Real Food Products We Love: Ak-mak

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I love it when I find ready-to-go convenience foods that are good for us, like Ak-mak. This is part of my Real Food We Love series. It is not a sponsored post.

Real Food Products We Love Akmak

Last year during our family’s sugar fast, I started reading ingredients labels like a fiend. I kinda go through fits and starts with that. When we first got the nut allergy diagnosis, I read everything. Once I learned what my daughter could have, I relaxed a little because I wasn’t buying a wealth of different items.

What I’m trying to say is that once I find something that works, I stick with it. I’ve become brand loyal over the years because they are foods that I feel like we can trust for quality and content of ingredients.

Ak-mak Sesame Crackers are one of those things.

We did our sugar fast in the middle of hockey season while other kids were doing ballet and karate. I needed some convenience foods!

Believe it or not, lots of boxed crackers contain sugar or corn syrup. Ak-mak does not. Check out the ingredients list:


Organically grown whole wheat flour stone ground, clover honey, sesame oil, dairy butter, sesame seeds, yeast, and salt.

Boom! I’m sold. We love these crackers with cheese as part of the Ultimate Snacky Dinner. Yum! I typically stock up at Trader Joe’s, paying about $1.69 a box.

Do YOU have a favorite healthy cracker?

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  1. Dorothy K. says

    Jessica, I have been buying these for many years at my local supermarket and absolutely love them! They are a wonderful alternative to chips.

  2. Leslie T says

    I love these, too, but haven’t had them in a while. Just added them to my grocery list. I like them spread with a bit of whipped cream cheese and some sliced cheddar, havarti, muenster, or lunch meat. That’s often my late-night snack to help regulate blood sugar during the night. Didn’t know TJ’s carries them…thanks for the reminder to buy some!

  3. Jen F says

    Thanks for this post. I have looked at these several times at Trader Joe’s but have never purchased any. I wondered if we would like these. I am going to pick up a box next time!

  4. Mar H says

    Triscuits, and especially the Whole Foods version (Woven Wheats, Wheat Weavers? I can’t remember the name) are just wheat and salt. If I remember correctly the regular version has some oil but the Whole Foods version does now.
    I had never heard of Ak-mak

    • Interesting. I know that the brand has oil, and I thought TJ’s version did, too, but I will check now to see.

  5. Laurie says

    My kids and I love them. Hubs calls them bark (says it tastes like tree bark, lol). They are made practically in my backyard. I always keep them in my pantry. TJ definitely as the best price on them.

  6. David Dennis says

    I really like Ak Mak, but you do realize the clover honey is sugar, right?

    So while a heck of a lot healthier than many other options, they’re not technically sugar free if you’re doing a sugar fast.

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