Pantry Challenge 2018: Days 1 & 2

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The Pantry Challenge is on! This month we’re focusing on what we have, to use it up and save money.

a big salad

Yes, I ate my lunch while reading the grocery ads. During a Pantry Challenge. Let’s call it window shopping, shall we? I didn’t see any screaming deals, though Katy messaged me on Instagram to point out that the chicken was a good deal. Which it is! But, I bought five jumbo flats at ALDI last week for 99cents. Beat Ralphs by 48 cents a pound!

Technically, our Pantry Challenge started on the 29th of last month which was the last day I went grocery shopping, but I’ll only be blogging the January days. Here’s what we had today, using up what we have on hand.

I haven’t yet done my food inventory; I got caught up with school planning for the new semester. Oh my. Gonna be a wild ride until June.

I also caught my husband’s cold. So far it’s remained a tickle in my throat. I’m hoping I can beat it back. Ain’t nobody got time to be sick!

Here’s what we’ve eaten the first two days of the challenge.

Day 1

Breakfast: bagels, cereal, fruit
Lunch: leftovers from NYE Mocktail Party
Dinner: grilled cheese sandwiches, leftover soup from Sunday lunch

Day 2

Breakfast: oatmeal, sauteed apples, fried eggs or Skillet Eggs
Lunch: for those away from home – leftover Bolognese and Spaghetti Squash from Saturday dinner; for us at home – nachos with ham (a teen boy’s idea) and/or salad with deli turkey meat (my idea)
Dinner: pot roast with carrots and potatoes, green salad

I forgot about the pot roast until lunch time and then popped it in the slow cooker on high. Dinner will be late, but I’m hoping it will be good. Will report on how we use the leftovers tomorrow.

What did YOU cook up?

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  1. Kristy B says

    Sorry you caught the crud. We had a sinus cold hit half our family, then a flu did the same before the knock out drag out cold took us all down over Christmas. I mention this because I was surprised how much fresh stuff I had to throw out and how full my freezer and pantry are. While I am not doing a full pantry challenge I clearly have to engage in some serious damage control and possibly an archaeological dig in the freezer. ?

    Thanks for the encouragement.

    Today was lunch with friends where we all bring stuff. I made apple crisp to use up some apples.

    Supper: Thai coconut soup (lemon grass and ginger and chicken broth and coconut milk through the pressure cooker then add chicken, lime juice, noodles and cilantro) with rolls.

  2. Julie says

    I’m doing a PC lite ? Trying to use up some flours, stockpiled/frozen milk and such.

    Breakfast: biscuits with honey
    Lunch: out with my cousin who spent the night with us last minute last night
    Dinner: ham and cheese sliders (your recipe! So good and so easy!), salad/carrots, applesauce, leftover apple pie

    Made ahead some banana bread for kids school lunches/snacks since they go back tomorrow.

    • Tasty says

      January 1st
      B – bacon and brie (leftovers from the fridge) on h/ m buns(freezer)

      L – tuns (pantry)sandwiches, using h/ m bread – new recipe

      S – pork chops and apple sauce(freezer), stuffing, Brussels sprouts and gravy.

      January 2nd

      B – fruit, yogurt and granola for hubby, sausage patty (bought on sale recently) on an English muffin

      L – egg salad sandwich for me, peanut butter and banana sandwich for hubby

      S – chef’s salads, cranberry pie (freezer)

  3. Janet says

    Day 1
    B: Hard boiled eggs, yogurt, cereal, fruit (everyone eats something different)
    L: Eggs, bacon, hash brown patties, toast
    D: Pork tenderloin and black eyed peas for good luck

    Day 2
    B: Hard boiled eggs, yogurt, cereal, fruit (everyone eats something different)
    L: Ham and potato soup, oranges and kiwi
    D: Chicken cutlets, tossed salad, Au gratin potatoes

    We are participating in the pantry challenge, but with modifications from last year. My oldest daughter was put on a special diet last week. She has a chronic medical condition, which will necessitate numerous changes, including gluten free and lots of foods high in vitamins D and C. As we go through the challenge we will be identifying foods that no longer fit our needs and placing them aside for the food bank if unopened or friends if opened. We will also have to buy more produce than we usually do doing the challenge to ensure we have enough of the vitamin D foods prescribed.

    • Wow. Your daughter had a big diet switch last year as well, didn’t she?

      • Janet says

        Yes she did. Last year’s changes helped reduce her daily pain a good deal, but did not help with the near daily migraines. As her team of doctors remind us, chronic conditions are managed not cured, which means constant monitoring and frequent changes in protocols.

  4. Roberta says

    “Window shopping”–LOL. Sorry to hear you’re a bit under the weather. Hubs and I were both down before/during Christmas. So far son is avoiding it. I’m hoping he stays healthy, especially since school resumes next week.


    B: Coffee cake (gift), scrambled eggs (from our hens), fried ham, hot cocoa (gift), coffee (gift).

    L: Ham and Swiss on h/m French bread for the guys, salad (I had ham & Swiss on my salad), apple slices, orange slices (oranges from our tree), carrot and celery sticks w/ ranch dip, water to drink.

    D: Split pea soup and Swiss cheese toasts.

    S/D: Popcorn while watching the Rose Bowl on TV, cookies (gift), chocolates (gift).


    B: Coffee cake (the last of it), scrambled eggs, ham, coffee, cranberry juice (bought when Hubs and I were fighting off colds).

    L: Peanut butter/apple butter (made last fall) sandwiches on h/m French bread for the guys, salad for all, Swiss cheese (the last of it), carrot sticks w/ ranch dip, apple and orange slices, water for the adults/Sprite for the teen (the last of it; won’t buy more till the parties in the spring).

    D: Tacos, salad, mixed veg. (freezer), clementines, sparkling cider (that we forgot to drink New Year’s Eve and Day).

    S/D: Trail mix, cookies (gift), chocolates (gift), hot cocoa (gift).

    I also made a loaf of whole wheat bread. (Most commercially made breads contain soy, so I avoid them. Homemade is much less expensive as well.)

    I, too, looked through all of the grocery ads. I’ll need to buy some produce pretty soon. I also saw some great deals on BLSL chicken breasts and ground turkey, but I think I’ll pass on them. We don’t need any more protein, and my freezers are full.

  5. Melissa says

    Hey everyone!! Here we are again, meeting up with old friends and new ones too.
    A change to our household since last year – my dad now lives with us. He will be 81 on the 21st. We moved him up with us after selling his house in early November. I am cooking more and more often, so that’s an adjustment for me.
    So here we go…

    January 1
    B – toast for hubs & dad
    L – pork chop casserole (it has rice) and fresh collard greens from our garden
    D – snacky foods with friends over for college football. I made wings: honey garlic, lemon pepper and buffalo and a fruit crisp (using a bag of frozen peaches, a jar of home canned pears and the last of a few blueberries in my produce drawer)

    January 2
    B – guys ate at a cafe with the old farts club, I had a graham cracker w/PB
    L – I had some reheated wings, dad had a ham sandwich and hubs ate out w/a friend while in town
    D – hubs and I had leftovers, dad was feeling under the weather and skipped
    S – Chex mix (me) chips (hubs)
    Dessert – the rest of the fruit crisp and dad polished off the sugar cookies.

    We still have leftovers to use up so I may not cook tomorrow either!
    Dad bought a small milk for me when he was in town – hubs wants me to make him some overnight oats.

    Melissa in GA

  6. Karen J says

    And we’re off….
    breakfast- out with husband We always try go out January 1st to discuss our goals for the new year. Some big ones this year as we’re considering renting out our house and going on a big adventure.
    lunch/dinner- brown rice with black beans topped with sour cream, salsa, shredded cheddar, avocado, and crushed tortilla chips (we could eat this every week)

    breakfast-banana muffins, tea
    lunch-ham salad, crackers, apple slices
    dinner-french dips, salad
    snacks-some leftover cracker toffee that I put in the freezer so I wouldn’t eat it.

    Just made a quick trip to the library today. Other than that, I organized the cupboards, cleaned the refrigerator and bagged some things for charity.

  7. Terry calkins says

    Hubby had eggs, sausage and hash browns. I had fried rice
    Hubby had leftover ribs while I was n town. I had a green salad and the leftover stroganoff
    Hubby had spaghetti. I had smoked salmon and the last of the triscits. Then later I made popcorn for both of us.
    Dropped off birthday gifts for my daughter in town. Gave them a big chunk of Canadian bacon that hubby made. She shared a salmon fillet and 3 packages of venison.

  8. Melissa B says

    Thanks everyone for your encouragement

    B everyone slept in but dd she had cereal and milk
    L ham and cheese sandwiches
    D we had my sister and her family over we had beef brisket, potato salad, deviled eggs, fried cabbage, black eyed peas and leftover cowboy dip


    B daughter and I had cereal and milk hubs had coffee
    L daughter had leftover pizza, Apple and a granola bar hubs and I had KFC $5 fill up it was $10.81 oops
    D oldest married daughter sent over half a smoked turkey and homemade mac and cheese

    Snacks dd and I split a large blueberry muffin from freezer

  9. Stephanie M. says

    January 1

    B – scrambled eggs with chives on whole wheat English muffins

    L – BLT’s on whole wheat

    D – Grilled chicken legs, spaghetti with garlic and olive oil and broccoli

    January 2

    B – Hubby had cereal; I had a greek yogurt, 1/2 banana, and V8

    L – Hubby had one piece of zucchini quiche and the last piece of cheeseburger casserole from the freezer that I made and froze several weeks ago and an apple and two pieces of chocolate still lingering around from Christmas. I had cabbage salad and a pasta salad made with the last of the leftover spaghetti, leftover grilled chicken and peas

    D – Salisbury steak, the last of the leftover mashed potatoes, and peas (Salisbury steaks were hamburgers that I made a few months ago and decided to use them as Salisbury steaks – there were five in the freezer bag so I made them all – enough for leftovers tomorrow; between this bag of burgers and the bag containing the cheeseburger casserole slices – that’s already two freezer bags of food gone from the freezer

    • Heather M says

      That must feel good, already losing two bags from the freezer! Looks like you’re eating well in your home. It all sounds delicious.

      • Stephanie M. says

        Thank you Heather!! It does feel good to see things going out one by one and being very diligent about it.

  10. All I can say is WOW! That salad is screaming my name after my holiday diet of cheese. I made it a point to send my guests off with containers of leftovers and load up my fridge with fruit and veggies. Gonna miss the cheese…

  11. Kathy in Denmark says

    Off we go 🙂

    Hope you feel better soon, Jessica!

    Day 1:
    Brunch: Scrambled eggs, homemade rolls, coffee and juice
    Dinner: Oatmeal for tired children. Veggie burgers and oven fries for DH and me after the kids were in bed.
    Snacks: Bananas, crisps from NYE, cookies, kransekage (this is a special cake made from marzipan, almonds, sugar and egg whites. It is traditionally served at midnight with a glass of champagne)

    Dinner used up extra potatoes I had peeled but not used NYE. It also used up 2 homemade burger buns and 2 homemade veggie burgers from the freezer.

    Day 2:
    B: Oats and milk for DH. Homemade rolls and milk for the kids. HM rolls and coffee for me.
    L: Packed lunch for DH. Rye bread with fish or leftover meat from NYE for the rest of us. Cut up veggies on the side.
    D: Pasta with tomato sauce and parmesan cheese.
    S: Oranges, bananas, cookies, kransekage and brownies from NYE.

    We are eating a lot more cake/cookies than usual. The cookies are only made around Christmas time and when they are gone, they are gone and won’t return until next Christmas. I don’t normally keep baked goods around, so the same really goes for the kransekage and the brownie. We are enjoying it, while it lasts 🙂

    • Heather M says

      That kransekage sounds delicious! I understand re all the goodies. We were given so many treats and sweet foods this year, we have an entire pile on the dining table. It’s going to take a while for it all to disappear.

      • Kathy in Denmark says

        We have so many goodies as well, even though I gifted a lot of the cookies to relatives and friends and also served treats to all of our guests! A friend of ours also gifted us with a basket of goodies and my husband received some from his employer, so the goodie stash in the pantry is very full!
        DD2 will turn 3 in February, and I think I will use some of the goodies given to us (a lot of it will keep well) when we celebrate her birthday.

        The HM cookies will need to be eaten up pretty soon, as they don’t keep for as long as store bought cookies. Danish cookies don’t freeze well, so we are eating them up as fast as we can 🙂

        Kransekage is really good but very rich, so a little goes a long way! Luckily I froze some of the dough, or else we wouldn’t have been able to finish it before it went bad.

  12. Mona says

    Sorry to hear you caught the yuck Jessica. It is really hitting every where. Hope you feel better soon.

    Monday 1/1/18
    Breakfast – Cookies & coffee
    Lunch – Turkey sandwiches
    Dinner – Pork roast, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, corn and dinner rolls

    Tuesday 1/2/18
    Breakfast – Nutella toast
    Lunch – Kluski noodle soup
    Dinner – Lemon Herb chicken thighs, oven fried potatoes, green beans

    • Katie says

      I haven’t thought of kulsi noodles in so long, what wonderful memories of kulsi noodle soup and my grandmother you brought back! Did you make the noodles for the soup?

      • Mona says

        No Katie. I buy them. I guess I should try making them. Thanks for the idea.

  13. Danielle L Zecher says

    I hope you’re feeling better.

    1/1: Breakfast: I had cereal. Nick slept in, so skipped.
    Lunch: We ordered pizza, using part of one of our gift cards from Christmas.
    Dinner: Meatloaf, collard greens, cornbread, and black eyed peas (a bag that has been languishing on the shelf for a LONG time).

    1/2: Breakfast: I had a turkey and avocado sandwich on whole wheat, and tea with eggnog in place of cream. I’m pretty sure Nick ate at work.
    Lunch: We both had leftover pizza.
    Dinner: Nick had the last of the leftover pizza. I had leftover meatloaf, etc.

  14. Alice E says

    Hope you don’t get worse, Jessica! From my own experience, may I recommend that you make an extra effort to hydrate. Lots of sipping beverages helped me immensely, but before I caught on, I didn’t and wound up with a really terrible cough that took a long time to kick.

    Jan 1

    B – Baked eggs, whole wheat toast and hot tea
    L – PB sandwich for him at work, leftover mac & cheese for me
    D – Black-eyed pea sandwich, leftover rice from freezer, creamed spinach, avocado, cucumbers and green onions.

    Jan 2

    B – Baked eggs, whole wheat toast and hot tea
    L – PB sandwich for him at work, leftover mac & cheese for me (last of it)
    D – Spaghetti with a creamy mushroom sauce and meatballs, wax beans, avocado, cucumbers and green onions.

    Breakfast is almost always the same, a habit we really like, but I’m going to try to fit in some weekend pancakes to use up some of the whole grains on hand, and some oatmeal to use it up. note to self: do not buy oatmeal at Costco, too much of a good thing!

  15. Sandi says

    B – finished last of pork loin roast, pesto pasta
    L – finished bag of crispy chicken strips
    D – Jessica’s cheddar cheese soup (minus zukes since they had gotten too mushy to be viable and because the 3 lbs of broccoli florets in the fridge desperately need to be used), Alaskan Pollock from freezer

    Weather forecast predicted possibility of snow flurries Tues night and Wed early morning. How exciting! (for us in northern Florida, snow is exciting. My sister in PA was not as thrilled with the snow she got.) We were thrilled to have some still on the ground when we got up. School was supposed to resume today but as they weren’t sure how bad the weather would be, and since nobody here is used to driving in snow/sleet, they opted to cancel it. I’m sure that thrilled a lot of parents!

  16. Terry says

    Hubby and I were both up at 4am, unable to sleep. He has since gone back to bed. I gifted my daughter a huge chunk of Canadian bacon for her family to try. She sent me home with 3 packages of venison and a big steelhead fillet from her freezer. The fillet looked freezer burned so I thawed it overnight. This morning I trimmed everything that looked freezer burned then removed the skin. Out the scraps and skin in the instapot with our leftover popcorn, stale crackers and some rice and cooked the whole mess for the chickens.
    Washed out the dogs dishes…warmed the leftover rice and beef stew from the fridge. Put half n the dogs dish and I had the other half for breakfast.
    Cooked the last of a package of rotini…divided it in half for yesterday’s spaghetti sauce, and half for a pasta salad where I can use up the end of an onion and the last of a jar of relish. Today’s pantry challenge attempt is in full swing. My stop at the store yesterday was for milk, and that’s all I bought

  17. Terry says

    Put all of my dry pasta and dry beans in clear cannisters on my counter along with rice and oatmeal to remind myself to use them….it’s quite a line of soldiers!

  18. Lesley in Alaska says

    It’s funny I had planned to do something along the lines of a pantry challenge (the boyfriend and I are doing a no buy month) so I’m happy to be part of the community. We eat mostly plant based, so most of what I need to use up is non freezer items. I’m really focusing on extremely limited grocery shopping (we get a local CSA delivery every other week that should help provide most of our produce needs), and clear out some packaged foods. We need to focus on more whole foods and this is a good way to get there. Most meals will only be for me, the BF feeds himself (if you can even call it that) breakfast and lunch during the week as we have VERY different weekday schedules.

    Monday-I did the last non-produce grocery shop, picked up some soup, noodles, tofu and little bits and pieces. We had a late start to the new year, so I skipped straight to lunch, which was ramen and the BF was still asleep. I later had a grilled cheese as a snack. For dinner I roasted some beets and carrots, served with barley couscous, spinach and chickpeas. I made extras of the veggies and couscous, along with homemade seitan as my “meal prep” for the week.

    Tuesday-Banana nice cream with granola and berries. Lunch was a vegan salami and veggie sandwich. For dinner I chopped up some of the seitan and made vegan Mongolian beef with steamed broccoli and bell peppers. We were both pretty impressed with how it turned out.

    Pretty happy today is veggie pickup day, it’s my favorite day of the week. Can’t wait to see what we get this time.

  19. Angie says

    B- Egg bake, sausage patties and hash btown patti r s
    L- leftover buffalo dip and pizza
    D-sauerkraut with hot dogs (our fav) over mashed potatoes.

    B- cereal for some, cinnamon rolls for others
    L- l/o bean soup for hubs and me, pasta for the at home kids
    D- pizza subs using old hot dog buns and odds and ends from fridge, fresh veggies and kettle chips.

    • Karen j says

      I’ve never thought to put together sauerkraut, hot dogs and mashed potatoes, but now I really want it! I’m adding it to our meal plan for this week. Do you season it any special way?

      • Angie says

        We like ours tart so I just use onion, garlic and pepper.

        • Karen J says

          Thanks! It’s on the schedule for tomorrow.

  20. Laura C says

    Jan 2-
    Bfast- Cereal/Granola bar for kids. Me- Starbucks (gift card)
    Lunch-Kids pack or buy at school. My husband packs the same thing every day so lunches I report will be for me. I had Chick-fil-a using a free nugget coupon and gift card.
    Dinner- Lasagna Soup and rolls. Used up several things from pantry/fridge for the soup.

    Jan 3-
    Bfast-Cereal/Toast for kids. Me- cranberry orange muffins (from freezer-last of ones I made awhile ago)
    Lunch-Leftover appetizers from NYE, baby carrots
    Dinner- Will be Italian roast in crockpot, salad, mashed potatoes, leftover rolls.

  21. Dawn says

    I had plans to go to some minor shopping today. Then we got 3 inches of snow, and I live way down south. That means people with any sense stay home. The cold temperatures mean we are also without water except for about 4 hours in the middle of the day. I figure if we can eat at home during all of this I will be fine the rest of the month.

    Jan 1 – It was just me so I ate random snacks and a frozen dinner.
    Jan 2 – Breakfast was cereal and pop tarts. Late dinner was ham and potato soup with crackers. Supper was snacks
    Jan 3 – Breakfast was toast with peanut butter. Dinner was chicken sandwiches and chips. Supper will be homemade frozen pizza.

  22. Jessica says

    I love these months!
    I am semi participating, mostly watching… I got really lazy in December and put us on a *eat down the supplies*… So we have much less than normal in the pantry or freezers…
    Yesterday was the last day the kids were home so they had the pleasure of doing a HUGE BJ’s Warehouse and Aldi Run with me. I spent $190.00 between both stores.. but that included some bulk purchases and OTC medications.

    Jan 1-Family over for dinner
    B- bagels and fruit
    Late Lunch- Pork and Sauerkraut, corn, mashed potatoes, bread and noodles( only b/c I had a portion of the bag left on my shelf)
    Dinner/Dessert- I made a Cinnamon Roll cake and my mom brought apple crisp

    12y-son had 3 friends overnight.. they killed all the chips, milk, cookies and last of the cake…

    B-I ate warmed apple crisp with 1/2 & 1/2( no milk), kids ate muffins ( sent by another kids mom) and juice…
    L- Kids spent Wendy’s gift cards( their choice)- I bought a burger meal for myself.
    D- baked potatoes and salad, served the last container of chili from the freezer.

  23. Lynn from NC Outer Banks says

    Feel better soon, Jessica.

    B: toast, boiled egg, coffee (gift)
    L: LO Brunswick stew from freezer
    D: Traditional southern New Year’s Day meal: pulled pork (freezer), black eyed peas, hm cornbread, greens, pomegranate arils (not southern but good:) Typically I’ve used a mix for the cornbread, but this time I used cornmeal from the freezer plus corn from pantry to make from scratch.

    B: Egg casserole made from sausage from freezer, coffee
    L: More LO Brunswick stew from freezer
    D: crock pot salsa chicken, brown rice, 7 layer salad, clementine slices

    B: LO egg casserole, coffee
    L: still eating the LO Brunswick stew from the freezer, LO cornbread
    D: BBQ pork on buns (freezer), slaw, apple slices

  24. Mona says

    Wednesday 1/3

    Breakfast – Oatmeal

    Lunch – Finished off the Noodle soup

    Dinner – Beef stew & biscuits

  25. Laurie in CA says

    Day 1
    Breakfast – protein shakes w/fruit from the freezer
    Lunch – leftover tri-tip from NYE, steamed broccoli, l/o baked sweet potato
    Dinner – bbq Mediterranean chicken skewers fixed on NYE (intended for future meals), roasted cauliflower, carrot sticks

    Day 2
    Breakfast – scrambled eggs for both of us, toast and l/o baked bacon for hubs, I had black beans, salsa and a half avocado
    Lunch – hubs had a tri-tip burrito, I had 6 walnut halves and 2 tangerines
    Dinner – the last of chicken skewers, I had brown ice from the freezer w/ l/o roast cauliflower and avocado (hubs added a bowl of cereal later as he got hungry again)
    Snack- a pear for me, hubs had ice cream

    • Laurie in CA says

      Oops, I had a brain fart (we’re on a mini vacay). Lunch day 2 was bbq hamburgers. We have a house-sitter so we fixed extra for him. I spent $75 at TraderJoe’s for some essentials and food for the house-sitter.

  26. Heather M says

    Hi All! we aren’t really going full-hog on the challenge until sunday, because this first week of the year is all over the place. We arrived home from out of town at 9pm the 1st. My daughter has been home from school and is leaving on the 4th, and wanted to eat at a few restaurants we hadn’t hit yet. And it’s my birthday Saturday and I don’t cook on my birthday. We’ll get a little in, but won’t be consistent until the 7th on. Also, we don’t do a complete no shop challenge- we still buy fresh produce, dairy, and absolute necessities. But I cut spending way back and we mostly use what we have. And I do my best to avoid any waste. Here’s what we’ve eaten so far:

    1/1- Monday:
    B-we all skipped it, were still in NY at my in-laws
    L-we all ate a huge plate of leftovers from my MIL’s feast she prepares for NYE. It’s SO GOOD. It was beyond awesome fueling up for the drive home with that. Never have before, because it’s not every 1st we have to drive home, but school started back on the 2nd.
    D-we were in the car driving to DC area, Hubs and I weren’t too hungry (we ate full plates earlier, kids didn’t), but we did have these awesome sweet cheese roll things from an awesome bakery in NY. MIL sent us with one each. Kids ate some Roy Rogers from a rest-stop.
    S-ate a few goodies from christmas when we got home (we have SO MANY this year-so many food gifts)

    B-son had cereal, turkey sausage, OJ, hubs had cereal, daughter slept all morning, I had a few cookies and some turkey sausage
    L-son took a turkey/cheese on ww, grapes, pistachios/almonds, and a clif bar; hubs took a turkey/pepperoni/provolone on ww, apple, caramel almond popcorn(part of a food gift) w/extra almonds; daughter was out with a friend; I had a frozen pizza and a pear.
    D-we ordered chinese food, as daughter hasn’t had any (except panda express) away at school and was dying for singapore noodles. There are a few leftovers. YAY!

    I also spent about $25 on necessities so my son has his expected/loved breakfasts/lunches. I’m not going to make it too crazy for him – he has a heavy 11th grade load, works out, etc. $10 of it was his favorite clif bar which were on sale. Also, ww bread for sandwiches, milk, OJ, etc.

  27. Cindy says

    This first week of the pantry challenge will be heavy on the leftovers, we hosted both Christmas Eve and Chrstmas for family plus New Years Eve w/friends.

    January 1
    Breakfast – mandarin oranges (2) and coffee for me, cereal, oj & coffee for hubs (his usual)
    Lunch – leftover Christmas ham & fresh pineapple homemade pizza
    Dinner – cheddar bacon potato soup, corn muffins from the freezer and romaine salad

    January 2 – back to work
    Breakfast – tea & English muffin for me, cereal, oj & coffee for hubby
    Lunch – leftover ham & pineapple pizza and mandarin oranges
    Dinner – lemon chicken stir fry w/green pepper, onion and carrots over jasmine rice, leftover NYE apple dumplings and ice cream

  28. Joa in IA says

    Breakfast -. I had a protein shake, hubby had oatmeal. Not sure what boys had they get their own breakfast.

    Lunch – I had another protein shake, so did hubby. Boys had a frozen pizza (last day of vacation).

    Supper-. Lasagna and garlic bread (older loaf of bread). Made an extra one and froze it.

    Used up 2 spaghetti sauces, 2 small tomato sauces, 2 cans of mushrooms, and 2.5 lbs of hamburger.

    Breakfast- Tea & Protein shake for me (I drink one everyday for breakfast), hubby oatmeal. Boys? I leave in the morning before they have breakfast.

    Lunch- me potato soup (just add water and microwave wasn’t great needed to be used up). Hubby protein shake and grapes. Boys had left over lasagna ( we don’t usually have much leftover)

    Supper- Ham, egg and cheese monkey bread casserole. New recipe that used up Ham from Christmas with a can of biscuits , 10 eggs and cheddar cheese. I was told good enough to make again.

    I have 2 high school boys that are football liineman (senior & junior).. They like their protein and we don’t usually have much leftover. People ask me often, how much do I have to cook. Normally 8 to 10 servings is needed plus they eat snacks every 2-3 hours . When the season is over they still weightlift 5 days a week. So I still need to make the same amounts.

    I have been following the pantry challenges for 3 years but decided to post for the first time this year. My family doesn’t realize I have cutting back every January. If they had any idea they would have fits. If I keep their favorites stocked they never know.

    • Heather M says

      Ok wow, feeding those boys. I have a son who is a junior, but he’s not a football player (he works out at the gym, plays rec soccer in season, but not intense). He eats, but not like that! I have 3 brothers and they were crazy eaters as teens. 2 of them surfed for hours and hours each day-ab hour before school(two were competitive surfers) and at least 2 after, and they played sports in-season too (depending on which, baseball, basketball). And super close in age. a typical breakfast for two of them (the surfers) was a SERVING bowl of cereal w/milk, 4 pieces of toast, a banana or orange. They did eat plenty of protein, but at other meals, or even with the yogurt snacks that were merely a bite for them. I don’t know how my mom kept enough food in the house when we were in HS!

      Oh, and also, my family has no clue we do the challenge either. 🙂

      • Joa in IA says

        It’s crazy what teenage boys can eat! So I know I’ll be going to the store once a week to get things but not over doing it either. I plan to shop alone also otherwise I end up with way more than I planned on.

  29. Sarah Gallop says

    Hello everyone! Super excited to be here again! I started on January 2, so here’s what we ate!

    Breakfast: fried sausage and eggs for me. Cereal for hubs.

    Lunch: I packed chicken and gravy, peas and cucumbers and hummus, a granola bar, a fruit bar, 2 large olives and 2 sweet pickles. Only ended up eating the fruit bar and pickles, wasn’t hungry till late in the afternoon, and then didn’t want to spoil dinner.

    Hubs had leftovers from new year: crackers, cheese ball, sausage, pickles, olives, cucumbers and dip.

    Dinner: hard shell tacos with ground pork

    Also leftover Xmas candy…of course!

  30. Terry says

    Breakfast. Hubby had eggs, hash browns and a hamburger steak. I had leftover rice and beef stew. The dog ate the rest
    Lunch was spaghetti and garlic bread. Hubby finished the ribs
    Dinner was pasta salad and a chicken roll up on a leftover burrito.

    I thawed out a package of chicken and broth I will use with all the leftover bread I chopped up to make stuffing.

  31. Stephanie says

    We are definitely doing a pantry/freezer challenge this month – it’s ridiculous how much we have in our cupboards and freezer.

    I don’t even know what all we ate the last few days, but it was all junk. The good news is at least it was junk from the parties we had, and not newly purchased junk!

    I have a plan for the rest of the week so hopefully we will stick with it.

  32. Mona says

    Thursday 1/4

    Breakfast – Oatmeal
    Lunch – Leftover beef stew
    Dinner – Baked salmon, baked potatoes & peas

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