tired of it before I finish a tub)

    • If you found some small containers you liked, you could divide the bigger tub into smaller ones and then freeze them.

  2. Laura C says

    I love these too since I am the only one at my house who eats guac. And I freeze them all the time.

    • Brighid says

      I didn’t know you could freeze! I’ll start doing that. And, I’m the only one who likes avocado here too.

  3. Lee says

    These are my favorite. The boxes occasionally go bogo here, so that’s when I pick them up. So good!

  4. Carmen says

    In the upper Midwest, avocados are almost never cheap, so I got really excited when I saw these at Costco. I love throwing these in my lunch bags. I dip carrot sticks and bell pepper strips in them. Yum! I love convenient real food.

    • annie says

      I think we are going to give up our sams club membership and go with Costco this year. There arent very many costcos but there seems to be a sam’s on practically every corner in our neck of the woods. So trading convenience for better items sounds like a decent trade. Kind of curious how that will work out.

      The avocados here in upper Midwest are from mexico, and I’ve had several bad ones too.

      • Cheri A says


        We debated the switch between Sam’s and Costco too. I don’t have the distance problem, but Costco definitely has a better selection of healthier food, organics, we have found. Good luck with your choice!

      • It’s been awhile since we had both Sam’s and Costco. It’s like the difference between Walmart and Target.

  5. Cheri A says

    I love to buy these from Costco for the kids’ lunches too! I discovered them last fall, I think. I put them in the freezer and pull them out as needed. The size is perfect!! Love finds like this!

  6. Kris says

    We love these. I buy them at BJs and freeze them. My middle schooler and I love some guac on tacos and I don’t always have avocados on hand. Avacados have been blah here too lately.

  7. Sandi says

    Interesting. Here, we have large packs of Wholly Guacamole. There are 4 of them, I think they are 8 oz or so each. We have a different brand that come in individual cups, and it is a little chunkier. I actually prefer the flavor of the kind in the little cups, but I’ve gotten the WG kind a few times. I don’t think either of ours are organic, but neither do they have any objectionable ingredients. I think I have some of each in the freezer at the moment. I know I have some of the WG in the fridge I’ve been working on as part of my continuing pantry challenge.

    • Sandi says

      I noticed the other day that our Costco has the organic kind now for the bigger bags. Nice!

  8. TSandy says

    I also buy these at Costco and then toss the box into the freezer. When I need the guac for a meal then I unthaw it. I always have guac on hand now. I love this product because we no longer lose guac to spoilage which I hated because it’s wasteful. The avocado issue must be widespread because here too avocados have been really poor.

  9. 50 cents a pound would be a great deal! If you spent $10 on the package shown, it would be $4 a pound, and 50 cents per mini pack. 😉
    We love this brand as well. Without a Costco, it’s hard to get a good price, so we’ve been sticking to homemade.

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