Protein-Style Dinners (FREE Downloadable Freezer Cooking Plan)

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Fill the freezer with a number of protein-rich meals to help pull dinners together in a snap. This freezer cooking plan shows you how.

Protein Style Dinners (Free Printable Freezer Cooking Plan & Grocery List) | Life as MOM

Last weekend I had the chance to give a talk about freezer cooking techniques as well as sign a bunch of cookbooks. It was quite a lot of fun. The event was in my hometown and featured a few blasts from my past. So cool to see people I hadn’t seen in years. And of course, it was thrilling to see big stacks of my book, Not Your Mother’s Make-Ahead and Freeze Cookbook.

What was so fascinating to me was that so many folks in the audience expressed a genuine and enthusiastic desire to figure this freezer cooking thing out. Folks from all walks of life, too. From a male high school science teacher to a retired gramma to a Los Angeles city prosecutor — everybody wanted to figure out this meal thing to make it work for them.

Be still, my heart.

You know I love me some good freezer cooking!

Protein Style Dinners (Free Printable Freezer Cooking Plan & Grocery List) | Life as MOM

One of the things that I forgot to mention in my talk (smacks head) was that there are bonus cooking plans here on Life as MOM. Each month since the books’s release, I’ve been sharing a free printable cooking plan that features many recipes from the book as well as a few bonus recipes.

In case you missed the downloads, you can find them here:

This month, I put together a protein-rich meal plan. Since I’ve been doing a Whole 30 elimination diet to give my body a nutritional reset, I’ve been scrambling at dinnertime to feed my family as well as myself. You see, I’ve avoided a lot of different ingredients over the last 24 days. This month I wanted to prepare some freezer meals that worked for all of us.

Protein Style Dinners (Free Printable Freezer Cooking Plan & Grocery List) | Life as MOM

Sure, I can add grain or gluten side dishes for my family, but these main dishes allow me to focus on a common protein for all of us, and supplement with different sides. That would be vegetables for me.

I’ve explained the minimal adaptations you’ll need to make to the recipes in order to make them “paleo” or soy/dairy/gluten free. Provided you read your labels, this meal plan should be Whole30 compliant.

Protein Style Dinners (Free Printable Freezer Cooking Plan & Grocery List) | Life as MOM

Here are the recipes featured in this month’s FREE downloadable cooking plan:

This meal plan comes together in very quick order. In fact, the Irish Stew is the only thing that needs to cook for a lengthy bit of time. You’ll probably be done with everything else and have the kitchen cleaned up in less than two or three hours which will have you waiting on the stew. You might want to time it as your dinner that night.

I’m thrilled to have a number of meals to draw from in the remaining couple weeks of my little science experiment. Interested in my Whole 30 experience? You can read about that here.

Have YOU done any freezer cooking lately?

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  1. Ha! A very timely post as I’m scrambling to figure out dinner for tomorrow. I’ve learned that it really takes two days in the fridge to fully defrost a casserole and my freezer is mostly stocked with those. Luckily, I unearthed a bag of marinated Tandoori Chicken (your recipe — fabulous) and some frozen naan so we’re back in business! I definitely need to add a few more protein items to my freezer stash.

  2. Nancy L. says

    THANK YOU! Thank you so much! I was just starting to dabble in freezer cooking when my husband had to go gluten-free. It’s really thrown me for a loop and I haven’t gotten back into the swing of menu planning/freezer cooking. This should help tremendously & make my husband happy too.

  3. Kelly says

    Hey Jessica! Thank you so much for doing this. I bought the cookbook last month (actually 2, one for my daughter-in-law) and have stashed away a number of freezer meals. In fact, the chicken pot pie is on the menu for tonight!;) Looking forward to trying this one but I have a few questions. If we are making two batches of the stew should we have 4 pounds of chuck roast? And what do you serve the sausage patties with? One last question, I think I may have to invest in a grill pan. We live in PA and grilling on a regular basis is still two months away. Any suggestions for a brand name or one you particularly like? Again, I so appreciate you taking the time to make these plans. I really enjoy following them and having meals ready to go in my freezer!

    • Jessica Fisher says

      There should be 4 pounds of chuck listed in the grocery list. If not, then it is a mistake. I’ll check it again. I am doing the sausage patties with eggs and English muffins this week.

      We lived in KS for five years. We grilled year-round except for during a blizzard. We tried that once and it didn’t work. 🙁 So, I don’t have any suggestions for a grill pan, but you could broil the chicken or pan fry it. Either way would be fine.

    • Emily says

      re: grilling in the winter. We live in Chicago and while we haven’t grilled every day during the winter, it has happened. The key for making it doable for me is a gas grill. I grew up using a charcoal grill and the wait time for the coals to be ready makes it harder to do in the winter. The gas grill is as easy as firing up your gas range (which I also love!). Oh, and an outside light near your grill helps, too!

    • Stephanie says

      We live in Minnesota Close to North Dakota and we grill in the winter year round. I put the grill in the garage with the service door open for ventilation.

    • Jessica Fisher says

      Thanks for catching the error on the grocery list. It’s corrected now.

  4. Kelly says

    I’m laughing at the responses to the grilling in less than ideal weather. Actually, my husband is the grill master in our home and he’s not a fan of grilling in colder weather. Maybe I should take over the grill (but probably not;)

  5. sona says

    Just today. Put a huge roast in the crockpot from which I got 6 meals……yeahhhhh!

  6. Paula says

    I’m going to do all of these….but where to start? I’m getting pretty darn excited over here!! Thanks Jessica – you rock! P.S. Such a nice picture of you!

  7. Love your book. Got it from the library (had at least 7 holds on it!) We tried the cornbread and of course it was the bomb. Best ever cornbread hands down. I was so sad when I had to return the book that I put it on hold again (15 holds before me). I think I might just ask for it for my birthday.

    • Jessica Fisher says

      Sorry you had to wait so long. Maybe you can ask your library to buy more copies?

  8. Cheryl says

    I was just talking to DH about needing more protein in our diet (why, oh why has the food cost for protein gone up again?!?!) especially at breakfast. He was complaining that I was in a rut (sort of true) since I haven’t done a lot of freezer cooking since before Christmas. So thank you, thank you, thank you! on the timely post
    I even read up on your whole 30 month. I have a question on your monkey salad though, where do you find your unsalted cashews?

    • Jessica Fisher says

      I buy them at Trader Joe’s. I imagine you could use salted as well.

  9. elizabeth linder says

    If there are only 16 meals, how can that be enough for a month’s worth of dinners when there are around 30 days in a month??

    • Jessica Fisher says

      It’s not a month’s worth of meals. It’s simply a bulk cooking plan. You can stretch items, skip days, cook fresh on days, eat leftovers, etc. Freezer cooking doesn’t have to be “once a month”. I offer a variety of cooking plans to fit the time that someone might have available, ranging from 1 hour to all day.

  10. Hi! I’m a first-time visitor to your website and would like to try the 8 freezer meal recipes above, but only 4 of them allow me to click on them. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Hi Linda,

      No, you’re doing nothing wrong. That particular meal plan features recipes that are all from my first cookbook Not Your Mother’s Make-Ahead and Freeze Cookbook. Not all the recipes in that book are available online because of my agreement with the publisher.

      Not all my meal plans are like that (part book/part online) but some are.

  11. Pretty mama in her mulberry dress!

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