Pantry Challenge 2018: Days 26 & 27

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The Pantry Challenge is on! This month we’re focusing on what we have, to use it up and save money.

turkey dinner on a plate

Sorry for no update last night. We ended up watching A Tale of Two Cities (the Hallmark version) last night to commemorate finishing the book. While the movie wasn’t nearly as good as the book, it was decent. The book is fantastic.

If you haven’t read Dickens, really read his books, this is a good year to start. Great Expectations and A Tale of Two Cities are both books I love.

Anyway, that’s why you’re getting a two-fer today.

I have to admit, dinner the last two nights has been pretty remarkable. We brought back Pizza night last night and it was very, very good.

Today, I planned ahead with my meal planning, thawing, slow cookering. I got the pork loin started in time, and delegated the potato peeling, and even made homemade cranberry sauce.

And, yes, I’m a gravy person. No apologies.

My family was a little surprised that dinner was so Thanksgiving-ish. What’s the occasion? they asked. “Pantry Challenge” was my answer.

I think I’ve won some major fans for the Pantry Challenge now.

I planned out the next four days of meals and checked the freezer. We will be scraping the bottom of the barrel. I didn’t do a great job balancing my red meat and my white meat, so it’ll be very beef-heavy these next few days.

I did run to Sprouts for what I hope is the last time this month, to get a few ingredients to round out our protein selections. I think we can make it work and we’ll still be under budget.

Here’s how it all went down these last two days:

Pantry Challenge 2018: Day 26

Breakfast: Eggs and Toast

Lunch: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, apples

Dinner: Homemade Pizza

Pantry Challenge 2018: Day 27

Breakfast: Fresh Bread and Jam

Lunch: Leftover Pizza, Tuna Salad Sandwiches

Dinner: Slow Cooker Pork Loin with Sherried Mushroom GravyMashed Potato Casserole, Cranberry Sauce, and homemade stuffing.

As always, thanks for sharing the Pantry Challenge with your friends. The more the merrier!

What did YOU cook up?

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  1. Tasty says

    Friday January 26th

    B – hubby? – probably fruit and yogurt,me. – my monthly breakfast with friends

    L – I wasn’t hungry, hubby ??

    S – hubby had turkey salad, I had shepherd’s pie

    Saturday January 27th

    B – fruit and yogurt for hubby, I had granola and a pear

    L – we had carrot cake and a latte – our treat to ourselves, having taught for the morning

    S – steak, potatoes and a pearl onion, peas and mushroom melange!

    Hubby cooked tonight and rather than use something from the freezer (men!!) , we had to shop!!!! Mind, I have to admit I have never mentioned the words ‘pantry challenge’ to him. Including our shopping today, we have spent just under half of what I budget – $224 instead of $450. I’m happy with that. I was even happier when I looked at what I bought during January but have not used, stuff that was such a good price that I stocked up (intentionally) – that accounts for at least $115 of my $224! Doing a happy dance!

  2. Janet says

    Like you we had a Thanksgiving-ish meal as well, but not as well rounded as yours.

    Day 26
    B: Milk and cereal
    L: Eggs, ham steaks with Dijon mustard, hash browns
    D: Hamburgers, corn, green beans

    Day 27
    B: Eggs, bananas
    L: Lil’ Smokies, cranberry sauce, blackberries, green beans (mostly leftovers from Christmas)
    D: Café Rio chicken in the crock pot, refried beans, rice

    I made two loaves of pumpkin bread and a loaf of chocolate bread. I will be taking some of it for coffee hour at church tomorrow along with some fresh fruit.

    • Seeing as we had zero vegetables, I’m not sure I’d call it well-rounded! 😉 I was too tired by the time I got done with the other stuff.

  3. Sandi says

    B – oatmeal
    L – tomato soup – pureed some fresh veggies to boost nutrition, used some of the frozen basil
    D – pork chops (last of that batch), mini ravioli, roasted Brussels sprouts
    Dessert – piece of the cheesecake from freezer to celebrate my dad’s birthday tomorrow (he lives 5,000 miles away so it was already Saturday by then in his time zone)

    B – l/o smoked sausages, l/o mini ravioli from last night
    L – angus burger patties (freezer), honey roasted mixed nuts
    D – chicken jalapeno meatballs (2 years in freezer seemed long enough), kale salad, l/o mac and cheese

  4. Sandi says

    Your Thanksgiving-ish meal cracks me up since I have pulled leftovers from actual Thanksgiving out of the freezer to use in the next couple days.

  5. Karen J says

    I can just smell the wonderfulness in your kitchen with that meal 🙂

    B-scrambled eggs with vegetables/feta
    L-leftover potato salad, baby carrots
    D-a breaded processed chicken product that has been in the freezer for a long time with a Tuscan medley of vegetables (frozen and not that good) Husband was out with friends, so it was a good night to get rid of those two items-won’t buy either again, lesson learned.

    B-cheese omelette
    L-peanut butter cookies, London Fog latte from Starbucks with gift card
    D-enchiladas topped with sour cream and olives, corn The “enchiladas” are one of our favorite quick meals-frozen burritos covered in enchilada sauce and grated cheese, then baked in the oven. I can prep that dinner in five minutes and we like it.

  6. Melissa in GA says

    January 26th

    We were out of town, eating away from home. Dad was home dog sitting so no telling what he ate! Lol
    I did do some shopping, spending about $34
    Free yogurt (like everyone else apparently), 4 loaves of marked down bread (for the freezer), 3 marked down cheeses (Kroger specialty section), 3 bags of kiwis, a mango (39 cents at Lidl), oranges, bananas, blue berries, blackberries, lettuce, mushrooms, raspberries, uncured pepperoni and a 5lb bag King Arthur flour.

    Not sure where the Lidl stores are open but it’s another German store very similar to Aldi – a bit bigger and spread out with a bakery. Great prices and quality. My bread loaves, 30% off, were .83, .69 and .48 – amazing. I chose the produce with the best prices, everything but the oranges came from them. I bought extra kiwi at $1.69 for a pound bag, to make jam.

    January 27th
    B – at the hotel and dad met with the old farts club
    L – we ate on the road, dad had an orange
    D – grilled pork chops, steamed broccoli and a true PC dish that I created with LO rice in my fridge, let’s just say cheese makes everything better! Lol

    • Lynn from NC Outer Banks says

      Melissa, we are actually getting a Lidl here where I am. They have just begun coming to NC and I was quite surprised that one would wind up in our area. I sometime shop Aldi when we travel since we don’t have one of those, so it will be interesting to have Lidl as an option.

      • Melissa in GA says

        They put out a few stores just to test the markets I guess and Augusta, GA of all places got one those first stores. I guess now they’re gonna spread. I read that even little old Aiken SC is supposed to get one and that’s just 30 minutes away from the Augusta store. And weird enough, there was a Whole Foods on the same busy road closed almost a year ago – in Augusta.
        The grocery store market didn’t change much for years with stores actually closing and no new ones to choose from. The market gets tighter, prices get higher and all of a sudden we have got growth of new stores! Like Aldi, Trader Joes, Lowes and now Lidl. Times are a changing.
        If you like Aldi, you will like Lidl.

    • Kathy in Denmark says

      I really like Lidl, I prefer it over Aldi!
      In Denmark, Lidl has gotten a foothold with opening larger stores, great produce and really good bake-off bread (I really love their croissants and pains au chocolat). I also feel like the service in Lidl is better. If you ask for something, they will actually look for it, not just say “if it’s not on the shelf, we are out”.
      Aldi has been loosing money here for a long time, simply because the stores were small, disorganized and with a limited selection. They are now adopting the same strategy as Lidl, but they may me too late.
      We moved to a small town in the fall of 2016, so no longer have a Lidl nearby. However, there is one in the town where DH works, so I regularly ask him to pick up something in Lidl.

      • Stephanie P says

        I love our Aldi, but they absolutely do say exactly that when we can’t find something! I never heard of Lidl, but I’m sure I would like it.

      • Interesting! I didn’t like Lidl in France or ALDI that much in Germany, but I loved ALDI in England and here. Curious if Lidl will come this far west.

  7. Stephanie M. says

    January 26, Day 26

    B – Hubby had cereal; I had two poached eggs on whole wheat English muffin, mixed berries, and V8

    L – Hubby had ham and cheddar on whole wheat and the last of the chocolate chip cookies; I had a chicken sausage sandwich on a whole wheat hot dog bun with mustard and sauerkraut and an apple

    D – Grilled pork chops, (using up the last two pork chops) baked potatoes and the last bag of home made zucchini in tomato sauce from the freezer

    January 27, Day 27

    B – Hubby had baked oatmeal and key lime yogurt; I had one slice of whole wheat raisin toast and vanilla yogurt with sliced strawberries

    L – we were at Monster Jam with our grandson so we had lunch with him at the Prudential Center

    D – We weren’t in the mood to cook a big deal so I made hubby chicken quesadillas and I had a bowl of bran flakes cereal, strawberries, and peanuts

  8. Mona says

    Friday 1/26

    Brunch – Finished off the Ham & cheese quiche

    Late lunch – crackers and cheese

    Dinner – Chicken pesto linguine w/peas, salad

    Saturday 1/27

    Breakfast – Oatmeal

    Lunch – Pizza sub (Church was selling them)

    Dinner – Ham and cheese sliders, French fries & applesauce

  9. Julies says

    B kids ate cake (I made if with whole grains I milled, and half the sugar called for , so it seemed as reasonable as anything ). We had some half-birthdays to celebrate .
    I ate eggs and later caved and had cake
    L pasta salad
    D husband still working on burritos . I made so many . Pasta salad leftovers, I had frozen chili, kids had smoothies I made with bananas and frozen pineapple core (we can’t eat it raw since it’s so tough but they are great in smoothies)

    Everyone had eggs except oldest had cereal
    L lots of fresh fruit and mushrooms from Aldi trip. Eggs, burritos
    D most of us had cereal . Bless my husband , he had 2 more burritos .

    I love A Tale of Two Cities . It’s amazing . I can’t imagine a movie ever capturing the book but movies rarely do.

    • Julies says

      Oh, we are done shopping , I have a little cash in my food envelope , but not much because I bought 3 orders from Zaycon that will arrive March and May, so I actually have 110 lbs of good meat paid for with our low budget that we will eat the rest of the year, none of which we have in the freezer now. We do have other meat now, too. So, while I had hoped to have cash saved for next month , we did eat a bunch of food I had frozen , like loads of chili, and rotated stock quite a bit . My upright freezer has 2 completely empty shelves!

  10. June says

    Boys (men) have frozen breakfast sandwiches and frozen waffles for breakfast all week. They buy lunch at school

    Dave and i have smoothies (i bought green leafy and i have frozen fruit) or oats for breakfast and I’ll make chicken soup for lunch everyday for both of us. He’s in town and works from home. My son’s have jobs and school and stuff their schedules are hard for me to track.

    Sun. – Pot roast (without potatos), I have fresh carrots,
    mon. – Barbeque beef (instant pot) and sliced apples
    tue. – Leftover pot roast,
    wed – left over barbque sandwiches and i have lots of frozen peas. And a box of pasta
    Thur.- I have a pkg of pork chops and 1 head of broccoli and rice.
    Fri. Pizza from delivery ….

    I have a bag of frozen pie cherries which I’m making a pie sat. I also need a breakfast casserole for bible study and I still have eggs sausage and cheese. I bought chicken twice this month?

    I was not as disciplined as I should have. My frig freezer is still to full.

    I have to extend my pantry challenge because I have 5 different pkgs of chocolate and I’m very beef heavy too. I just have odd things left in my cupboards? My habits are in control and not adding groceries to my house every week is hard for me to change. But I always challenge myself to find ways to feed my family non-processed food, organic fruit and veggies, grass fed protein and milk butter and cheese. Without spending a fortune. I’m very blessed to have a grocery store that specializes in local organic food. But we could do just fine for another month eating out of our house? I need to continue to refine my shopping?

    I’m a little tired of cooking, I estimated that I used 40 pounds of flour in December and approx 20 lbs of sugar, plus all the hams and turkeys and potatoes and appetizers so I’m not pushing myself as much as I should? All this sounds like excuses? It is haha

    Thanks Jessica for giving me this venue to organize my thoughts! And food haha.

  11. Lynn from NC Outer Banks says

    B: out to breakfast. DH wanted to go. I would have rather stayed home since I had at home everything we ate 🙁 But anyhow..
    L: yogurt for me. Hubby had open faced turkey sandwich-LO from our Thanksgiving in January meal 🙂 I made turkey salad from the last of the leftovers (for now) to have for lunch.
    D: baby back ribs from the freezer, baked sweet potatoes, deviled eggs, Asian salad with lettuce, pineapple, almonds, peppers, carrots

  12. Laurie in CA says

    Oh crud, I went to my notes in my phone (I keep track of the food for the day there) and somehow I deleted the last two days.

    B – hubs had his last breakfast burrito and I had a couple fried eggs and an English muffin
    L – we ran errands so stopped for lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant
    D – we had our granddaughter’s dance recital at 6:30 and weren’t really hungry beforehand. At 8 we drove through Mickey D’s. Hubs had a quarter pounder meal and I ate a lot of his fries. We both had a vanilla cone.

    B – I had avocado, bacon and fried egg on sprouted wheat toast, hubs had a protein shake and a couple pieces of bacon (I baked a 1 1/2 lb package I found in the freezer)
    L – hubs had a BLT and I ate a little l/o salmon and roasted cauliflower
    D- Papa Murphy’s cowboy pan pizza
    S – I had apples and a pillsbury pie crust that I needed to use so I made an apple pie. It was delicious.

    I went to the grocery store Friday for some veggies and essentials and spent $29. I redeemed rewards for a free loaf of French bread and $2 off my purchase. Total for the month is $164. I normally spend about $350.

  13. Terry calkins says

    Yesterday was a good use up day. Making beef stew from this and that cleared a lot of containers from the fridge. I used half a container of out of date cottage cheese to make bread and rolls. Leftover ham and bean soup for dinner.
    This morning I fixed hubby his hash browns and eggs. I had the last of the taco meat in breakfast burritos.
    Took two huge chicken breasts and some buns out of the freezer. I plan to make chicken and stuffing for dinner. There’s only one egg left so I hope a couple chickens decide to lay today. There’s nothing in my veggie drawer except celery, onions and apples so stuffing it is! Thanks for the Thanksgiving reminder Jessica. I think I will bake a butternut squash too.

    • I’ve got a squash to use up as well. Might make brownies. That’s really the only way my people will eat it. LOL

  14. Joa in IA says


    B- Protein shake for me and Son1, hubby cinnamon oatmeal. Son2 not sure we left for college visit before he ate.

    L- Hubby, Son1 and I ate Culvers on the the road. Son2 ate at school.

    Supper- Hubby,Son1 and I ate Arbys on the way home. The visit lasted way longer than I expected. I thought we would be home for supper. Son2 went out for supper with a friend.


    B- Hubby and I went to a pancake breakfast and local RV show.
    Boys both slept late.

    L- Hubby and I went with a group of Camper Club friends out for a late lunch. Not sure what they ate but left dishes.

    Supper-Hubby and I didn’t eat supper from having late lunch. Boys had sub sandwiches with roast beef and cheddar cheese and broiled them.

    Went Sam’s Club after lunch and a lot of Camper Club people went too. Got sub buns( Son1 texting what’s for supper), roast beef deli meat, pork spare ribs and 2 pork butts. Had to keep telling hubby I didn’t need much. Spent $67.75 just on food. I’m not counting the $30.00 dollar bottle of Bourbon he got or the 2 bottles of laundry soap he thought we should get since they were $4.00 off each. So monthly food total is $278.78. Hopefully won’t be going to the store till February.

  15. Pat says

    Happy Sunday!!
    I will not have to go to the store until the end of the week so I am calling this challenge month a win! My total for the month is $103.29. Alot of the things I bought will last for several months. My first shopping trip in February will be for salad stuff, fruit, eggs and cheese.
    Jan 26
    Breakfast was the usual.
    Lunch–My husband took l/o pork loin, roasted veggies and an apple. I had an apple with pb.
    Dinner was homemade chicken vegetable soup and toast.
    Jan 27
    Breakfast was the usual
    Lunch was lettuce salad with veggies and cheese and the rest of the burgers.
    Dinner–My husband was out with his card playing friends and I was at a basketball game with my grandson. I had an overpriced hot dog and I’m not sure what my husband ate.

  16. Laurie says

    B- oatmeal and an apple for the husband I had an English muffin sandwich with cheese and an egg from the freezer slash. Hoping I find a few more!
    S- Cara Cara orange for me. The next door neighbor going on a short trip and brought a few of these over.
    L- Husband went to a soccer scrimmage for our favorite team- The San Jose Earthquakes so I’m sure he had a hot dog and chips. I had the leftovers from the stir fry I made a couple of days ago.
    D- I tried a new recipe yesterday and it was good. Chicken thighs in the crock pot with garlic, s/p, and brown sugar sprinkled over the top. Mashed potatoes and butternut squash as sides. Very good!

  17. Maureen says

    We’ve done really well all month limiting the shopping and eating up leftovers. Yay! I’ve used up a bit from the freezer (including some OLD stuff) and some condiments, etc from the fridge. We’ve just started a remodeling project (new floors on the main floor & new kitchen cabinets/counters). So far my kitchen still functions, but it will be out of commission soon for a couple of weeks. I’m sure we’ll work our way through the pantry snacks that are languishing. And I’m planning to use up a few items from the freezer that will work in the toaster oven. I’ll be limited, but plan to do what I can so that when I put the kitchen back together I can start fresh (or at least finish up the pantry challenge and then start fresh).

  18. Terry calkins says

    Chicken, stuffing, glazed butternut squash and cranberry sauce….good!
    Even the chickens and the dog got in on the stuffing action. I will use the leftover chicken with some frozen corn tortillas to make chicken enchilada casserole.
    Got a couple fresh eggs from my ladies today so the plan for breakfast is to use the rest of the out of date cottage cheese to make pancakes, and use the apples to make chunky apple syrup with cinnamon and maple flavoring. Also thawed out a rack of baby back ribs, so yes, we will make it to the end of the month with nothing needed from the store. Winner winner!

  19. Roberta says

    Fri. 1/26/18

    B: Oatmeal, toast, OJ, coffee.

    L: Son had a PBJ, blueberry muffin, carrot sticks, string cheese, mandarin, dried cranberries, pack of Oreos left over from his project last Sat. Hubs and I had PBJs, yogurt w/ honey and granola, pear and orange slices, carrot and celery sticks w/ ranch dip.

    D: Barley soup, slices of cheddar, salad, and pear slices.

    S/D: More blueberry muffins.

    Sat. 1/27/18

    B: Waffles, scrambled eggs, OJ, coffee.

    L: Quesadillas, carrot sticks w/ ranch, salad, orange and pear slices.

    D: LO barley soup, pear slices, slices of Monterrey Jack cheese, salad.

    S/D: Chocolate pudding (son was thrilled), blueberry muffins (!), and Hubs had some PB toast.

    On Saturday I also made a loaf of whole wheat bread and some more cranberry-pomegranate compote for the week ahead. I still have half a bag of cranberries in the freezer, so I’ll make at least one more batch of compote sometime soon. The barley soup used up a bag of veggie stock from the freezer and the barley from the pantry. I think we’re down to one blueberry muffin, so I need to make something for son’s after-school snacks (there’s a gingerbread recipe I want to try). I also had to make a Spouts run today for apples, clementines, green bell peppers, and celery. That should take us to the end of the month. I’ve barely touched the freezers, so I’ll be going into February (and probably beyond).

    I’m really liking the routine of making a big pot of soup on Fridays and then having LO soup on Saturdays.

    Have a great week, everyone!

  20. Felicia says

    SUNDAY – JAN 28

    Breakfast – oatmeal and egg over easy

    Lunch – cheese and crackers

    Dinner – spiral slices honey ham, broccoli, applesauce, black-eye peas patty. Apple crisp for dessert.

  21. Sandy says

    Friday January 26th
    B- Egg burritos or granola parfaits
    L- Leftover lo mein and apples
    D- Was supposed to be grilled burgers since it got to 50 degrees but had a water leak that needed fixed on our farm, so leftovers at different times for everyone
    Saturday January 27th
    B- Egg burritos or oatmeal
    L- Grilled the burgers that were supposed to be for Friday, was raining so I really wished I was able to when it was nice! Cut potatoes into steak fries and got green beans out of the freezer. Got some cookies out of the freezer too. Brought 2 meals of it all to our son and daughter in law because she had back surgery Friday.
    D- 2nd birthday party for grandson

  22. Heather M says

    Decent couple of Challenge days over at our house. Well, mostly. Saturday we went to a morning movie(Darkest Hour- so good) and hubs had a haircut scheduled 15 minutes after the movie ended, so we took him. Son and I got bagels at panera while waiting, since it was 1pm and we were hungry! They were so good. No school Friday due to end of quarter/teacher work day. So, we watched movies again friday and saturday. We are really ready for the Oscars this year. We’ve seen every Best Picture Nominee. I believe it’s the first time since they went to up to 10 nominees. It’s been pretty fun. It’s also nice having old kids to enjoy them with.

    Friday, 1/26:

    B: guys both had banana oat muffins; I had a slice of whole wheat pear bread, then had a fabulous workout.
    L: hubs took turkey/ham/provolone/cuke & lettuce on ww, apple, almonds, slice of ww pear bread; son had a spicy hot dog I brought him home from 7-11, chex mix; I had tuna and avocado on whole wheat and an apple
    D: shrimp and broccoli pasta w/fire roasted tomatoes (freezer and cupboards, except fresh broccoli). super yum.

    Saturday, 1/27:

    B: guys had banana oat muffins; I had a slice of whole wheat pear bread I snuck into the theater
    L: bagels at panera for son and I; hubs finished the mexican pasta salad when we got home
    D: made spinach-cheese raviolis for son(freezer); we had to run to a special adults church meeting, so didn’t eat dinner until very late (we had watched a movie in the afternoon at home and just had time to get cleaned up and go, and make the raviolis quickly). When we got home at 10, hubs finished the leftover chicken tikka masala w/leftover rice; I made scrambled eggs and also had a bowl of cheerios.

    Saturday afternoon I also ran to the store (busy/fun day) since we had company coming to dinner Sunday. You’ll hear about that on the next post. It should be about the last shopping for January. I spent $27 on chicken tenders(they were bogo- 5lbs for $11 in the end, so i bought the two bags instead of only one, but I used more than one bag today for the meal, so good thing, I guess), green onions, 1+ lb snow peas (had to buy frozen because the fresh were in sorry shape), sandwich bread, yogurt, sour cream, and fresh mint. Total this month is $232. I may need to buy milk and juice before the month is over, but that’s it I think. I’m not great at tracking my expenses monthly (it’s a goal this year, since we have so many expenses these days and I’m working on a budget, etc. so we are more aware of our financial situation). So I can’t really compare. But I KNOW it’s way better than usual. I’m guessing it varies greatly by the month, anywhere between 5-800, maybe? I’m pleased with how January has gone.

  23. Laura C says

    Haven’t really kept track this week. My father in law is in the hospital so my husband has been gone a lot and with the stress, not eating like he usually does. I’m making sure life goes as normal as possible for our kids. So we did get fast food a few times and still have a lot of food in the fridge. Hoping to deal with that this week. And I ‘ve been making a plate for my mother in law to eat at the hospital for dinner so trying to make sure we have something she likes/easy to transport.

    • Kathy in Denmark says

      Sorry your father in law is in the hospital. In situations like that, I think you just do what you have to do to get by.
      So nice of you to fix dinner for your mother in law, I’m sure she really appreciates it.

      Hope your father in law gets better soon!

    • I’m sorry to hear about your FIL. I hope he recovers quickly. How nice of you to care for them!

  24. Kathy in Denmark says

    Day 26
    DD1 still home sick.
    B: Oats and milk for DH. HM rolls with milk or coffee for kids and me.
    L: Snacky lunch for kids. Cereal for me (still not feeling well either). DH skipped.
    D: “Tarteletter” (puff pastry shells) filled with a white sauce with chicken and asparagus for the kids. Nachos for the adults after kids were in bed.
    S: Bananas and almonds
    I pulled the filling for the tarteletter from the freezer as well as some HM baked beans for the nachos. I had found avocado at a great price, so mashed them up with lime juice and froze four small bags for guacamole. Kept a little back to make guacamole for nachos.

    Day 27:
    We were supposed to go to an 18th birthday party, but cancelled because of DD1 and I still being sick.
    Brunch: HM rolls, softboiled eggs, coffee, juice, milk. HM cinnamon snails ( or cinnamon rolls, as you probably call them 🙂 )
    L/S: Can’t remember, maybe because we didn’t have anything….
    D: HM pizza.

    I had been craving cinnamon snails/rolls for days (I crave sweet things when I am constantly tired), but didn’t have the energy to make yeast dough. It suddenly dawned on me that I could probably just use puff pastry, which I had in the freezer. I made some up, and they tasted almost like the ones you get in a bakery, so it was a great success! DH said he hoped I had a lot more puff pastry in the freezer LOL.
    I topped the pizza with some of the mozzarella I had just bought and used HM passata I canned this summer with some extra spices in stead of pizza sauce.
    We ate the last of the HM rolls for breakfast, so I baked french bread in the evening.

  25. Stephanie P says

    I didn’t get caught up this weekend – I only use my phone on the weekends and it is harder on there.

    This day was a little disjointed because I was “off” work, but came in for a few hours before a hair appointment, so my meals were split up a bit.
    B: Oatmeal, 1/2 banana and coffee
    Snack 1 at 11:00 before my hair appointment: Corn tortilla with peanut butter, dill pickles, clementine
    L at 2:00 after my hair appointment: Leftover 1 oz salmon, egg, over cauliflower rice with olives. Very strange combo, but it used up leftovers and I was so hungry for an egg!
    D: We were out with friends and they went to Pizza Hut. I’m not a fan, so had a small piece of pizza
    Snack: Latte at the ice festival we went to

    I FINALLY got out for a run for the first time in a month – it made my day so much better
    Breakfast: Oatmeal, 1/2 banana, coffee
    L: Had a lunch date with my best friend and my daughter. It’s a street taco type hole in the wall place and it’s amazing. I had two mushroom tacos. My daughter played with a quesadilla and didn’t eat it, so my friend got the quesadilla along with his meal.
    D: I was actually really full from lunch, but I ended up having steamed shrimp and an apple late.

  26. Whitney says

    Have you ever roasted your potato peels? I just saw it on the food network over the weekend–The Kitchen and Pioneer Woman. They end up like chips. It’s on my list of things to try soon. Otherwise those peels just end up in the compost.

    • Heather M says

      I saw that too, and think that next time I have potato peels I’ll try them! Seems like a good idea.

    • Interesting! Keep in mind that conventional potatoes are high in pesticides, most of it in the peel. :/

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