Pantry Challenge 2018: Day 28

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The Pantry Challenge is on! This month we’re focusing on what we have, to use it up and save money.

tacos and rice on a plate

So, it’s official. I’m sick for the second time this month. Not thrilled by that realization. I’ve drank a full quart of sparkling water and two quarts of tea. I’ve taken elderberry tablets. I’ve rested (sorta). Hoping this flees quickly.

That said, I also did some cooking. We are nearing the very end of our protein supply. I’ve got a few beef packages in the freezer yet and a pork loin. There are beans and tuna in the pantry. Should be an interesting three days!

Today I got the slow cooker going pretty early to make Barbacoa Beef. Later I cooked some very old broken black beans in the pressure cooker that remarkably turned out really well. Bryan made Homemade Corn Tortillas and I mixed up some Pico de Gallo while Mexican Rice cooked on the stove. So, basically lunch was really good.

I worked today knowing that if I get worse I won’t be able to meet some deadlines, so it wasn’t the usual chilled out Sunday.

For dinner, we had a Sausage and White Bean Stew that I’ll be sharing soon. It was kind of like an Italian chili. Really yummy.

Coming up tomorrow will be soup an leftovers and Bryan’s birthday dinner. I think we’ll go out, but the Birthday Boy hasn’t decided on that yet. Later in the week we’ve got stuff for Carne Asada and something with ground beef. Usually I do tacos or pasta with ground beef if we don’t have enough for burgers (which we don’t). However, we’ve had lots of Mexican food lately and we’re all out of pasta, so it will be interesting.

Here’s to the final stretch of the Pantry Challenge!

Pantry Challenge 2018: Day 28

Breakfast: Fend-for-yourself (toast, yogurt, granola, eggs, leftovers)

Lunch: Barbacoa Beef, Mexican Rice, black beans, Homemade Corn Tortillas, and Pico de Gallo

Dinner: Sausage and White Bean Stew, rice, vegetables

As always, thanks for sharing the Pantry Challenge with your friends. The more the merrier!

What did YOU cook up?

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  1. Stephanie M. says

    January 28, Day 28

    B – Jessica’s whole wheat pancakes and turkey sausage (2 more pancakes left in the freezer)

    L – Hubby had zucchini quiche from the freezer (one more piece left) and tator tots; I had a sausage sandwich on a whole wheat hot dog bun (no more chicken sausages left)

    D – Filet mignon (leftover from a whole filet that we bought and sliced on sale at Christmas time), baked potatoes, garlic green beans, and stuffed clams

    • Melissa in GA says

      Yummy dinner Stephanie! Are you feeling better?

      • Stephanie M. says

        Thank you Melissa!! I’m feeling better than I did last week, that’s for sure; but I still have a lingering cough. It’s not as bad as it was but it’s not gone altogether yet either. Other than that, I’m back to normal housework, cooking, running errands, etc. Thanks so much for asking. 🙂

        • Pat says

          Glad ti hear you are on the mend!

        • Heather M says

          So glad you’re feeling better. And it shows, with your cooking. What a delightful Sunday dinner. 🙂

  2. Kathy in Denmark says

    So sorry you are sick again, Jessica 🙁 Hope you feel better soon.

    Could you make something like sloppy joes with the beef? Maybe stretch it with some cooked quinoa or something? I have been using quinoa in my bolognaise since you posted the recipe where you used in in chili. It works really well, thanks for the tip 🙂

    Day 28
    Brunch: HM french bread, softboiled eggs, coffee, juice, milk
    L/S: Hummus, carrots, HM pita chips
    D: Leftovers from Christmas 🙂
    S: Cinnamon snails

    I pulled hummus from the freezer and baked cut up tortillas. The kids go mad for the baked tortillas! I also pulled meat and gravy from Christmas from the freezer. Made vegetarian sauce for DH, fried a veggie burger, boiled potatoes and called it good. We still have enough meat and sauce for another dinner, so we will have it later in the week.
    I prepped some veggies and pulled more things from the freezer to hopefully help me with getting dinner on the table trough the week. I feel like I can’t always think straight in the afternoon, so prepping and mealplanning is a good idea!
    By the way, my six year old asked me to buy broccoli! I was surprised, to say the least. We don’t eat it very often, as DH and I are not big fans and I feel like we eat a lot of veggies as it is. I’m not sure she will actually like it, but if my kids want something as healthy as broccoli, I am buying it 😀

    • Melissa in GA says

      My kids loved broccoli from a very young age, raw or cooked. My son took to calling it “trees” when he was 3 years old. He’s 27 now! Lol

      • Laurie in CA says

        We’ve always referred to broccoli as little trees with our now adult children and grandchildren. All four of my grandchildren love “little trees”, lol.

    • Stephanie P says

      Your six year old wanting broccoli is a HUGE win! Unless my son coats it in ranch dressing – he hates it.

      • Kathy in Denmark says

        I think it’s one of those things that takes a lot of getting used to, if you don’t like it from the start. I keep trying it, but am still not a fan. I do eat it without complaint 😉

        My daughter had eaten all of the broccoli I had packed in her lunch and asked for more on the way home from school 😀
        I guess it will be a new staple veggie and if I just keep trying, I might even end up liking it myself 🙂

    • I could do sloppy joes except my people don’t like them. 🙁

      Yay to the broccoli request!

  3. Julie says

    Hope you feel better quickly!

    Subday was fend for yourself pretty much all day. I’ve decided that it was the official end of the challenge at our house. I start a new job Tomorrow so I’m going to do a big grocery shop this morning and try to get a couple of things in the freezer.

    • Melissa in GA says

      Congrats on the new job!

      • Julie says

        Thanks! I’ve been a SAHM for 10 years now-I’m nervous but excited

        • Heather M says

          Oh wow, good luck! Exciting times for you.

        • Laura C says


        • Kathy in Denmark says

          Good luck!

          Is the job in a field you worked in before or is it something completely different? I am a SAHM now, but would like to find something part time when my youngest start kindergarten.

          • Julie says

            Yes and no. I’ll be working the front desk at a 55+ community clubhouse. I’ve worked in customer service before, but over the phone, not in person lol

    • Good luck!

      • Kathy in Denmark says

        I’m sure you will do great!

  4. Tasty says

    Sunday January 28th

    B – fruit and yogurt for both of us. I had a cranberry muffin, hubby had an English muffin.

    L – i heated some appetiser-sized tourtiere for us, i added a pear and hubby had an orange

    S – cobb/chef’s salads

  5. Mona says

    Sunday 1/28

    Breakfast – Pancakes and sausage

    Lunch – Sloppy joes, I was making meatballs for later this week and got an urge for sloppy joes

    Dinner – Jessica’s chicken, mushroom & rice bake……It was so easy and so delicious, Highly recommend it!

  6. C arol says

    You could do beef stroganoff with ground beef.

  7. Karen says

    Life was overly busy this weekend so we ate out a bit. I’ll be extending my challenge a week or two because, while the small freezer in the garage fridge is in good shape, the other two are still pretty packed and I haven’t even made a dent in the pantry (serious over-buyer of groceries here…).

    B: toast for my daughter, yogurt and granola for me, peaches and cottage cheese for hubby.
    L: usual frozen entree for hubby, daughter and I had leftover ham and bean soup
    D: I was really late getting home (I took a wrong turn leaving a meeting and ended up going an hour out of my way. I didn’t fight it, just decided the universe had other plans for me that evening), so I picked up Panda Express.

    B: my daughter made herself microwave eggs, I had yogurt and granola. I don’t know what/if hubby ate.
    L: Cheese and crackers
    D: Picked up sandwiches at the local sub shop (we had 40 minutes to eat and leave the house between activities)

    B: my daughter and I had spent the night at the zoo and breakfast was included. Hubby made himself hash browns and eggs.
    L: leftover sandwiches (I always buy larges and make them last two meals)
    D: hubby wasn’t hungry so he ate cheese and crackers. I made french toast and bacon for my daughter and me.

  8. Alice E says

    So sorry you aren’t feeling well. Good luck with the hamburger. Depending on what you have maybe a veggie soup with meat, or something with rice? I used to do something I called Italian rice which was basically spaghetti with rice instead of pasta, I suppose. I cooked the meat, added the rice and stirred for a few minutes then added water or broth and cooked the rice and stirred in spaghetti sauce. Sort of like a meaty Spanish rice but with Italian seasonings and a bit more sauce. You could also just cook rice and serve it with a creamy sauce containing the meat. I’m sure you’ll think of something as creative as you are.

    Sunday was a take it easy day, here, but I did fix coleslaw and some fluff pudding which used up a bag of slaw mix, some yogurt, jello and whipped topping.

    Brunch – scrambled eggs and tea hubby had a donut as well
    Supper – Leftover pasta and peas with some coleslaw and fluff pudding.
    Late night snack for me was a quickie soup made by heating broth and adding a leftover baked potato that I smashed with my potato masher. It’s something my mom used to do with milk, but we ran out over the weekend so I used broth.

    • Thanks for the suggestions. I’m leaning toward some kind of pie. I have puff pastry in the freezer, so we’ll see. If I had a few potatoes, that would help, but will try without it.

      We’ve already had lots of beans and rice this week and soup is on the menu today. We will plow through.

      • Sarah says

        What about curried Sausage Rolls? I make those with beef, seasonings and puff pastry. Dip them in mustard…it’s tasty

        • Ooh. I hadn’t thought of that with ground beef. Most of the recipes I’ve seen call for pork, but that could be really fun! Thanks!

          • Karen J says

            Great idea to make sausage rolls. Plus you already have the puff pastry! We love sausage rolls here!

      • Brooke says

        Also there is an old Polish recipe my old neighbor used to make when I was a child. It was basically a bun stuffed with ground beef and sautéed cabbage and a little cheese. They were delicious. Beirocks or something- my memory can’t recall. But I do know they tasted amazing. I think Cook’s illustrated had a version I remember from an issue long ago. Really good though and they freeze well.

        • Alice E says

          Yes, Beirocks are yummy, I think Runza is basically the same. They never had cheese in the versions I had, but they did have onions in the mix. They do need quite a bit of the cabbage and onions.

        • I looked those up. They sound delicious! Definitely something to try soon!

  9. Melissa in GA says

    Sorry you are sick again, it might be a second round of the original, your body not quite kicking it the first time.
    We have been sticking to our elderberry syrup protocol – a daily tablespoon. So far so good, although my allergies were a little flared up due to burning in the area – it’s that time of year to burn fields.
    It rained all day and night here yesterday so we stayed home, plus we were both tired from our travels.

    January 28th
    B – smoked sausage, fried eggs and toast for the guys, I had sausage and some fruit
    L – grilled ham and cheese sandwiches for hubs & me, dad had a cheese/nut/dried fruit snack (Sargento maybe)
    D – venison stew and garlic toast
    Dessert – gelato
    S – made strawberry bread

    Used all the last bits of frozen bread in the fridge freezer, finished off a jar of peaches, ham gone along with the gelato.

    My first time to cook venison. Hubs got a small deer this season. It turned out really well. It used up my carrots, a package of mushrooms and a can of diced new potatoes. I didn’t have any fresh potatoes and I only had 3 small carrots but the mushrooms added nice flavor. Thankfully I still had onion, celery and garlic.

    • Yeah, it’s a weird bug. Some of the kids haven’t got it, others are on their second version of something.

  10. Sandy says

    So sorry you’re not feeling well again. This year has been so bad with illnesses. With your ground beef you could do meatballs or sloppy Joe. Depending on how much ground beef you have, we do skillet salisbury steak with a mushroom soup gravy that I make homemade. It would be good eaten over rice. These are all popular here. Sunday was an easy day in the kitchen for me because I prepped most of it on Saturday. We did some shopping at Aldi while running errands at Menards. Wasn’t planning on going until February, but we don’t live close to town and we had to get some things at Menards for the farm. We will host a party next Saturday for friends so I had to get things to make snacks and appetizers. Assessed the cabinets before going and created a menu to use a lot of what I have. With that trip I went over my $100 I was hoping for, but came in at $116 so I don’t think that’s bad with the extras needed for the party. Will be continuing for sometime to continue emptying cabinets.
    B- Bananas and almonds quick before church
    L-Chicken salad on croissants (Had bought the croissant dough some time ago at an Amish store and let them rise and bake on Saturday. Nice to have them out of the freezer!), apple slices, carrots and dip and cookies.
    D-Leftover chicken and noodles and green beans with birthday cake that our daughter sent us home with from grandson’s party.

    • I might be able to slip Salisbury steaks past the people. Thanks for the suggestion! It might be enough ground beef for meatloaf, too. I can’t remember the size of the package.

  11. Laurie in CA says

    B – hubs had a protein shake, I had avocado, bacon and fried egg on toasted sprouted wheat bread
    L – hubs had l/o pizza, I had the last bit of broccoli beef
    D – I made a big pot of Senate Bean Soup and cornbread (the cornbread was edible but not very good)

    I need to buy some corn tortillas today. I’m making a chicken enchilada casserole and mexican rice to take to my daughter tomorrow. She has a cold but is really busy at work and doesn’t want to take time off (1st grade teacher). I’m also going to fry up a couple pounds of hamburger meat for tacos and burritos and take some meatballs I made and froze. I tell you I could feed a small nation from my pantry and freezers!

    • Alice E says

      Bless you for helping your daughter! Isn’t it nice to have enough to be able to help when needed or just cope without shopping if the weather turns bad.

  12. Janet says

    Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Our household has been lucky so far this year. I am keeping my fingers crossed. We have had numerous notes from school warning of cases of whopping cough and we have a high rate of flu in our area.

    Based on past experience, I had deliberately kept a few goodies in the freezer until the end of the month—namely a pound of bacon and a large pork tenderloin. I plan to use the LO pork for fried rice and pork carnitas.

    Day 28
    Brunch: Eggs, bacon, and pancakes
    D: Pork tenderloin, baked potatoes, steamed broccoli

  13. Terry calkins says

    Trying hard to use every scrap of food without eating boring leftovers. Yesterday’s chicken dinner was good although I won’t cook stuffing in the instapot again. The dog and chickens didn’t mind eating the leftovers. I also poured a little more beef stew over the dogs food and watched her smile at me. We ate all of the glazed butternut squash but have lots of sliced chicken left. I thawed out corn tortillas to make chicken enchilada casserole this week.
    This morning I mixed up a batch of Jessica’s banana pancakes using frozen bananas and homemade yogurt instead of the milk. Hubby said they are delicious. I said good as we have enough batter for tomorrow even though I made just half a batch. I borrowed Jessica’s 30 minute meal book from the library. I like to borrow cookbooks before I buy them. This one is going on my list! Thanks Jessica! I served the pancakes with a pat of butter and an over way egg on top. No syrup needed

  14. Laurie says

    B- Oatmeal for husband and toast for me
    S- an apple for husband
    L- the usual for the husband. He informed me it was the last jar from the freezer so guess I’ll be emptying both the freezer and refrigerator of the chicken carcasses, vegetable scraps and various leftover pieces of chicken to make chicken soup. It’s a 2 day project but it’s worth it since he always likes it.
    D- I had a huge cauliflower in the produce drawer and a few mushrooms and found a recipe for roasted cauliflower and mushroom carbonara. Right up my alley! I only used half of the cauliflower so you can imagine how big it was! The carbonara turned out very good! I grabbed a hogie roll from the freezer and made garlic bread with it.
    I would probably would have roasted the cauliflower and served it as a side but am really glad I tried to do something different. It was a success.

    • Heather M says

      Isn’t it fun when something new works out so well? yay!

      • Laurie says

        Yes! It’s great when something new works out well. I knew I’d like it but wasn’t sure about the hubs. He’s not picky but balks sometimes when it’s not presented in the usual form…i.e.the cauliflower!

  15. Roberta says

    It’s never good when Mom is sick. :{ Hope you feel better soon!

    Sun. 1/28/18

    B: Cereal, toast, OJ, coffee.

    L: Out at a favorite mom & pop Mexican food place.

    D: Son had burritos made from LO rice, beans, and tortillas and all but two slices of an apple. I had the two remaining slices of apple and the two bites of rice & beans that wouldn’t fit in Son’s burritos (I was still pretty full from lunch). Hubs had a piece of PB toast (the man could live on the stuff), an apple, and some carrot sticks w/ ranch.

    S/D: We finished up the pudding.

    I was going to bake gingerbread this morning, but as I was looking for the golden raisins I know I have stashed in the freezer, I came across another bag of blueberry muffins. (I also came across two bags of HM chicken stock–yay!) I decided to forego on the gingerbread for now. I seriously need to open up some freezer space so I can take advantage of the fish sales during Lent. As it is, I’m going to miss a great stock-up sale on frozen veggies (49 cents/16 oz. bag) because there’s just no room. I’m hoping there will be more frozen veg sales in March.

    • Where do you usually find the fish sales? I know you’re not that far from me, but I haven’t really seen them in abundance these last few years.

      • Roberta says

        I’ve found wild caught Pacific salmon fillets (frozen) at Smart & Final. Are there any Smart & Finals near you?

        One caveat: I am by no means a fish expert. I grew up in Phoenix, and the only fish we ever ate was canned tuna or fish sticks. Then I married a bona fide “fish hater.” Then there was the whole mercury thing…

        However, in our effort to improve our diets following my diagnosis a few years ago, I read that salmon might provide some benefits so I’ve been trying to add some to the menu when it fits the budget. Hubs has decided that he actually likes it, and son does too. Son also likes tuna (well, tunafish sandwiches and Hubs will eat them too), but I’m hesitant to buy much–plus lots of the affordable brands have soy in them. Boo.

        I’d like to try some white fish (cod maybe?), but I’m not sure. Sam’s has some frozen cod and some frozen trout advertised in the February flyer. Any thoughts?

        • Costco and TJs both have soy-free tuna. Kirkland is the main one that I buy. My husband prefers meatier white fish, so we tend to get MahiMahi or Ono from Costco. Not sure the sale price, but it’s better than the price of salmon, which is what I prefer. I will check Smart & Final. I usually only go there for freezer cooking pans. Thanks!

          • Roberta says

            Thanks for the info.

            Let me know what you think of Smart & Final in terms of value. I’m really a novice when it comes to seafood, but it has seemed to work for our family. However, as you say, “your mileage may vary.”

  16. Pat says

    So sorry to hear you are on round 2 of illness. Being sick stinks!
    Jan 28
    Breakfast–We had the egg bake I made the other day with cuties. He had a bagel and I had toast.
    Lunch–My husband had the chicken veggie soup. I skipped.
    Dinner–L/o chicken from the freezer. He had a baked sweet potato. I had freezer mashed potatoes. We also had peas.
    Because the oven was on I also cooked a piece of salmon and a piece of Mahi Mahi for my husband to have this week.
    Have a great day everyone!

  17. Karen J says

    Hope you are feeling better soon-and your family too! My husband FINALLY got his flu shot last week after me bugging him forever. He had a doctor’s appoint to schedule his wrist surgery and the doctor did it then. Sounds like doc didn’t give him much choice. Yeah!

    Today’s basically my last day for PC. I’ll continue on into February with my newfound pledge to not overstock. Tomorrow we are leaving for three days to go snow shoeing in Leavenworth (maybe some of you are familiar with this cute Bavarian themed town in WA) Hoping for good roads going over the pass, then lots of snow there!

    Meals for Sunday 1/28
    Breakfast-out with son’s family
    Lunch-last of the Eggos with nutella
    Dinner-beef stew, biscuits

    I saved a steak and some shrimp for our grand finale meal!

  18. Joa in IA says


    B- Chocolate protein shake and tea for me. I’m not sure what the other 3 ate.

    L-. Chicken noodle soup for me, The 3 of them ate some leftover beef brisket form a few weeks ago I put in the freezer.

    Snacks- Check mix from this huge bag. Finally gone.

    Supper-Smoked pork ribs (from our Saturday Sam’s trip) and fried potatoes in the cast iron pan. Hubby cooked everything, which was fine with me.

  19. Joa in IA says

    I almost forgot…I made a double batch of Jessica’s pizza sauce on Sunday. I have some room now for the 7 containers in my smaller chest freezer. The big chest freezer is another story. I will need to continue on into February with Pantry Challenge.

  20. Heather M says

    Day 28, and it was a good one. Good church meetings in the morning and a busy afternoon cleaning, setting the table, cooking, etc. We had people over for dinner at 5pm. Every quarter our congregation puts together people to eat a meal together (you sign up, and it gets organized, a way to get to know acquaintances better, foster new friendships, etc). We hosted this time, and it was a really fun evening. Two couples, both expecting their first children, came (one 20something couple, one older). And we sat at the table for 2 1/2 hours. Because we didn’t really know their food preferences, though knew there weren’t any allergies, I didn’t want to make anything too crazy. And pasta or mexican always seems to be the go-to’s for these dinners (easy for a crowd? liked by everyone?). I wanted to go a different direction. So I decided on Jessica’s Cashew Chicken. I already had a bag of cashews plus all the sauce ingredients, so I only needed to buy the chicken tenders, snow peas, and green onions. I basically 2 1/2-ed the recipe. Two pans full- and a good thing, because it was gobbled. Some leftovers, but people went back for seconds. I also steamed rice, and made a Thai veggie salad with ingredients I had in the fridge(cucumber, yellow bell pepper, carrot, red onion-it was so colorful!), only had to buy fresh mint. I didn’t expect that to go, but there was hardly any left! One of the couples brought a gorgeous homemade apple pie and ice cream– the pie was perfection. and the other brought sparkling cider- 7 of us finished off all 4 bottles! It really was a fun evening. And my house is clean. So, a win all around!

    Sunday, 1/28:

    B: son and hubs skipped, as we ran out the door early; i had a slice of whole wheat pear bread
    L: hubs skipped (he got to cleaning floors, etc, then decided to nap); son had a bean/cheese/chicken/pepperoni quesadilla; I had turkey/cheese on whole wheat.
    D: Jessica’s Cashew Chicken, rice, Thai veggie salad, homemade apple pie & ice cream

    • Laura C says

      Sounds like a great dinner!

    • Brooke says

      Sounds so good! I Need to try this cashew chicken- I also have a giant Costco sized container of them in my pantry. Thank you for the inspiration!

    • Lynn from NC Outer Banks says

      My former church did this too, although just once a year I think. It really was a nice way to get to know people better and we always enjoyed it. It was a great inter-generational evening. The Cashew Chicken sounds tasty. I’ll have to check that out.

    • Yay! I’m so glad everyone enjoyed it!

  21. Heather M says

    Also, Jessica, I can’t believe you’re sick again. So sorry. Sending you quick healing vibes across the country!

  22. Tasty says

    How about a taco salad?(if you have the salad stuff!). Or make meatballs, including some cooked rice, and serve on ho e made buns with some of you red sauce? Salad or raw veggies could round that out!

  23. Felicia says

    Monday – JAN 29

    Breakfast – oatmeal with cranberries and walnuts

    Lunch – almonds, decaf coffee.

    Dinner – soft cheese tacos, brussel sprouts, refried beans and 5-bean salad. Choc cake for dessert.

    I made a small, tube choc cake for dessert today. It’s 7″ wide and about 2″ tall.

    I emptied the freezer of a bag of Brussel sprouts. I used up the remaining dry lima beans in a bean casserole. I also used 1/2 bag of pinto beans with some ham scraps to cook in the crock pot today.

    I added 4 servings of ham slices, ham bone and ham scraps for beans into the freezer tho.

    It’s been a fun day in the kitchen!

  24. Lynn from NC Outer Banks says

    B: toast, boiled egg, coffee
    L: open faced HM turkey salad on whole wheat bread
    D: We had small amount of LO baby back ribs combined with, LO sweet potatoes, LO chili, deviled eggs and raw carrots.

    Went to the grocery store to pick up some free items including 3 yogurts and cream cheese. DH insisted on accompanying me. Bad news ;( He requested a few items for upcoming Super Bowl. In order to preserve my Feb budget, decided to purchase the snacks that were on sale now and bread at a very good price instead of buying them full price after Tues. Originally, I wanted to be sure not to exceed $100 this month. As the month went on, I was at $48 dollars and thought I could stay below $50. After the purchase of 2 loaves of on-sale bread needed to get us to the next sale ($4), and DH’s snacks (tortilla chipsx2, crackers) for a total of $9.71, I’m at $57.87. I’m pretty tickled with that.

  25. Terry calkins says

    A quiet day at home. Very foggy this morning. Hubby slept late. I was up at the crack of dark. Decided to make myself noodles in broth for breakfast. Hubby had Jessica’s banana pancakes with an egg
    Lunch was mid afternoon. BBQ baby back ribs cooked in the instant pot then sauced and browned under the broiler. Green salad, green peas and rice. Most of the rice and peas will be used in fried rice this week or poor man’s burrito bowls.
    Dinner time was easy. Hubby had a bowl of soup. I made vanilla pudding and served it over pound cake and a sliced banana
    There are lots of bowls of leftovers now so Tuesday will be more warming than cooking. Two more days of avoiding the grocery store till the new month. Come on February pantry challenge

  26. Brooke says

    Hi Jessica. I am so sorry you are sick again. Healthy, healing thoughts and prayers. Hi everyone! I have again gotten sucked into the Mom/ work/ Farm vortex and missed a few days. We are chugging along though. Ill be continuing into February. I will be going to aldi this afternoon to re stock on fresh fruit and veggies. It’s amazing to me how fast things go when they are just washed and cut and set out on the counter. Lol. Kids polished off 6 pounds of grapes in 2 days. They are so good and still on sale at aldi. Let’s see what I can remember.
    Friday I made a bunch of homemade pizzas for dinner. Hubby wanted leftovers (he’s in the PC state of mind) but I promised the kids pizza. They all made their own (except for the baby of course lol). It was good. And cheap. Used some homemade pizza sauce from the freezer.
    B: we had the leftover egg bagel sandwiches from the week. That finished them off.
    L: various leftovers: veggies/ fruit
    D: I had a giant salad similar to the one last week with the roasted corn/ beans, etc. kids had leftover stuffed zucchini, husband had stuffed zucchini and a huge salad

    B: steel cut oats and berries, toasted pecans
    L: whole wheat skillet Mac and cheese. Used up an older can of evaporated milk, some odds and ends of cheese. Definitely low on cheese now.
    D: sneaky turkey bbq meatballs. I use chopped mushrooms, spinach, carrots, and shredded zucchini in them. Homemade bbq sauce also from the freezer. Had mashed sweet potatoes with, also broccoli and steamed carrots. I made a chocolate cake for dinner. An old family that uses mayo instead of butter or oil. There’s about 3 pieces left. Lol. It’s so good.

    Today I am making panko crusted salmon with roasted red potatoes and most likely green beans.

    Thank you everyone for all the ideas!

  27. Alice E says


    B – Oats, eggs and hot tea ( we are so predictable on weekdays)
    L – he took pb sandwich, I had hamburger and sautéed green beans – regular Monday out with fellow volunteer
    D – Fried Chicken, special sale at grocery, l/o slaw, fluff pudding

    Hubby brought home the chicken from work, I had late appointment for checkup at doctor’s office and wouldn’t be there when he got home and was ready to eat. It was a fun treat for him and reward for being patient with all the leftovers this last month.

    Hope you are better soon Jessica, I know this flu does seem to come back on some folks. Take care of yourself.

  28. Terry calkins says

    Jessica. I had leftover banana pancake batter from breakfast yesterday. Got out my cast iron skillet this morning to cook the pancakes in. Served with two peeled and chopped apples 1/4 cup brown sugar and 2 tablespoons of butter and 1/4 cup of water microwaved for 6 minutes….hubby and I scarfed them down. Best pancake recipe ever! And I’m a girl who always has peeled bananas in the freezer.

  29. Terry calkins says

    A whole day of using up leftovers. A sink full of empty containers. Full belly, well fed chickens and a dog into her full meal comatose nap. Priceless

  30. Felicia says

    Tuesday – JAN 30

    Slept late this morning as I was awake 1/ 2 the night. Went directly to lunch!

    Lunch – oatmeal with cranberries and walnuts.

    Dinner – Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo with cucumber salad.

    I used leftover shredded chicken, leftover broccoli from Sunday dinner and previous made/frozen penne pasta for our dinner tonight.

    I also went out of my comfort zone today and made English Muffins from scratch for the 1st time! I would make them a little thicker next time but I’m excited about the possibilities! These were plain, AP flour English Muffins and I want to make Englsh Muffin egg Mc-Nuthin’ sandwiches with them. This batch made 10 muffins.

    I want to try adding cinnamon and raisins the next time. If I get really brave, I want to try using whole wheat flour.

    I’ve not baked much with whole wheat flour so I’m not sure how to use it.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated!

    Here is the recipe that I used for the English Muffins…My 1st attempt at making English Muffins.

    First attempt at activating the yeast was an epic fail, even using the thermometer. Second attempt was successful!

    The recipe called for rolling the dough to 1/2″ but I find that 1/2″ is too thin for English Muffins. They proofed beautifully tho and next time I will make them a little thicker.

    Guess what we’ll be having for breakfast in the morning!??

    • English muffins have been on my list for a long time. Did you buy rings?

      • Felicia says


        I used Mason Jar rings but next time, I’m going to use a tuna fish can. It was recommended to use a 3″ cookie cutter which I didn’t have.

        I felt the Mason Jar ring wasn’t deep enough and my English Muffins were too thin. I personally like them a little higher. They proofed nicely on both occasions so I don’t think it was an issue with proofing. Give ’em a try tho – I think you’ll like the results!

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