Favorite Pizza Recipes Your Family Will Love

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The art of homemade pizza is not difficult to learn. And it’s so tasty! Check out these favorite pizza recipes and get cooking!

Favorite Pizza Recipes Your Family Will Love | Life as Mom

Making homemade pizza is not difficult. I first did it with a Chef Boyardee pizza kit in 1980. Remember those? With the canned cheese? They did the job for kids in the 80s who didn’t have cars and whose parents shockingly wouldn’t buy frozen pizzas but had no problem is a mix and canned cheese. Ahem.

Thankfully those days are passed. Making homemade pizza that rivals the pizzeria takes a little practice, but it’s a skill worth learning. And you can totally do it. I promise!

And will save you from canned cheese on your pizza.Over the years, my family has come to expect pizza on Friday night. I’m not always up to the task, but it’s become clear when EVERYONE jumps in to help make dough or top pizzas, that it’s a weekly ritual they don’t want to pass up.

pizza-2002Will work for pizza is a motto around here.

That is FishBoy19 back in 2002, helping me make pizza. Back then we ate half the batch and froze the rest for lunches. Also, the kitchen was being remodeled. Excuse the mess. 😉

Favorite Pizza Recipes

If you’re stuck in 1980 with a boxed pizza mix or simply need a few pizza recipes to get you moving in the right direction, today’s post is for you. Not only are these recipes easy to make, but they will make you feel like a rockstar chef.

I hope it doesn’t sound snooty, but we don’t want to go to a pizzeria any more. Homemade is better! Get the list of tools I use to make it easy as (pizza) pie here.

Homemade dough

I have a few different recipes that I rotate, but this recipe for homemade pizza dough is our basic, white flour pizza crust that is AMAZEBALLS, as my sister Jamie says.

Last-Minute Pizza Sauce

This sauce comes together in minutes and even an 8-year old can do it on her own.

Favorite Pizza Recipes Your Family Will Love | Life as Mom

Tartiflette Pizza

Tartiflette Pizza is one of those amazing things we enjoyed in France: potatoes, bacon, and onion join forces with creamy Brie for a divine pizza.

Favorite Pizza Recipes Your Family Will Love | Life as Mom

Supreme Pizza

Make pizza night super duper out of this world with homemade pizza. This recipe is supreme with vegetables and two types of meat. Yum!

Favorite Pizza Recipes Your Family Will Love | Life as Mom

The Jalapeno Burn Pizza

The Jalapeno Burn Pizza may be something new to you, but it will soon become an old stand-by. This less than traditional pizza is super delicious.

Favorite Pizza Recipes Your Family Will Love | Life as Mom

My Big Fat Greek Pizza

Greek flavors like feta and spinach combine with mushrooms for a fabulous taste treat. I think if it weren’t for steak and bacon, I could easily become a vegetarian, especially with this Greek Pizza by my side.

Favorite Pizza Recipes Your Family Will Love | Life as Mom

Chicken and Biscuit Pizza

This 30-minute pizza has a quick biscuit crust and a delicious Alfredo-style sauce topped with chicken and cheese. Like chicken and biscuits on pizza.

Favorite Pizza Recipes Your Family Will Love | Life as Mom

Pesto and Tomato French Bread Pizza

Make delicious homemade pizza in minutes! It’s easy and fun and makes for a great appetizer, too. You know those chubby loaves of French bread that the grocery sells? They make great pizza bases!

What’s YOUR favorite pizza recipe?


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  1. Kelly in SF says

    Love your pizza sauce from Not Your Mother’s Make-Ahead & Freeze cookbook, as well. It’s become our main recipe for sauce! I’ll have to try some of these other ideas, as well.

  2. Theresa says

    Still my favorite blog. and your recipes are still the best tasting and nutritious around. Thanks again for the great pizza ideas to spoil the kids tonight.

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