Pantry Challenge 2018: Days 21 & 22

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The Pantry Challenge is on! This month we’re focusing on what we have, to use it up and save money.

grilled fish, rice and green beans on a plate

We are in the home stretch, people! Can you believe it? Just 9 more days of this here Pantry Challenge!

Sorry for no update yesterday. Sundays are generally my day to unplug and not do work-related activities. I write the newsletter on Saturday and schedule it to be delivered at a certain time. For years I worked 24/7 and then realized that it was wrong not to take one day a week to rest. So, I’ve been working on making that happen on Sundays. Not just because it’s a traditional rest day, but because it’s the one day of the week that the whole family has off together.

Yesterday we went to church together and then Chipotle for lunch. Part of my Sunday-is-my-fun-day-rest-routine is to do as little cooking as possible. Chipotle is on the way home from church, so it was a good fit. I just wasn’t in the mood to cook anything!

That trend continued through the evening as we had a snacky dinner. I spent about 20 minutes prepping my husband’s lunches for the week (poached chicken on either rice and beans or spinach salad) and that was all she wrote.

Today we were busy with school, so the kids made breakfast while I exercised. Lunch was another snacky affair. Easy peasy, especially since I don’t have bread ready to bake. Tonight we enjoyed grilled fish, green beans, and Mexican Rice. Unfortunately, we are all out of tomato sauce, so I blended a can of diced tomatoes with my stick blender and basically fudged it.

Bryan went to ALDI for me today. I gave him a very detailed list with target prices; that worked out well. We are currently at $406 for the month. Normally we spend $1000 to $1200 to feed our family of 8, so I’m pleased.

My goal for the Pantry Challenge is $550, so we “should” come under budget unless something weird happens in the next 9 days. Hoping not! I’ve got a bunch of different meats thawing and aim to mix up some bread dough tonight. My sourdough starter is definitely not ready, so we’ll have to wait on that. In the past I’ve always made starter with a bit of yeast. This is the first time to make it on my own. Not sure it’s going to work out. But, I’ll keep trying.

Here’s how we ate these last two days:

Pantry Challenge 2018: Day 21

Breakfast: Pancakes (from a mix I made a few weeks ago) and eggs

Lunch: Chipotle

Dinner: The Ultimate Snacky Dinner

Pantry Challenge 2018: Day 22

Breakfast: Eggs and Baked Bacon

Lunch: Snacky Lunch

Dinner: Grilled Fish, Mexican Rice, Green Beans

As always, thanks for sharing the Pantry Challenge with your friends. The more the merrier!

What did YOU cook up?

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  1. Laurie in CA says

    B – hubs ate two of the l/o scones and I had l/o blueberry baked oatmeal
    L – hubs ate the l/o from last night’s Panda dinner, I had hummus and pita chips, cashews and a tangerine
    S – the last of the ruffles left from New Year’s Day and hubs made onion dip with the last of the sour cream to munch on while watching football
    D – Broccoli beef in the instant pot over brown rice

    B – hubs had the last of the scones, I had a triple berry protein shake
    L – we had bbq chicken kabob that we had frozen at the beginning of the month, I had 1/2 cup brown rice with mine, hubs had some nuts
    D – tacos (I have soft tortillas warmed in a skillet but hubs fries his)

    I commented today to hubs that I’m really hoping to squeak through the rest of the month without going to the store. We might run out of milk and bread and Mr. Cranky-pants will probably buy more. He doesn’t quite get the whole challenge concept. His philosophy is, if I want it, I buy it. He makes life um, interesting (and challenging).

    • Felicia says

      I have your DH twin on the East Coast, Laurie! My Mr. Cranky Pants is retired, as am I and feels he’s worked hard his entire career and if wants “x y and z” he is going to buy “x y and z”. It’s frustrating.

      • Laurie in CA says

        Mr. CP is the same way. We are both retired too. I want Mr. CP to realize that even though we have the means to do what we want, we need to be good stewards of what we have. It kills me to toss out good food. He would eat out 3-5 times a week if I would agree. He is very impulsive and fly by the seat of his pants. We are polar opposites.

  2. Alice E says

    Glad you had a restful Sunday, they are good for the body and soul.


    Brunch – I fixed whole grain pancakes in the blender. I nibbled on one as I fried them and used two to make a turkey and cheese sandwich. He had his with butter and syrup, of course.

    Supper was leftovers, soup, spaghetti and peas with cooked apples
    Snack was almonds and cashews


    B – Oats, fried eggs and hot tea.
    I had a morning meeting with a friend that involved a couple slices of bacon and a biscuit with hot tea at a restaurant, as well.
    L – he took pb sandwich, I had pizza and salad with the Monday volunteer group. We go out together regularly.
    D – baked sweet potatoes

  3. Melissa in GA says

    I’m glad you enjoyed your Sunday – I try to relax some on Sundays as well.

    January 21st (my dad’s birthday)
    B – homemade biscuits and fried eggs for the guys, I had fruit and a biscuit
    L – hubs and I split a LO hamburger
    D – roast with red potatoes and carrots
    Dessert – I made a small vanilla cake with dark cherry jam filling and coconut vanilla buttercream icing
    Snacks – Chex mix, apples and oranges

    January 22nd
    B – hubs had overnight oats and a warmed up biscuit, dad had scrambled eggs and warned up biscuits and I had fruit
    L – I had a salad, dad skipped and hubs is on the road for work
    D – vegetable beef soup with crackers
    Dessert – LO birthday cake
    Snack – chips and dip

    All my fresh berries are gone. I was mixing them with some jarred peaches I had picked up at Costco last summer when we stocked for hurricane season, to make them last. LO biscuits gone, no Sunday dinner leftovers, Only one Apple, grapefruit and baking potato left. I do have LO soup from tonite. Lots of white/clear space in the fridge. The soup used the last bit of frozen corn in a bag, so that’s gone from the fridge freezer.
    Sliding into the home stretch.

    • Melissa in GA says

      The chips were a bag that dad brought with him in the move from MS in November , lol. Because they’re Kettlebrand, they are sealed well and still tasted fine. He brought them by today and I mixed up some onion dip using the last cup or so of sour cream that was about to expire in a couple days.

    • Heather M says

      The birthday cake sounds delicious!!

      • Melissa in GA says

        It turned out great, better than I had expected – which is always good! I’m most proud of the fact that it was completely homemade and I had everything for it in my pantry and fridge.

  4. Jen in Colorado says


    B – DS had cereal and the last Asian pear (his current fave), I had a scrambled egg with veggies
    L – DS had mac and cheese with homemade pear-applesauce (from the freezer), I had homemade hot and sour soup and some pear applesauce
    snack – DS – popcorn (I’m back in grad school, online, after a bit of a career change. This term I’ve got a Sunday afternoon class. So DS gets popcorn and a movie. It works for now.)
    D – ham, rice, baked beans, canned pineapple

    *lessons learned today – DS doesn’t like canned fruit! I was pretty sure about this, but with the snowstorm today, I put off grocery shopping. I will get fresh fruit tomorrow. I’m happy to have a kid who wants to eat it, so that’s a non-negotiable for me.

    B – DS – bacon, cereal, me – iced tea
    L – DS ate at school, me – leftover rice and baked beans, olive tapenade with chips
    D – chicken with pesto sauce, cavatappi pasta, salad, DS also had olives and a pickle
    dessert – DS had brownie and ice cream before bed, me – glass of wine after he went to bed (I’ve had a lot going on)

    I went grocery shopping today, and stocked up on several of our basics, plus fresh fruit and veggies that DS eats. I do love the pantry challenge, but as long as I have the funds, having fruit and veggies that my son eats are definitely the priority for me. But, I still used a bunch the past 2 days that I wouldn’t have otherwise (rice; canned baked beans that my dad bought when he was in town last month – and I love, lol, but wouldn’t have thought to use; homemade pesto from the freezer). It’s funny how we get into habits that seem easier, when really none of this was hard.

    • Stephanie P says

      I feel the same way as your son about canned fruit. Though fruit is expensive – I buy it when we are out, even during the pantry challenge. I will use frozen fruit, but canned is just mushy typically. The one exception is we had some canned peaches given to us from a local orchard and they are delicious.

      Same with fresh vegetables too – I just bought more carrots and kale. The carrots because we all love them – the kale for me because I missed having it.

      I love that your DS loves olives – I wish my kids did – they are delicious 🙂

    • Sandi says

      Breaking the rut is one of my favorite things about the PC. It’s always nice to have support in using up what we have, but something about the concept of the PC inspires me to try different things/recipes that are not difficult, just different. As the year goes on, I tend to slide back into the old habits, but it is nice to get a reset now and again.

      Congrats on going back to school! Good luck with your classes.

    • Heather M says

      Fresh produce is a non-negotiable for us, too. I cave for our basics during the challenge, which is mainly things fro breakfast/lunch for my son(milk/cereal/ bread/turkey/nuts/OJ), as well as fresh produce. Otherwise, I try to be creative to clear out what we have. Good job being in grad school! And best wishes with it.

  5. Mona says

    Sunday 1/21

    Brunch – Bacon, eggs & toast , grandson was here for a sleep over and he
    decided to sleep in and then decided what we were having

    Snack – Veggies and dip

    Dinner – Ham, potato salad and applesauce

    Monday 1/22

    Breakfast – Pulled more cookies from the freezer

    Lunch – Turkey sandwich for him, ham for me

    Dinner – Southwest kielbasa skillet w/corn bread

  6. Julie says

    So, we had snow last week and a plethora of sick kids and doctors appointments so things have definitely been a little more grab and go than I’d like.

    Stopped at Kroger on Sunday for a few necessities. Sunday night we had Asian marinatied chicken with frozen veggies and leftover rice. Last nights dinner was a total fail (um, I just don’t think anyone will ever eat quinoa at my house lol) so some people chose the free cereal pass I gave them.

    I also threw out some stuff I know I am not going to use or I waited to long to use and so they were getting close to rotting. I’m using up some canned fruit because we are out of fresh, but that’s mostly due to me not having time to go to the store. Hubby went to publix for a few things yesterday but it was some “fun” stuff.

    Today’s plan is to audit our spending so far. I may take advantage of instacart because our first delivery is free and I feel like purchasing online and staying out of the store will save me some money. Publix has some good stock up deals this week that I’d like to take advantage of.

  7. Terry calkins says

    I knew I had to go after milk yesterday but thought I could get by with milk, bread sour cream and burritos and stay under 10.00. then I looked at my just for u ap for Albertsons and saw baby back ribs for 1.99#. that’s 3$ a # off. Time to stock up.
    A rack of ribs feeds both of us dinner and two lunches for hubby for just over 5$, and makes for a very happy hubby. So 5 racks of ribs4# of ground pork for making breakfast sausage, milk, English muffins, tortillas, hamburger buns and basically everything else on my list plus 5# of cheese and a gallon of sweet baby Ray’s BBQ sauce. Grand total.75.56 taking us to 119.22 for the month. I know we have everything now to get through the month. The empty space in the freezer is full again but that’s ok. There are some really good meals coming. I’ll be doing a year long pantry challenge anyway.

    • Stephanie P says

      I’m planning to continue ours as well. I feel like we have only done “so so” with it for various reasons and we still have a lot to use up!

    • Susan says

      I know we will be continuing our pantry challenge after January as well. I just want to make it more of a conscious effort to spend less and make use of what we have and what we bring into the house.

    • Felicia says


      Mine will be a year long PC as well – I eat down the freezer so that when the good holiday sales come around, I can stock back up. I can usually find some good mid-year meat sales in summer time too. I really don’t ever pay full price for food if I watch for sales, mark downs, use coupons, and BOGO.

    • Heather M says

      I’ll be continuing into February for sure, mainly because of the cupboards. I just checked on the freezer (we only have the one attached to the fridge) and we are definitely not going to make it that long with proteins. We are down to 3 dinners (ish) of salmon, 1 meal of pork chops, 11/3lb ground turkey, 1lb shrimp, 1 meal with some kind of beef(sirloin or flank steak, not sure), and several chicken options(we have a bit of cooked grilled chicken, breaded chicken tenders, and chicken breasts- not sure how much, but they are open, partially used packages from costco. We’ll get into february, but not through it without a protein stock-up. But I need to use things in the cupboards. We always end up having lots of things hide in back of the shelves and getting tossed. I’d like to use up a lot of things in there and almost start fresh, so to speak, only replacing things we NEED. There’s just so much in there. And with only 3 of us at home, it takes a while to get through everything. Plus, with college expenses, it’d be nice to be prudent with what we have and also get my creativity going. 🙂

      • Sarah Gallop says

        I hear you! It’s just my husband and I, so going through the quantity takes time!

  8. Karen says

    I stayed home with a bit of a stomach bug yesterday. But, I did have to run out to the store when I remembered it was our turn to provide snacks for Girl Scouts today, and I wasn’t about to make anything when I wasn’t feeling well!

    B: smoothies for my daughter and me, peaches and cottage cheese for hubby.
    L: frozen entree for hubby, leftovers for my daughter, soup and crackers for me.
    D: Orange chicken, rice, green beans

  9. Stephanie P says

    I put Sunday on the wrong date, so I will just do Monday now.

    Kid 2 is still not back to normal, though feeling a bit better. I did make a grocery run yesterday even though we are much higher than I would like (husband made a run for “fun foods” the other day I hadn’t planned on). Our refrigerator was almost completely empty, and I like to have the kids every day foods around. I purchased fresh fruit (including insanely expensive grapes because my son isn’t eating and specifically asked for them), their yogurt drinks, a few sweet potatoes, some fresh vegetables, milk because we were somehow out again, and the kids applesauce. My kids typically eat the same things every day, so we do run out weekly.

    Breakfast: Kid 2: Yogurt and Life cereal Kid 1: Nothing Me: A spoonfull of peanut butter and coffee
    Lunch: Kid 1 was at home with my husband and he said he ate cheese and turkey. Husband slept through lunch (works overnight). I had chicken noodle soup, fresh mozz and apple.
    Dinner: Husband fed the kids before I got home because he had to bowl last night. I know the dinner included french fries – I’m guessing it was the last of the turkey dogs. I had pepper steak and leftover cauliflower rice. It was delicious!

    Snacks: Kid 2 had applesauce, veggies straws, yogurt, and grapes that I know of. She can be a huge eater, but somehow is only 23 lbs at 2 1/2, so we let her go. Kid1 had some grapes. I had carrots and yogurt dip and a piece of dark chocolate. I love the 86% dark stuff and everyone else hates it, so a bar will last me a while.

    I also baked some pork chops that really needed to be cooked. They will likely be dinner tonight, though everyone else “hates” them, so it might just be me who eats them, and maybe my less picky daughter.

  10. Sandi says

    B – red beans and rice
    L – turkey, cheese, granola bar
    D –burrito bowl with shredded pork (used a lot of leftovers)
    Dessert – dipped into the never-ending supply of Christmas candy

    B – omelet, clementines
    L – light snacky things as breakfast was late so we were not super hungry
    D – pork chops, l/o mashed potatoes, kale salad, yeast rolls from freezer
    Dessert – fried twinkies from freezer – baked one each tonight, one each as “donut” for breakfast tomorrow – I know they were so crazy cheap when I let him buy them (clearance at $1.97 for 10), but I still cannot believe I agreed to 2 boxes of them! There are still two left in the first box… we bought them in June so I have to just get them used and try not to think of the calories and complete lack of nutrition. Maybe they will be gone by next June!

  11. Sandy says

    Had a busy weekend and no time to post. Time to get caught up.
    Friday-Jan. 19
    B-Eggs or oatmeal, yogurt with blueberries
    L-Leftover veggie soup for me, ham and cheese on French bread and an apple for hubs
    D-Loaded tater tots using some BBQ beef from the freezer, peaches also from freezer
    Saturday-Jan. 20 Butchering day
    B-Toast with peanut butter, oatmeal w/ blueberries and zucchini bread from the freezer
    L-I took both veggie and chili soups out of my freezer and everyone brought a snack, salad or dessert
    D-We had a late, late supper after vacuum sealing some of our meat after milking. Quesadillas with chicken or ham and apples
    Sunday-Jan. 21
    B-Zucchini bread and almonds quick before church
    L-Leftover chili, tortilla chips and cheese
    D-Egg, ham and cheese on English muffins, hash browns and peaches
    Monday- Jan. 22
    B-Meat grit sandwich for hubs and daughter, yogurt with blueberries and granola for everyone else
    L-Hubs and I ate out while picking up a piece of farm machinery over an hour away. Tried Rapid Fire Pizza and it was very good!
    D-Shrimp lo mein, used carrots celery, peppers and onion from frig, shrimp, broccoli and snow peas from the freezer, also had apple slices
    I’ve been smoking summer sausage the last few days that we made while butchering this weekend. On the last day today. We made a lot more because the older 2 kids wanted some for their family. My refrigerator was looking bare, but now I have some different meats from the freezer thawing so it looks better. Our fruit supply is dwindling so the end of the month better come quick! Everyone is in different stages of the “Crud” that is going around. Seems like fruit, yogurt and bread are the biggest cravings for those not feeling the best. Hubs is going to the doc today. I’m afraid he may have a sinus infection now:( So ready for everyone to be on the mend. I still don’t have all of my voice back after 2 1/2 weeks of this!

    • Heather M says

      Hope you guys kick those illnesses! It’s never fun, especially when they linger forever.

  12. Kathy in Denmark says

    Day 21
    Brunch: Bakery bread, softboiled eggs, coffee, juice.
    L/S: Æbleskiver from the freezer. I had made a big batch in december and frozen some. This was the last bag.
    D: Baked pasta. I boiled some spaghetti and mixed with the leftover spaghetti from earlier in the week. Tossed it with leftover tomato sauce, topped with cheese and baked in the oven.
    Dessert: Strawberry yoghurt.

    I didn’t feel well, but still went to the store, since a number of things we use regularly were on really good sales! For instance, shredded mozzarella hit my target price, which it hasn’t done in over a year! You better believe I stocked up 🙂

    Day 22:
    I felt miserable, so DH worked from home, so he could take DD1 to school and pick her up, as well as help me take care of DD2, so I could rest as much as possible.
    B: Oats and milk for DH. Oatmeal with apple sauce for kids. I skipped
    L: Packed lunch for DD1. DH ate his packed lunch at home. Rye bread with garlic cream cheese and cold cuts for DD2. I had some toast with butter.
    D: Soup and bread for me. Rice dish for DH and kids. The rice dish is one my mother used to make. I have changed it to make it vegetarian, but it is essentially a kid-friendly meal which is on the table in around 20 minutes, so it was perfect. I pulled HM chicken stock from the freezer for the soup along with mixed meatballs and dumplings. DH bought some frozen mixed vegetables for the soup, so that was also really easy to pull together.

    I have thought about what constitutes a successful PC. I don’t think I will ever have a really low grocery bill during the PC, especially not while I have small children. Firstly, a lot of the groceries we use the most tend to go on sale in January, so if I want them at their best price, I need to buy them when they are on sale! Secondly, I never shop for just the week ahead. I have built a good pantry over time so I only buy things when they are at their best price. Most of the groceries I have bought this month will last us a long time. Thirdly, we are doing our best to eat a healthy, organic diet on a limited budget. This means looking for deals, shopping wisely and cooking at home, basically a constant PC 😀 Now, I can definitely do better in some areas and I think the PC is really good motivation to tweak my routine. I have made some headway regarding my personal goals for the PC and I really enjoy reading what everyone else is cooking, gleaning ideas and tips.
    I hope to continue posting on the PC page after January is over, I think it is good motivation to make the changes I am working on into a real routine.

    • Felicia says

      I hear you on this one, Kathy. My success would be to keep within a $100 budget just for the same reasons you noted. I want to catch groceries at their rock bottom best price and then I “shop” from my pantry when I create our meals.

  13. Lesley from Alaska says

    I had started the month so well, and then our local (actually all in the state) Sam’s Club started closeout sales for their 1/26 final closure date and I went a little crazy. I mean, how could I resist 50% off? Especially for things we eat often that are pricey like protein shakes. Basically, I couldn’t. So I’ve decided to continue into next month and push myself to not go to the grocery store except to buy eggs or cheese. *Fingers crossed* that I succeed.

    Breakfast-I had a preworkout snack of half a protein shake and a piece of toast. After my workout made scrambled eggs and veggie sausage for the BF and I.
    Lunch-Neither of us really had lunch, we just snacked as we ran errands around town.
    Dinner-I spent a ridiculous amount of time cleaning and was just too tired to cook. Ordered pizza for us

    Breakfast-Strawberry banana nice cream with granola
    Lunch-Leftover pizza
    Dinner-Portobello mushroom “steaks” over a white polenta and truffle mix that had been a gift from my mom

    I also made beet chips on Sunday, which have been a hit. They didn’t come out quite as crispy as I would have liked, so I think I need to tweak the recipe a bit. Yesterday I also prepped a huge batch of roasted veggies for the week.

    • Sandi says

      Deals like that trump PC any day!

    • Alice E says

      The beet chips sound good and so do the roasted veggies. We love roasted veggies at our house, but they do take some prepping. Even during a PC, I’m all for taking advantage of really good bargains, especially if they won’t come around again soon.

  14. Pat says

    We had another snow day yesterday. We didn’t get alot here. What we did get was heavy and wet and the stuff underneath melted and turned to ice, The sidewalks and side streets are a little tricky!
    Jan 21–We had our usual breakfasts.
    Lunch–I had a cheese stick and a cutie. My husband had an omelet and a cutie.
    Dinner–out for my husband’s birthday.
    Jan 22
    Breakfast–the usual.
    Lunch–My husband took his leftovers from dinner, I skipped.
    Dinner was spaghetti and meatballs from the pantry and freezer with salad.

  15. Julies says

    B cereal (bought some after a few weeks without . .I’m running out of time to cook breakfasts daily with kids and homeschooling )
    L pizza with dough from bread machine , used up pasta sauce as pizza sauce,
    D beefy chili bake from freezer
    S snow ice cream

    I do like us all to eat a lot of produce so I’ve been spending on that. I mainly buy Aldi’s best deals of the week for fresh produce .

  16. Sandi says

    Ok, so I’ve got almost 1/2 gallon of milk that is about to turn. I’d much rather use it than freeze it. Other than a mac and cheese, anyone have any ideas how to use it up? I don’t feel like making yogurt and we have too many sweets as it is so I’m not making pudding. (Unfortunately another container of cheesecake is now being thawed in the fridge after I was digging in the big freezer and accidentally dropped and cracked the plastic container. Argh.) The kid loves mac, he won’t complain if that shows up, but if someone has another suggestion, I’m all ears.

    • Felicia says


      Ricotta is really so easy to make and it would use up your 1/2 gal of milk. You can find a recipe on Google – just warm the milk to 190 and add 1/2 cup white vinegar. The milk will separate out into the cheese and the whey (liquid). I use the whey in waffle and pancake recipes.

      After about 30 min of resting and separating in the pot, strain the mixture thru a cheesecloth over a pot or large mixing bowl. You can season with salt if you like. Some folks add splash of whole milk or heavy cream to make the ricotta creamier.

      If you have no reason to use it right away, put it in a container and freeze it!! It’s good for several months. I like it for lasagna roll ups!

    • Roberta says

      Do you have potatoes? You could use the milk in potato/potato-cheese soup (or probably any type of chowder/creamy soup).

    • Alice E says

      You might just make it up into sauce and freeze it or just make a creamy soup. I think Jessica has a recipe for a cream of chicken type sauce that you can freeze ahead. The recipe for cream of chicken could easily become celery, mushroom or onion. I’ve done onion white sauce with a touch of parmesan and served it over linguine, although that is really just a different kind of mac & cheese, isn’t it.

      And there is always hot chocolate, especially during the winter. Anything that involves heating it will buy you a few more days.

  17. Laurie says

    B- Sweet roll for both of us. Oatmeal for the husband and I had a hard cooked egg and an orange.
    L- chicken salad sandwiches. Husband ate the remaining few chips and crumbs with it
    D- flat iron steak, salad, carrots and potatoes
    Cookies from the freezer
    I needed to go to the store for a few things. We had no beef left in the freezer so I picked up some ground beef. I also bought mushrooms, sour cream and bread. If we eat the ground beef along with the 5 million chicken thighs (LOL!) in the freezer, we will make it to the end of the month and then some. I will be getting a farm veggie box on the 31st so I’ll try to keep going past the end of January. The only store items I may need is ingredients for something to bring to the annual Super Bowl we attend that our friends have.
    B- Cream of wheat for the husband and for me, a bowl of cherries from the freezer.
    L- Soup for the chicken rice guy. I had the rest of the chicken salad with a couple of sliced tomatoes
    D- Chicken Parmesan using a giant chicken breast sliced down the middle with the last of the shredded mozzarella cheese and a half of box of pasta with sauce from the freezer
    Dessert was a couple of ice cream bars hiding behind some pork chops. How they got there is anyone’s guess!

    • Alice E says

      I am so jealous of the chicken thighs. They are the preferred chicken around here and I am currently out, and won’t be getting more without a really good buy.

  18. Roberta says

    Boy am I behind in posting. Son had his Eagle Scout Project day (phase 1) on Saturday, so it’s been hectic around here. It was a successful day, though, so that’s just fine.

    Fri. 1/19/18

    B: Oatmeal, toast, cranberry-raspberry juice, coffee for the adults.

    L: Son had PBJ, string cheese, mandarin, dried cranberries, carrot sticks, and banana bread. Hubs wanted Mexican food, so we ate out.

    D: Son had cereal and a blueberry muffin (’cause I was pooped out after helping to gather the last-minute supplies and baking 5 1/2 dozen blueberry muffins for Saturday). I had some pistachios, and I think Hubs had some yogurt w/ compote.

    Sat. 1/20/18 Eagle Project Day (8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Total crew of over 50–mostly teenage boys.)

    B: Cereal, toast, cranberry-raspberry juice, coffee.

    We also provided breakfast-type snacks for the EP morning crew: Doughnuts (donated), mini bagels w/ cream cheese/strawberry preserves, oranges, apples, bananas, blueberry muffins, coffee (donated), and hot cocoa. I know son had at least one doughnut and some hot cocoa. I had a muffin and more coffee. I have no idea what Hubs munched on.

    L: Chick-fil-A sandwiches (donated), Taco Bell burritos and tacos (donated), assorted chips, cookies, sodas and water, and any fruit, muffins, bagels that didn’t get eaten throughout the morning. There weren’t any LO doughnuts. 😉

    D: We ended up with about 3 LO tacos and maybe 8 LO burritos, one snack size bag of chips, about a doz. mini bagels, quite a few muffins, some fruit, and–surprisingly–quite a few cookies. Oh, and some soda and water. When our family finally got home, we had the tacos and some of the burritos along w/ salad (and maybe some of the fruit–I was too tired to really pay attention). Son also finished up the last bag of chips and I think he and Hubs also ate some of the cookies. Two bags of muffins went into the freezer. Other things went into the fridge, counter, cupboards as appropriate. We’ll be eating bananas for a while (or we may end up dehydrating them).

    Sun. 1/21/18

    B: Cereal, mini bagels, cranberry-raspberry juice, bananas, coffee.

    L: In-N-Out to celebrate son’s achievement.

    D: Last three burritos and salad. Don’t know if the guys had anything else for snacks/dessert.

    Mon. 1/22/18

    B: Oatmeal, mini bagels for the guys a muffin for me, bananas, cranberry-raspberry juice, coffee.

    L: The guys had their typical packed lunches (Hubs packed them and I didn’t get the details this time). I had a salad w/ a hard-boiled egg, some pistachios, and a few dried apricots.

    D: Tamales (a gift from a neighbor), corn, salad, apple and orange slices.

    S/D: Son had a mini bagel w/ cream cheese and an apple after school. We all had a piece of banana bread for dessert.

  19. Felicia says

    Tuesday – JAN 23

    Helping son’s family with flu. Won’t be emptying my pantry this week.

    Monday, I was able to use leftover eggplant parmesan and make a pizza pocket with a leftover chicken breast.
    Tuesday, I was able to use defrosted chicken thighs and legs to make oven fried chicken and a batch of waffles.

  20. Heather M says

    So much for leftovers on Sunday. After church, husband and son conspired to insist we go out for brunch on our way home. So, we did. Otherwise, it’s been just normal life for a change. At least that’s how this week seems to be playing out. Probably a good thing since it’s the last week of the semester and son has lots going on, with exams, writing portfolios due, etc.

    Sunday, 1/21:

    B: none, since we ran out the door early for church
    L: brunch at Original Pancake House
    D: we all fended for ourselves. Husband ate grapes, leftover chopped asian salad, christmas cookies(the xmas treats are never going away!); son ate a frozen pizza(i keep single serve ones in the freezer for him), grapes, and chex mix; I had a yen for nachos, so fixed a small plate of them. Also had a bowl of cheerios/milk later.

    Monday, 1/22:

    B: cereal, turkey sausage, OJ for son; cereal for husband; piece of toast for me
    L: son took turkey/cheese on ww. clementines, pistachios/almonds, clif bar; husband took ham/provolone/cucumber/lettuce(I like to doll up his sandwiches-they’re rarely just meat/cheese, which is the only way my son will eat them) on ww, banana, tortilla chips/almonds; I had tuna and avocado on ww, pear.
    D: leftover mexican pasta salad from saturday w/avocado for hubs and me; hubs also finished a tiny amount of leftover rice pilaf; son had a bean/cheese/chicken/pepperoni quesadilla
    S: air-popped popcorn (son also had something else, but not sure what); christmas cookies for dessert

    • Sandi says

      When we were kids, we didn’t like anything on our sandwiches either. Just meat and cheese. Or tuna with gobs of mayo. (To be fair, I did not actually like that much mayo, but we had to stretch a can of tuna to 4 sandwiches) Or PBJ, of course. Mom used to always try to put things on it – “the lettuce/tomato/cucumber/peppers give it moisture and texture” – but we weren’t having it. Then I went to college and worked at Subway for 3.5 years, and now the thought of just plain meat and cheese makes me shudder. We only have them that way if there is literally nothing else here to put on it. Funny how tastes change!

  21. Janet says

    Day 21
    B: Eggs, cereal, milk,
    L: Brats, apple slices, lemon asparagus
    D: Hamburgers, beans & rice, blueberries

    Day 22
    B: Eggs, cereal, milk
    L: Cube steaks, LO beans & rice, apple slices
    D: Filet mignon, baked potatoes, steamed broccoli
    The steaks were part of a package of Omaha Steaks we received as a Christmas gift from my mother. I really enjoy food gifts.

  22. Sarah Gallop says

    January 21

    Breakfast: the unending pulled pork and eggs on toast for me. Hubs had egg, ham and cheese tortillas.

    Lunch: chicken fried rice using up one of the many, many chicken breasts in my freezer, and a bag of cooked rice from the freezer.

    Dinner: pizza using Jessica’s dough recipe. Used up cheese and diced frozen veggies and some ham that needed to go.

    I made some chocolate coconut chia pudding and baked up some chicken fries that were languishing in the deep freeze for lunches this week.

    January 22

    Breakfast: oatmeal with raisins and coffee for me, same for hubs but no coffee (he hates It! I think he’s crazy!) Finished one box of oatmeal.

    Lunch: hubs had cereal, I had 2 mini buffalo chicken wraps using the chicken fries and some chia pudding

    Dinner: I called this the “Ombre” dinner: pan-fried chicken, honey carrots, and skillet gnocchi. Many hues of brown, orange and yellow. Served with the least nutritionally balanced salad ever: lettuce, bacon bits, red onion, croutons, cheddar cubes and Olive Garden dressing. In case you couldn’t tell…we’re running out of produce!!!

    But, onward we go! I really want to try and stay out of the store for as long as possible. We’re still sitting at $80-ish this month, which is pretty good.

  23. Patricia says

    Still on the Pantry Challenge but still seem to have 1/2 freezer full of food and assorted items. Have a 2.5 lb bag of chicken strips, a box of two stuffed chicken breast with brie and apples, frozen mixed berries, frozen blueberries, 4 chicken maple apple sausages, 1/5 ring of smoked sausage, 1/2 lb of bacon, one very small slice of ham, one bag of cheese ravoli.

    Day 21: B: Huge cup of hot tea with milk and package of maple cream of wheat.
    L: Tuna sandwich on wheat toast with water.
    D: Baked chicken breast with mashed potatoes and carrots.
    Day 22: B: Huge cup of hot tea and scrambled eggs and two frozen breakfast sausages with 1/2 english muffin.
    L: L/O 1/2 toasted English muffin with left over scrambled eggs and cup of hot chocolate (from mix).
    D: Pizza and 1/2 meatball parm hero – granddaughter visiting and we shared with can diet soda and salad.
    Snacks both days were maple cookies and organic veggie chips.

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