Pantry Challenge 2018: Day 20

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The Pantry Challenge is on! This month we’re focusing on what we have, to use it up and save money.

pulled pork with coleslaw

Saturdays are my office days. I am basically chained to my computer from dawn ’til past dusk so that I can get some work done, hopefully uninterrupted.

However, such is the life of a food blogger: I was going to make some recipes that need updated pictures on their posts. So, I combined work with real life and left my cave to make AND photograph our dinner. Ha!

I know you guys might not care about the pics, but we’re old friends. Appearances matter.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure that BBQ Pork Sandwiches are really all that photogenic. Just saying.

In other news, my sourdough starter is looking a little better. Last night it was a weird brown clump. Tonight it’s bubbling and appears to be doing its thing. We shall see.

As you might now already, we are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

This weekend, I listed my Protein-Style Meal Plan on Amazon Kindle. If you’re in the US, Canada, or Australia, you can purchase the printable pdf straight from my estore.

However, due to EU VAT restrictions, I haven’t been able to sell directly to readers across the pond. Now, you can get at least one meal plan via Kindle. If this one does well, we’ll convert more of the Month of Meals Plans to that format.

Find A Month of Meals: Protein Style on Amazon here.

PSA over. Now to what we ate today!

Pantry Challenge 2018: Day 20

Breakfast: Oats from the freezer, Chicken Sausages

Lunch: Chicken Pot Pie from the freezer

Dinner: BBQ Pork Sandwiches on Pumpkin Onion Rolls, Cole slaw

As always, thanks for sharing the Pantry Challenge with your friends. The more the merrier!

What did YOU cook up?

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  1. Melissa in GA says

    You’re doing so great with your stuff on Amazon- congrats on that. I’ve followed you for many years and I’m happy for your success.

    It’s seems we are climbing out of the ice age funk and having better southern weather! Yay!

    B – sausage and cheese scramble and the last of a jar of my home canned pears for hubs, dad ate with the old farts and I had fruit. The last of the sausage in the fridge.

    L – hubs had the rest of the LO quiche and apple wedges, dad had a sandwich and apple wedges and I had a salad

    D – hamburgers and HM macaroni and cheese ( small batch, no leftovers)

    Dessert – chocolate
    Snacks – cookies, Chex mix and oranges (dad bought 2 bags of minneola tangelos – so good)

    Humming along here.

  2. Julie says

    My big kids had their Pinewood derby today at two different locations…it was nice to be out of the house after being snowbound most of the week.

    Breakfast: eggs, biscuits, sausage
    Lunch: Pinewood Potluck (I brought brownies)
    Dinner: cereal #winning

    I must go to the store tomorrow. We got a few staples at Sams yesterday but forgot butter and eggs, and now we are out ?

  3. Alice E says

    a quiet Saturday here.

    Late breakfast after sleeping in. He had cold cereal with half & half which used it up since without the oven it didn’t get used in baked eggs. I had some leftover mac & cheese from the freezer.

    For supper I fixed a sausage and potato soup which used up another partial bag of onions, some hash brown potatoes from the pantry and some little sausages from the frig that needed to be used. For dessert I cooked some apples in the microwave using up the last two gala apples and starting on the newer red delicious I bought on sale at 49 cents a pound.

    I’ve got a beef roast thawing which will probably go in the crockpot Monday. It should be thawed by then and the leftovers used up tomorrow.

  4. janet says

    Day 20
    B: Sliced chicken, apple slices
    L: Chicken noodle soup, assorted fruit
    D: Rigatoni w/ meat sauce, apple slices

    I did some baking today. I made 2 batches of cookies, a batch of granola bars and baked off an apple pie I had in the freezer left over from Christmas.

  5. Harriet says

    We have to and must make a significant grocery run
    No fresh fruits or vegetables, no milk, nothing for school lunches, etc.
    We ate out last night, first time since Christmas. Had enough left overs for all our lunches today, but I hate paying to eat out. We see significant space now in the fridge and pantry. Both bins in fridge are empty, so we are doing well.
    Tonight we had chicken stir fry using onions, chicken and vegetables from freezer. It’s been a successful 20 days so far.

  6. Heather M says

    Hi All! Finally gorgeous weather in the DC area, of course on the first day of the dreaded shutdown. This town. It’s almost like mother nature is rewarding this questionable behavior(from all sides). I don’t get it, but I’ll take it. It hit 60 and was sunny. We ran errands requiring lots of time outside and it was glorious. And a good Challenge day, too.

    Saturday 1/20, where we fended for ourselves until dinner:
    B: oatmeal and pear for me; cereal for son; nothing for husband
    L: asian chopped salad and bacon for husband; chex mix for son; boursin cheese and crackers for me
    D: great Challenge meal: I pulled together a mexican pasta salad with what was on hand, which turned out to be a lot of things: black beans/corn/olives/pasta from pantry, cooked grilled chicken from freezer, green onions/bell pepper from fridge, and mixed a quick sauce of salsa, sour cream and a little cumin. Yum!

    We have a nice pile of leftovers in the fridge so I think Sunday will be a leftovers/fend for yourself kind of day. Doing that keeps us from wasting. 🙂

  7. Laurie in CA says

    B – scrambled eggs, ww toast and berry scones from a Trader Joe’s mix
    L – I had l/o fiesta chicken soup and hubs had a protein shake
    D – we had our granddaughters (3&6) all afternoon so I didn’t feel like cooking. Hubs made a Panda run.

  8. Mona says

    Saturday 1/20

    Breakfast – Homemade egg, bacon & cheese muffins

    Lunch – Finished off the leftovers from Fridays dinner

    Dinner 0 Ham, sweet potatoes and green beans

  9. Stephanie M. says

    January 20, Day 20

    B – Hubby had the leftover pepperoni and cheese omelet from yesterday, a banana, and a whole wheat English muffin; I had a whole wheat bagel with light cream cheese and peanuts

    L – Hubby had a ham and cheese sandwich using up two slices of the Hickory honey ham I purchased a few weeks back, sliced and froze in two slice packages, and some cookies; I had a chicken burger and an apple

    D – Chicken parmesan, mini penne, green beans and salad

    Today was a huge effort for me to eat; Hubby had a terrible cold last week like so many others and today, I decided to join the “party.” I felt miserable all day, sleeping on and off; stayed in my pajamas. But I took Theraflu and cold eze every four hours and by the time I woke up, this morning, Sunday, I felt a lot better; not 100% but much better than yesterday. For anyone who has never tried Cold Eze, it really does work; lessens the severity of the cold and the duration.

    • Heather M says

      Ugh so sorry you’re not feeling well. It does sound like it isn’t the flu, though, which is a bright side. Keep on taking it easy.

    • Mona says

      Glad you are feeling better today Stephanie. What ever is going around here is lasting 2 1/2 to 3 weeks and is really knocking everyone down and that is with their prescriptions. So far, there are only 2 of us in our whole family that have not got it and they are saying that the worst is over.

    • Stephanie P says

      Sorry about the crud. It is EVERYWHERE and just awful this year. We have been lucky that though we have had a lot of sickness it’s been pretty mild compared to what it could have been. I hope you are all better soon.

  10. Sandi says

    B – I had a handful of peanuts, he had an organic toaster pastry thing we were given. I’ve never been a fan of those (Annie’s is better than PopTarts but still seem like cardboard to me).
    L – chicken soup for me, pizza for him (reverse of yesterday, LOL)
    D – Chicken teriyaki (freezer), broccoli and cauliflower (freezer), l/o yellow rice

    B – granola for me, no idea what he did
    L – skipped
    D – crock pot pork roast (I shredded the remainder), mashed potato, green beans

    It was only about a 4lb roast but it made so much meat! We had a hearty meal since we had skipped lunch and were very hungry, yet I still have two big containers of the shredded leftovers. One will definitely go into the freezer. It was part of a whole loin, so I sliced some into chops that are marinating in the fridge and diced up the rest and froze two different packages with different seasonings so I have a quick skillet meal option for some night we want something fast.

  11. Lynn from NC Outer Banks says

    Oops, I posted under the wrong day.


    B: grits, coffee
    L: tossed salad
    D: turkey (freezer), dressing (made from HM cornbread and old bread from freezer), mashed potatoes and gravy, LO broccoli salad, mango slices
    S: snow cream! from the 6 inches that still remain after a day of 50 degree temps. Okay, so do any of you who frequently get snow ever fix snow cream, or is that more of a southern thing? Since I’m in a less developed area, without smog and with good air quality, I hopefully didn’t ingest any contaminants ? I didn’t have any condensed milk that is typically used here (and since it’s the PC, I wasn’t going to go buy any!), so I subbed my French vanilla coffee creamer. Good!

    • Mona says

      Lynn, my grandbabies love when it snows so they can have their “winter snow cones”. Needless to say they have had a lot of them this year. They even make one for the puppy…..who of course laps it up with a smile on his face. Grandma and Pap have been known to sneak one here and there too. lol

      • Lynn from NC Outer Banks says

        Mona, we could have had a LOT of snow cones here as well with our 2 prolonged snow storms. I even put my snow cream leftovers where? In the freezer-for later! LOL Still have 3-4 inches in our side yard, despite two days of 40-50 degree weather. We went to the beach today and there is even still a bit of snow on the sand dunes! Absolutely wild.

    • Laura in NH says

      I’m in NH and I remember eating snow with maple syrup drizzled on top as a kid. Yum!

      • Lynn from NC Outer Banks says

        Maple syrup-now that sounds delicious!

    • Julies says

      We make snow ice cream with fresh snow, milk, sugar and homemade vanilla extract .

      • Lynn from NC Outer Banks says

        Julies, your recipe is actually how my family has always made it. Others where I live now use sweetened condensed milk. Sometime I want to give that a try. Since I’m out of milk (only have powdered and evaporated in pantry), the creamer was kind of like the milk, sugar and vanilla version, just all in one. I make my own vanilla too, but the beans have skyrocketed in price so I’ll not be making anymore until-hopefully-the prices come back down.

        • Julies says

          Oh yes, prices are so high now! I was fortunate to make a gallon a couple of years ago before the huge increase although it was still much higher than when I started in 2010.

        • Laura C says

          I’m just used the last of my homemade from 2 years ago. So sad. I didn’t ‘make any this year due to the cost.

  12. Karen J says

    A busy Saturday!
    lunch-I was in the middle of tens of thousands of women during the Women’s March so had a lara bar and a bottle of water from my backpack
    dinner-hot turkey sandwiches with leftover turkey and gravy

    I’ve decided to break my self imposed fast of not buying groceries this month as I desperately want some lettuce (weird the cravings you get during PC) I have visions of hamburgers with homemade buns and tacos coming up in the next week. I am off tomorrow for a two night trip to the ocean with girlfriends staying in a condo right on the beach. We’re getting pizza one night and having cinnamon rolls for breakfast. The waves have been awesome on the Wa coast. Looking forward to a fun time.

    • Heather M says

      LOVE that you participated in the March. I had other plans yesterday, and also no one in particular I could go with. My college student daughter and her friends participated in one of the many sprinkled throughout Utah- they stayed up until 5am making signs that turned out awesome. Ah to be that age again (but only for things like this- otherwise, I like being a little more “seasoned”.) Have fun with your friends/escape!!

  13. Pat says

    Winter is supposed to return to Nebraska tomorrow. We have had temps in the 40’s for the past 2 days and it has been glorious. I even washed some windows.
    I still don’t need anything from the store so right now the plan is to pickup the ground beef I ordered. Next week we will need salad stuff and bread.
    Jan 20th
    Breakfast–My husband had an omelet using l/o veggies and steak in the fridge. I had my pb toast.
    Lunch–He had chicken salad with crackers l/o from Christmas and a couple of cuties I skipped.
    Dinner–I took the last of the steak and veggies in the fridge and made a egg scramble adding onions and hashbrowns from the freezer and ww toast. My husband went out to play cards and ate there.

  14. June says

    I’m making meatloaf with italian sausage and ground beef and homemade chocolate pudding

    My husband and son had 5 guys last night. Yum. I had chicken soup, it’s a diet thing.

    Husband out of town til Fri this week boys are easy to feed, I’ll make curry with cauliflower rice for me for lunch everyday. I froze cauliflower earlier in the month.

    I’ll make lasagna mon. For leftovers

    Tue. Leftover meatloaf

    Wed. Leftover lasagna

    Thur. Some kind of chicken, I have whole chickens in the freezer.

    I still have frozen veggies and I bought some apples.

    I’ll bake a dessert at some point this week.

    That’s my week!

  15. Laurie says

    B- Oatmeal for the husband. He wasn’t feeling well yesterday so went back to bed after I got dressed. I had an orange and left the house to join up with my oldest daughter, her husband and friends to march downtown. The weather was cool and invigorating and the marchers were peaceful, clever with their signs and made me proud to be with them all.
    L- chicken salad sandwiches on toast.
    D- I made Jessie’s peanut butter chicken but cut it down to servings of 4 instead of 8. It is delicious, quick and simple to put together. The leftovers will be my lunch today.
    Cookies from the freezer for dessert.
    Time to stick my head in the freezer and figure out what’s for dinner tonight.

  16. Jen in Colorado says

    1/20 – I definitely have DS’s cold now. Glad it’s a slow weekend for us!

    B – DS – bacon, pear, juice, me – bacon, iced tea

    L – DS – warm brownie with vanilla ice cream (he asked to make brownies, then was shocked that I let him count it as lunch! LOL, sometimes it’s fun to surprise your kids), me – salad with leftover shrimp and sauteed sprouts, small amount of brownie/ice cream

    D – DS – pepperoni/cheese quesadillas, leftover shrimp, pear, tomatoes, sugar snap peas, pickles, a few pistachios (he was hungry!), me – cereal

    late night snack (me) – some popcorn shrimp from the freezer and an individual bag of fritos. Colds make my appetite weird!

    • Sandi says

      I loved surprising the kids with things like that.

  17. Sarah Gallop says

    January 20

    Breakfast: pulled pork and an egg on toast and coffee for me. Hubs had cereal and milk.

    Lunch: I had snacks at the training I attended. Hubs had a ham sandwich.

    Dinner: beef and bean enchiladas, all made with little baggies from my freezer. Had the meat mix already packaged up from months ago, and this used up the last one! Also had the beans packaged up from many, many months ago. Only two of those left! A very delicious dinner!

    • Sandi says

      ooh, good idea to use the pork with the eggs. The pork I made had a dry rub and I was apparently a little heavy-handed with the salt so I’ve been trying to think of how to tone that down. Making some runny eggs with no salt would definitely help. Thanks!

      • Julies says

        What about adding to scalloped potatoes and don’t add salt?

        • Sandi says

          If I had more than one raw potato, that might work, but I’m down to just the one right now so maybe not. I do have some leftover baked potatoes, though, so perhaps a stuffed potato (which is along the same idea). If nothing else, we’ll just drink a bunch of water. 🙂

      • Sarah Gallop says

        It’s a favourite for breakfast! Great idea to use it to help offset the saltiness!

      • Rice might help absorb some of the salt too.

  18. Felicia says

    SUNDAY – JAN 21

    Breakfast – grits, hash and egg over easy.

    Lunch – bean salad and wedge of brie cheese

    Dinner – took a leftover cooked chicken breast from the freezer and made chicken and dumplings for dinner with chicken broth in the fridge. Served with salad.

    Bought a honey, sliced, spiral ham today for 89 cents/lb. What doesn’t get eaten will have to go in to the freezer next week. I should have some room for it by then! LOL!

  19. Julies says

    B- cinnamon rolls for family again , eggs and spinach for me
    L- buttered toast, cheese , kiwis , blueberries .
    D BBQ chicken from freezer , brown rice , frozen peas.

    Husband went to Aldi and got more produce and bread and eggs. He thought kids would like bread on hand, and it will make lunches easier for sure.

  20. Terry calkins says

    Back in November I bought a microwave grill at the thrift store. I hadn’t used it till this month. It was new but didn’t come with instructions. This week I got it out and decided to learn how to use it. I went online and found instructions and recipes. This week I have used it daily to make breakfast hash browns and eggs noodle bowls and fried rice. Today I used it to make banana muffins with frozen bananas in 4 minutes and vanilla pudding in 6 minutes. Pantry challenge and a new cooking tool to save both time and dishes….priceless

  21. Terry calkins says

    Lots of leftovers here today. Hubby had eggs and hash browns. I had fried potato wedges and a cheese omelet
    Lunch I had a noodle bowl. Hubby had tacos
    Snack was a microwaved banana muffins covered with homemade vanilla pudding.
    The chickens got the leftover split pea soup. Tomorrow will likely be leftovers again.
    My grocery list is small, only some dairy and spices and possibly bread. I’m still at 43.60 for the month. Can I keep it at 50$?

  22. Marci says

    Im failing at the pantry challenge…:(. With 2 birthdays in the past week, we ate out one evening (total splurge) and a BBQ at our house and had to shop for the menu requested by the birthday girl. I incorporated whatever I could from our pantry, but really felt like I had to purchase quite a bit. Good news? Today was leftovers all day- burgers, corn chowder, chips, birthday cake/ice cream and crepes. I’ll have to adjust my meal plan going forward.

    • Not a failure. Birthdays should not apply to PC unless you’re absolutely destitute.

      • Susan says

        My thoughts exactly! Birthdays are a celebration of someone you love. Definitely not an event to fall under the pantry challenge rules. Unless of course you can pull off their requests from what you have in stock 😉

    • Alice E says

      Don’t think of it as failing, think of it a coping well with special occasions that existed in the middle of the challenge, but are not part of it. You did have a day of leftovers and can adjust the meal plan. In fact you are coping quite well, it seems to me, and need to be proud of that. The ability to adjust and cope are very important skills!

      After all, this challenge is a self determined goal type of challenge, where my goals, your goals and someone else’s goals may all be different. Be are sharing the journey and providing moral support for each other.

  23. Brooke says

    This weekend was busy. Seems to be the name of the game around here. Three younger kiddos got their flu vaccines at the ped office back in October. Oldest had a swim meet that day and missed out. So, took the oldest to get his flu vaccine at target, got a $5 off coupon for putting him through that. (Haha. Kidding. He knows with 2 parents in medicine complaining will do him no good lol). I grabbed some Dave’s killer bread and bagels while we were there and used my coupon. Son also grabbed some protein bars. Spent $18. That’s the least amount of money I have ever spent at target so yay! Lol.
    I made quesadillas with the leftover pork I had from Thursday. They were good. I added black beans and Monterey Jack cheese. Made some fresh pico and we were in business. I threw some hot sausage from our last pig in the slow cooker yesterday. Seriously the best sausage we have ever had. The texture and flavor is amazing. Sadly we are down to our last couple of packs and no pigs will be ready for a while. So we’re savoring it. Lol.
    Made a double patch of pumpkin choc chip muffins. But I used puréed butternut squash since I still have a bushel or two in my garage from the garden. I pulled out some bananas from the freezer too, so hopefully today I’ll make banana walnut muffins. Also need to hard cook some eggs since the hens are picking up and and I have some extras, cut some veg and fruit to make my 415am mornings this week easier, and just do some other organizational stuff to simplify this week. Monday’s are rough for us. I work until 130, one kiddo picked up on the way home, next One from preschool at 230, then dance class until 7 with one. My oldest works tonight so I have to drop him off- and in between there somewhere actually make dinner AND feed my horses and such. I am always so tired on Monday’s. Lol.
    I pulled out a whole chicken to perhaps throw into the slow cooker, or I can lean on my old stand by pasta. We haven’t had good old spaghetti in a while so we might do that. My older daughter asked for sloppy Joe’s this week so I grabbed some mini brioche rolls from a local bakery the other day. $3.99 and totally worth it. I won’t have a ton of time this week so, money well spent. Sloppy joes here equals sneaking in veg for said picky daughter. I usually use ground turkey and theow in minced mushrooms, shredded zucchini, sweet potato sometimes, depends on what I have. It’s amzjng that she never balks at it, just happily chows down so I call that a MOM WIN
    Have a great day everyone.

    • Heather M says

      You are one busy woman! 4 kids, a demanding job, a farm…. I’m impressed. I bet those butternut squash choc chip muffins are good. What a great use of all the squash you have, that you grew. And, I love that you doctor up the sloppy joes like that. when kids don’t know what they’re eating(because then they’d refuse– my son was always that way, but not my daughter), it is such a win!

      • Brooke says

        Thank you for the kind comment. I am really, at times, not sure which end is up though. Lol. I tell everyone I work to Relax. It’s kind of a break and it helps that I insanely love what I do.
        I am the queen of sneaking in nutrition to my daughter. She doesn’t know it but she seems to like “green goblin muffins” made with spinach, etc. and mashed potatoes in my house are almost always made with potato, sweet potato, and cauliflower. She sees me adding things to the pot and asks- I just say “ that’s how I always do it” and she doesn’t question that. She just knows she likes it I guess. Lol

        • Heather M says

          Oh, you impress me for sure. You’re going to look back and realize how awesome it’s all been. Sometimes i wish I’d had a job while raising my kids, but my husband’s work is so demanding and unpredictable we just could not imagine how it would have worked with me working too. It probably wouldn’t have. But, soon enough I need to get back out there, since the baby is a Jr in HS. I’ve really been enjoying all your comments here this month. 🙂

          I remember growing up my mom would make orange mashed potatoes- she’d add shredded carrots. I’ve never done that, but I sure remember loving them. Thanks for reminding me of them.

  24. leftovers turned in to other leftovers turned into other leftovers LOL

    New start on 22nd

  25. Stephanie P says

    Things have been kind of crazy and I got bummed and lazy the last few days. Needless to say we spent more money than we needed on food, though we are absolutely still going to be below our monthly budget. We were doing so well so I’m a little disappointed, but we have had RSV from Kid 2 in the house, then a fever/cold thing going on with Kid 1, so he won’teat , and then last night because there just wasn’t enough “excitement”, Kid 2 (she’s 2 1/2) fell off of the bed and gashed her head on the night stand. Thankfully there was an urgent care open and we got away with the glu instead of stitches. Ug.

    I need to go through and figure out what we have spent, but meals yesterday were so strange.

    Breakfast: My husband took my daughter to church and I stayed home with sick Kid 1. I had leftovers from dinner the night before (pasta and shrimp) and he ate nothing.

    Lunch: My daughter had a piece of pizza leftover from Friday and a clementine. Son ate nothing again, and I had ramen that I found in the cupboard (so healthy)….

    Dinner: We are low on easy to make foods, and I really didn’t feel like pulling something out and making it after the trip to urgent care and getting back late, so my daughter had yogurt and fruit. I had pasta again, so felt completely awful going to bed. My husband had picked up a milk shake for my son, and he drank part of that.

    I can’t wait for spring! I need to get organized tonight though so that we don’t get completely off track again.

    • Heather M says

      Sick and injured kids really put a damper in things. Hope this week is better in your home!!

  26. Karen says

    We took a break from the pantry challenge for the weekend to attend our annual “siblings and spouses” weekend away with my brothers and their wives. I spent entirely too much money on goodies for the weekend, but the good news is that we all over bought so we have plenty of snacking material in the house for the immediate future! Also, because I’ve been spending a lot less on groceries than normal, I didn’t completely blow the budget for the month.

    And now, back to more creative uses for ground pork. 🙂

    • Laura in NH says

      I just made a soup last night with leeks, carrots celery and cannellini beans, stock, homemade V8 and then added meatballs made from ground pork (added some garlic, breadcrumbs, grated Parmesan, and an egg) and had some noodles on the side. A great use for ground pork! Lots of leftovers too:)

      • Karen says

        Yum – that sounds amazing! Thanks!

    • Sounds like a fun break!

  27. Laura in NH says

    Our weekend eating was pretty typical. Scrambled eggs and cinnamon buns or zucchini bread, LO for lunches, soup for dinner with grilled cheese or focaccia. Cara cara oranges, cheese and crackers and oatmeal cookies for snacks and dessert. Lovely:)

    My husband made a point to tell me that we only have one more bottle of ketchup in the pantry. Gasp! I will need to shop once more this month and to stick to budget I’ve only got $65, which is doable if I don’t buy any meat. We should be okay though, it’s just that my people like their ham and bacon with breakfasts. Only 9 more days in January!

  28. Joa in IA says

    Hubby and I went over to the Chicago area for an RV Show for the whole weekend. The pantry challenge was sort of on hold. The boys stayed home and I don’t know exactly what they ate for every meal. By looking at the recycle bin it involved a lot of pizza. #1son would eat pizza everyday if I let him. So I would say he ate pizza everyday since we weren’t around.

    I have to ask if anyone has seen this before at a hotel. In the bathroom there was a tv integrated into the mirror. Every time the bathroom light was turned on the tv also turned on. The mirror never fogged up. I suppose, so you could watch tv all the time. Little things intrigue me I guess.

    • Wow. That’s one I never heard of before! That’s television dedication.

      • Joa in IA says

        It’s crazy, but don’t have to worry about missing the good part in the movie I guess.

    • Heather M says

      So my bff just renovated their master bath. Her husband is quite the techy guy and he decided they needed a tv in their mirror. He figured out how to do it, and instructed the contractors on how to install it. I have to say, it’s kinda cool. They have always loved their morning news, and now they can watch while getting ready in the morning, and not just listen from the other room. It’s certainly extravagant-feeling, though.

  29. Kathy in Denmark says

    Day 20
    Brunch: Scrambled eggs, bacon, HM baked beans, bread, coffee and juice. Bacon, baked beans and ice cubes made of juice came from the freezer.
    L: On the road to my brother, so we skipped
    D: Beef roast at my brother’s

    Our youngest really likes her soother (pacifier), but fell asleep in the car despite not having it. DH and I took it as a sign for us to wean her off it, so we tucked her in without it, and she actually slept trough the night without missing it. We did come home really late (around 11. 30. pm), so she was very tired and fell right asleep. We are still at it, but let me just say she DOES notice that it is gone now and I am counting the days until she finally settles into the new routine…

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