Pantry Challenge 2018: Day 15

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The Pantry Challenge is on! This month we’re focusing on what we have, to use it up and save money.

bagels on a cookie sheet

Halfway through the month! How did this happen? I swear, it was just Christmas. Clearly, the days are just flying by.

Today was a pretty chill day at home. FishChick9 went to bed last night, dreaming of Jace’s Breakfast Burritos. It was her meal plan for this morning and there was NO deterring her. She got her wish, and it was very very good.

The bagel dough recipe that I made last night turned out into beautiful bagels that tasted like bagels! Years ago I made bagels and was really disappointed in their tasting more like bread shaped like bagels. So, I did some research and learned that the secret is a long proof time AND barley malt syrup. I bought some months ago and finally put it to good use. I’m not sure but bagel making may get moved very high on my list of priorities. They were that good. Plus, since I control the size, I could control the calories in each one, making them good for my new nutrition plan. The one called Not Overeating.

In case you’d like to try bagels yourself, I used this recipe and this barley malt syrup.

We had a snacky lunch with bagels as the featured bread, of course.

bagels cooling on a cooling rack

For dinner I did a little experimenting. I never know which way my kids will go with a Mexican Buffet, so I made a variety of dishes: rice, black beans, Super Easy SalsaCheese Enchiladas, and Salsa Verde Beef. I had originally planned to serve taco shells on the buffet, but remembering my friend Lynn’s Oven Tacos, I filled the shells with beef, beans, and cheese and cooked them up alongside the enchiladas. I was surprised what a big hit they were with Bryan.

Apparently, my husband loves tacos, but thinks they’re a pain to assemble. He’s a fan of the oven taco. And yes, we loved those crappy tacos from Jack-in-the-Box growing up. (He calls them Cat Food Tacos, ahem.) We plan to concoct a healthier version of them at home a la Oven Tacos.

I was surprised to look in the fridge this morning and see that most of the meat I pulled from the freezer a few days ago has been thawed, cooked, and eaten. All that remains is some ground beef that we’ll transform into Quick Meat Sauce for Pasta tomorrow.

Tonight I pulled another flat of chicken, a pork roast, and some Italian sausage to thaw for the week’s meals. I don’t have a strict meal plan as that will depend on what thaws first.

Pantry Challenge 2018: Day 15

Breakfast: Jace’s Breakfast Burritos

Lunch: Snacky Lunch

Dinner: Mexican Buffet

As always, thanks for sharing the Pantry Challenge with your friends. The more the merrier!

What did YOU cook up?

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  1. Melissa in GA says

    January 15th
    B – egg scramble with sausage & herbed cream cheese for hubs, fruit for me, dad had OJ & coffee
    L – a LO pizza square and chopped Italian salad for hubs & I, dad ate in town (I think)
    D – pulled pork, yellow rice, canned green beans
    S – made another batch of Chex mix to use up remaining cereal
    Dessert – home canned honey pears w/whipped cream

    Pizza, lettuce, tomatoes, last package of yellow rice from pantry – gone
    I posted on yesterdays thread that I found a half pork butt in the back of the freezer. I reorganized some in there and found a few things, so I’m happy about that – more bone in pork chops and some frozen broccoli which I thought we were out of.

    Melissa in GA

  2. Heather M says

    A three-day movie binge weekend for us, though I did manage to get in a good workout at the gym this morning. I left at 10;45 and the guys were still lounging in bed. We went and saw Coco this afternoon– if you haven’t see it yet, we all highly recommend. SO SO GOOD. And a great message about family. We all scrounged at various times today. So I’ll break down the food by person instead of meal, since nothing was eaten at a meal time, really (coco was at dinnertime),

    Husband: finished the fried rice, popcorn at the movies, a burger from wendy’s after the movie, mac and cheese, bacon, and christmas goodies

    Son: cereal, turkey bacon, pretzels, popcorn at the movies, nuggets & fries & a frosty from wendy’s(the frosty was why we even stopped at wendy’s- he so rarely asks for things like this)

    Me: oatmeal, turkey sausage, tuna on crackers, some christmas chocolates at the movies(4 lindt truffle balls), mac and cheese(last box in the pantry which is a good thing since I can eat too much in one sitting), salad

    Clearly no good meals today, but we did watch a total of 7 movies this weekend, 2 in the theater and 5 at home. This was something we really wanted to do this weekend(and my son planned out for us), and it happened. Now I’m ready to get stuff done. But dang, forgot I have to finish a book by 6:45pm tomorrow for a radio book club tomorrow night. So much for getting much done. Wednesday I’ll dive in for real. 🙂

  3. Laurie in CA says

    Day 15
    B – hubs toasted the last piece of banana bread, I scrambled 2 eggs and toasted a piece of sprouted wheat bread
    L- hubs had a ham sandwich and chips, I had a packet of cashew nuts and a tangerine
    D – hubs made a comment the other day that he would like crockpot lasagna. I had everything in the fridge/freezer so was able to make him happy. We had it with the last half loaf of French bread from the freezer and some wine

    I’m starting to see a lot of progress in the inside freezer. Yay!

  4. Stephanie M. says

    January 15 – Day 15

    B – Hubby had the leftover pancakes, sausage, tator tots, and fried cinnamon apples; I had a whole wheat bagel thin with lite cream cheese, strawberries/blueberries/blackberries, and peanuts

    L – We both had roast beef sandwiches on whole wheat; Hubby also had some French fries

    D – Hubby is also sick now with a bad cold. So chicken soup to the rescue. Unfortunately, by the time I thought about chicken soup, it was too late to defrost the whole chicken from the freezer so I had to buy one. Oh well.

    Tomorrow (Tuesday) is going to be a rotten one. I have to go to Jury Duty. I get called religiously every two years and only once did I actually serve on a case. It was so boring, I kept dozing. I finally started wearing my glasses in the court room hoping the glare from the lights would hide my closed eyes from the judge. Two years ago, I got into a jury box but was promptly dismissed and then had to sit downstairs all day in case I was called for another case which I wasn’t. I hate this!!!!! It’s 5:00 a.m. now and time for me to get ready for this very long, long day. 🙁

    • Mona says

      Try to have a nice day Stephanie! It is such a long boring day. I have only had to do it two times, once for local and once for federal. Got picked for local but then he pleaded so we just sat around the next morning for 3 hours till all the legalities were done.

    • Laurie in CA says

      It could be worse Stephanie. A few years ago I was selected for a month long murder trial. Sooooo not fun!

      • Sandi says

        Oh, I’m always afraid of that. A day or two would be fine but extended periods like that? Ugh. (not to mention it would kill my budget)

  5. Julie says

    Breakfast: cereal
    Lunch: banana sushi for kids, leftover taco stuff for me
    Dinner: lasagna and salad

    My plan for this week is to use up the couscous and quinoa I bought a few months ago. I also have some squashes sitting around waiting to be cooked.

    • Laura in NH says

      What is banana sushi?!? (Sounds fun)

      • Julie says

        Spread peanut butter in a tortilla, put a banana in it, roll it up, cut into rounds. Sounds fancier than it actually is lol

  6. Julies says

    I baked cinnamon rolls , dinner rolls, baked oatmeal and also cooked a 4x batch of pancakes yesterday . Trying to get some extra breakfasts made since one child finds oatmeal boring and we have no cereal .
    So, we ate some of what I baked, plus leftover pizza from Saturday , fresh zucchini with dip, mangoes, from freezer taco soup and baked beans with a little ground beef.

  7. Mona says

    Monday 1/15

    Breakfast – French toast

    Lunch – Hubby had a sandwich, I had a salad

    Dinner – Chipped beef over noodles w/peas & mushrooms, garlic bread

  8. Laura in NH says

    A good day here yesterday in many ways. We ate LO Impossible Pie, LO cornbread Pie with sour cream and cheese or clam chowder my mom made, we went to a friends skating party in the afternoon to which we brought pickled food in jars, bean dip and crackers, and some juice, then three had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and I had a smoothie after my kbox class (followed by a slice of chocolate beet cake. Ahem.)

    Both the cupboards and the fridge are looking a little sparse. No one is too bothered by this fact though as I’ve been attempting to have baked goods available for snacking (chocolate chip banana bread was a hit). I think I’ll bake some jam muffins today for the crew. I will probably head to the store today as well, mostly for produce and some cheese. We also need bubble gum toothpaste before the youngest mutinies this evening. I’ve spent about $240 of my planned $400 for the month on food so I’d really like to keep this trip to around $50. Considering the price of fresh produce in northern New England this time of year, this may be a tall order…

  9. Alice E says

    B – Baked eggs, ww toast, hot tea
    L – He packed a pb sandwich, I made a sandwich at home.
    D – salmon with Jessica’s warm and spicy fish rub, yum, butternut squash, donuts for hubby from the stash he bought himself.

    My plan was to bake the squash and the fish in the oven. But, the oven wouldn’t come on. It worked for breakfast!! So I cooked the squash in the microwave and pan grilled the salmon in a big skillet. Now I have to decide whether to call a repairman or go shopping for a new stove. The stove was in the house when we moved in during the summer of 99, so I’m not sure about paying to fix it. But, I’m not eager to go shopping with temperature in the negative this morning. As long as the burners work, I can think about it a bit.

    But I did get some of those frozen fish portions fixed and one of the butternut squash used, so that is a victory and now I need to figure out meals for today. Maybe chili on a super cold day like today. Not planning to get out for a water exercise class in this weather, and will probably just stay home.

    • Julies says

      Heating element perhaps ? I’d look around Internet and try to fix. We had a washing machine quit and it was a 16 dollar part and pretty simply diy repair .

      • Alice E says

        I’m not comfortable trying to do a diy repair, so will probably just replace since it is around 20 years old. I do know that it is obviously something electric even though it is a gas stove, but what exactly is another thing and I am no longer young enough or brave enough to try to fix it at my age.

    • Lynn from NC Outer Banks says

      We recently had to replace our element. It was $80, which we were relieved about. When I had described it they said it could either be the element for <$100 or basically the "mother board" for the electronics and that would have been a HEFTY, many hundreds of dollars repair bill. We used the crock pot, burners and toaster oven until it was repaired. The repairman did mention to me that the self cleaning function of the oven does put a stress on the elements so I'm going to think about when I use it (though anyone who looked at my oven would know I don't overuse that!)

      • Alice E says

        Thanks, I’ve never used the cleaning cycle on mine. We are coping, but I think will probably just get another stove. I think they are on sale now and since it is about 20 years old, I suspect it might develop other problems soon. Since it doesn’t work on either the regular oven settings, or the top broil unit I suspect it is a control or motherboard problem. As long as I can get another gas oven that fits in the same space I am okay with replacing it.

        • Lynn from NC Outer Banks says

          Mine was only about half that age so I was glad it was fixable. Because power outages are frequent here I had actually installed a dual fuel stove-electric oven with gas burners-so I could still cook without electricity. It came in handy often before we got our generator. It was the first time I’d had gas in a really long time and I’ve enjoyed cooking with it.

    • Terry calkins says

      Alice. Years ago my oven quit. It was an ancient wall oven that I didn’t want to replace. I got by for several years with the microwave. It takes a little tweaking on some recipes but we managed and it was kinda fun

      • Alice E says

        We are currently getting by, but as long as I can get another gas oven to fit the same space I am okay with replacing. Since it is around twenty years old, I’m not sure I want to start ‘fixing’ problems. Suspect others might crop up later.

        • Melissa in GA says

          I’m with ya on this one! Plus a newer model will be more efficient and possibly offer you some newer features.
          I’m kicking myself that I didn’t get a little larger gas stove that had the griddle feature…insert sad face here, lol.

  10. Terry calkins says

    Breakfast for me. Homemade oatmeal mix and pumpkin butter stirred in. He had french toast and dippy eggs. Lunch pizza used
    Up mozarella cheese, chopped ham, breakfast sausage. I baked oatmeal bread after the pizza was done. In the afternoon I cleaned the fridge from top to bottom. There were no leftovers or science projects that had to be tossed. Little bits of leftover condiments and leftover onion rings will finish their lives as meatloaf today.

  11. Karen says

    January 15:

    B: my daughter and I made doughnut holes; hubby took his usual peaches and cottage cheese.
    L: I had a big salad. Daughter was still full from breakfast so she ate a couple of small bananas (she’s REALLY into those baby bananas right now!). I made a big salad (to make up for the doughnut holes, of course).
    D: Chicken enchiladas (, but I used Rotel instead of salsa and added some leftover cooked rice) and green beans. We had enough enchiladas leftover, and people liked it enough, that EVERYONE is taking leftovers for lunch today! Win!!!

  12. Julie P says


    We are making progress! I did need to buy fresh produce and dairy over the weekend, but that was expected.

    B: Bagels and cream cheese/yogurt with granola
    L: LO chili and cornbread
    D: Sheet pan roasted potatoes, vegetables, and kielbasa

  13. Janet says

    January 15
    B: boiled eggs, fruit and milk
    L: I had thawed leftover hotdogs, metts and brats from a Fall BBQ and served with mixed steamed veggies and pineapple spears
    D: We had a church dinner so no cooking.

  14. Alison says

    Regarding your food control plan 😉 – have you had your thyroid checked lately? I was at my endo. this morning and the weight I’ve gained lately (not very much – but I eat super clean) is likely because my thyroid is struggling again. We are changing my dosage and I’m trying not to be too discouraged. You live in a relatively climate controlled area, but thyroids really struggle in extreme temperatures. Just something to consider…

    • Thanks for asking. Due next month to get hyperthyroid rechecked. Hoping to get off the medicine this year.

  15. Roberta says

    Yum! Bagels. That could be seriously dangerous in our house.

    Mon. 1/15/18

    B: Cereal w/ blueberries, toast, cranberry juice, coffee.

    L: PB/apple butter sandwiches on hm French, bananas, pineapple, applesauce, carrot and celery sticks w/ ranch.

    D: Out at a favorite Mexican food place. This was planned, as son had an ortho appointment and I didn’t know how long it would take, what the traffic would be like, etc. Paid cash instead of using the debit card as we’re trying to trim both our budget and our waistlines. (True, Mexican food is NOT going to help the waistline, but limiting the times we eat out should help. We love our Mexican food, so eliminating it entirely would likely make us pretty grumpy. Hmmm. Sounds like we may have a bit of a problem.)

    S/D: Son had some more Christmas treats.

    I also made some more cranberry-pomegranate compote to put on yogurt for lunches this week.

    I have my mammo tomorrow; I’ll appreciate any and all prayers. 🙂

    • Melissa in GA says

      Prayers done, hope all goes well.

    • Lynn from NC Outer Banks says

      Prayers that all will go well.

    • Sandi says

      don’t know if too late, but prayers sent

      • Roberta says

        Thanks, ladies! My appointment is for this afternoon, so I’m just keeping busy this morning. :}

  16. Karen J says

    I looked longingly at the steak in the freezer that I’m saving for the last day of Pantry Challenge. I’ve found that saving something good for the end makes me feel “rewarded” for the rest of the month.

    B-Poached egg/toast
    L-leftover bean soup with melted cheese
    D-chicken curry/rice topped with peanuts I found in the pantry (unopened package even!)

    If you love curry, I’d recommend getting the curry paste in the tub at Cash&Carry. It’s only around five bucks, lasts for a long, long time and it comes in green, red, and yellow. Okay, that’s my commercial and I don’t even work for them.

  17. Terry calkins says

    Breakfast this morning was scrambled eggs and fresh bread. I had a few errands to do so stopped at the store while I was out. Hit the grocery outlet since my list was small and I didn’t want to get distracted at a full service store. Kept to my list except I got a rack of ribs for 1.50#. Already seasoned and marinated. They are cooking now along with rice from the broth. Grocery total for today. 17.58 putting my monthly total at just over 43.00

    • Terry Compton-Friedemann says

      You live near a Grocery Outlet?!? We moved in April of 2017, and where we are now (Montana) has no Grocery Outlets. I’m sad about this, but I’m coping. lol

  18. Joa in IA says


    B- strawberry protein shake and breakfast tea for me. Hubby had oatmeal. Boys no school.

    L-. Leftover chicken noodle soup for me, hubby had protein shake. Boys had pizza.

    Snacks- I’m not sure

    Supper- Used from the freeze pulled beef and added taco seasoning to one pan. To the other pan added BBQ sauce and heated in the oven. Served with tortillas, tortilla chips, tomatoes, sour cream, Salsa, cheddar cheese.

    Did get a few things from the grocery store. Total spent for the month is $97.56. Normal grocery bill is between $800-$900. So we are saving quite a bit and half way through the month.

  19. Laura C says

    January 16-
    Bfast- We went and got donuts yesterday from Krispy Kreme. Kids get free donuts for every A on their report card and we had a coupon. So breakfast was leftover donuts and bacon.
    Lunch-Kids packed, for Me: small portion of leftover spaghetti and small portion of Alphabet soup from freezer. I’ve used up all my soup in the freezer now. Garlic bread from freezer.
    Dinner-Baked Ziti with leftover spaghetti sauce from last week, Salad, homemade bread.

    Preparing for another round of snow. Supposed to start tonight. They haven’t cancelled school yet but just waiting for the phone call 🙁

  20. Lynn from NC Outer Banks says


    B: English muffin, sausage, coffee

    L: LO corn chowder, tuna melts (DH), tuna salad on lettuce

    D: black bean and rice (freezer) burritos with lettuce, salsa, cheese, sour cream and avocado, mango slices. I’m down to one fresh onion. While digging around in the freezer I found a small bag of frozen onions that I used for the burrito. Another bit gone from the freezer and stretching my fresh onion. I do have dried onions when the remaining onion is gone.

  21. Cindy says

    Day 15
    Breakfast : Steele cut oatmeal, mandarin & tea for me; hubby the usual cereal, oj & coffee + a mid morning smoothie of yogurt, fruit & veggies
    Lunch: leftover chili, saltines & mandarin
    Dinner: Ruebens finishing the last of the pastrami, 1/2 can of saurkraut + Swiss cheese and salad
    Dessert for hubby was ice cream

  22. Ann says

    Did I see in one of your pantry challenge posts that you had oatmeal in your freezer. Do you freeze cooked oatmeal? Just wondering. I am in a serious breakfast rut.

    • Sandi says

      I don’t offhand recall which post you are referring to but yes, you can absolutely freeze cooked oatmeal. (browse the store sometime, they sell it in frozen servings for an outrageous price tag) I think Jessica usually freezes the baked oatmeal, not the regular kind, but either one works.

    • Yes! I cook big batches of steel cut oats and freeze them in single-serve containers. SO handy! Tastes just as good reheated as it does fresh from the pot, without the hassle.

  23. Sarah Gallop says

    January 15

    Breakfast: out for a work event for me, hubby had ham, egg and cheese tortillas

    Lunch: skipped for us both – hubs works nights and sleeps days right now, so he often skips lunch. I was still full from breakfast.

    Dinner: Cheeseburger Sloppy Joes

  24. Kathy in Denmark says

    Day 15
    B: Oats and milk for DH. Yoghurt and HM granola for the kids. Toast and coffee for me and DD2 after dropping DD1 off at school (yes, my little one often eats second breakfast. She has a healthy appetite 😉 ).
    L: Packed lunch for DH and DD1. Rye bread with cold cuts for DD2 and me. Veggies on the side.
    D: Hotdogs (I had both meat and vegetarian hotdogs in the freezer).
    S: Christmas cookies, bananas, clemetines, HM roll and a cup of hot cocoa for me when kids were in bed.

    I made HM rolls using up some leftover oatmeal. We should have enough for eating with butter and also to eat with dinner for 3 or 4 days.

  25. Pat says

    Thanks for all the yogurt flavoring suggestions. I did go to the store yesterday and walked right by the stuff and didn’t even look. He still has plenty. I spent $11.95. I bought lettuce, tomatoes, 4 bananas, a 3lb bag of cuties and a bag of chips(my downfall snack of choice) I don’t think that’s bad because alot of the stuff I bought earlier in the month will last a long time
    I spent Sunday night at my son’s house with one grandson so I could watch both of them for most of the day and came home to a frozen hot water pipe in my kitchen. It took till Tuesday afternoon to thaw. When it’s really cold I turn on the hot water about every 4 hours’ leave the cupboard doors open and make sure to run the dishwasher when I go to bed. My husband was home all day and didn’t use the hot water in the kitchen enough. Not fun!!
    Jan 15th
    Breakfast–My husband had his usual week day food, I took the l/o banana bread with me and had a slice with my 2year old granddaughter(Princess Sassy Pants) while giving the 3month old a bottle while my son got ready for work and to take the girls to daycare.(630am) My DIL got home from work at 9am and we had somemore bread before she went to bed..
    Lunch at their house was l/o spaghetti and meatballs. My husband had leftovers but I’m not sure what he ate.
    Dinner–Husband had l/o chicken fried chicken,l/o mashed potatoes and gravy and l/o green beans. I had to work and ate late. I had the last of the l/o soup and a bread stick.

  26. Sandi says

    Brunch – beans and rice
    Snack – tortilla chips – I had guacamole with mine, he ate them plain since we are out of both salsa and queso dip
    Dinner – baked salmon, green beans, sweet potato hash

    B – breakfast biscuits
    L – rotisserie chicken, peaches for me, bowl of soup for him
    D – I had a package of channa masala (Indian chickpea dish) that has been in the pantry for much too long. I put that with some leftover rice, the last of a bag of peas from the freezer, and tore up some of the chicken from lunch to bulk it up a little.
    Dessert – We were still a little hungry after dinner. I found two slices of pound cake in the back of the fridge that were going stale so we had those to finish it off.

    I had my fruit but I had forgotten the sandwich I intended to bring for lunch and did not want to spend money going out. I picked up the chicken from the Costco deli and just ate a piece of that with my fruit. That provided leftovers for other meals, so I don’t feel like it was a completely bad purchase even if it did involve spending money I did not need to spend. I did compound the problem by going ahead and picking up the salsa we were out of plus the basil pesto jar since I’d finished that up as well. Both of those could have waited until next month, but oh well.

    • Alice E says

      Sounds like you are doing very well! The chicken was a great choice from my perspective when you compare it to spending money on a sandwich or meal with no leftovers. Plus the salsa and pesto will probably help you use up other foods during the challenge. Not sure what your goal was, but reality does push its way in some times and we just have to roll with it and not let it get us down.

      You are using up things from the pantry that need used and that is a good thing. I have a few more of those to go, myself, but I will get there, someday. (insert eye roll here.) I do ask myself occasionally why I bought the darn stuff, but I’m sometimes a bit more optimistic at buying than at getting things used up. And I have learned the hard way not to buy more than one of something until I know we like that item in that brand.

  27. Terry calkins says

    Yesterday’s meals went off tack when I found a rack of ribs reduced to half price. Figured I better cook them quick, so we had those. The meatloaf is made now and ready to put in the oven. Used up the leftover pizza sauce, half an onion and two pieces of pizza. The last of the BBQ sauce went over the top. I took a package of pumpkin out of the freezer and used it to make two loaves of bread. Those are rising now and nearly ready to bake. My grand daughter in law had a birthday last week, but I didn’t get a gift to her yet. Plan to make her a gift basket with homemade Canadian bacon, fresh farm eggs, rustic pumpkin bread, cream cheese tubs and a pot of honey butter. I’ll tuck it all into a basket and wrap with celophane. I think she will enjoy it

    • Lynn from NC Outer Banks says

      Oh I’d love that gift basket!

    • Alice E says

      I would adore that basket. You are a wonderful Mother-in-law. Although, I have lots of baskets already since I went through a basket weaving period some years ago. But the bacon, eggs, pumpkin bread and extras sound like such a fabulous gift idea.

  28. Brooke says

    I missed a couple days there. But, I’ve been keeping a mental note of our food. I can’t remember what day I wrote about last so I’ll just start with Sunday
    B: big batch of buttermilk pancakes. Hoped for some to freeze as my kids go in spurts of eating lots then not. Apparently they’re eating lots of pancakes again because despite making 6x the recipes I have only a few left. Oh well. More of something this weekend
    L: just snacky stuff/ HM popcorn, raw veggies, smoothies
    D: HM beef stroganoff in the instant pot, tiny egg noodles, steamed carrots and green beans

    Monday: I took off as the kids had off for MLk day
    B: homemade frittata with spinach, ham, potatoes and peppers. I like To make it in a 9×13 pan (I use about 10-12 eggs) and bake for about 40 mins. I add whatever veg I have laying around. Lol then when it’s cooled a bit i slice it into squares and put onto a toasted bagel. This week was everything bagels with sharp cheddar. For the smaller kids I sometimes slice the squares in half lengthwise and put on an English muffin. I made 14 husband and oldest have been having one every morning. I just warm up in the oven since I wrap them in foil sheets.
    L: leftover stroganoff, salad, veggies, pb and j for one child
    D: chicken lo mein with a cucumber salad

    B: steel cut oats with sautéed apples
    L: packed lunches for kids, veggies/ fruit/ sandwiches: and said breakfast sandwiches
    D: tilapia piccata with indoor grilled vegetables (zucchini, mushrooms, peppers,red onion, and baked sweet potatoes on the side.

    B: cinnamon raisin toast from the freezer for the kids
    L; leftover tilapia and veggies for me and the preschooler
    D: I’m making somemthing i never make – smoked sausage. Child number 2 asked for it. I am going to roast it with cabbage and potatoes

    I did go to the store for veggies fruit and dairy and spent $99 exactly.

    • Karen J says

      We are having roasted sausage, cabbage and potatoes tomorrow night! I put on a mustard vinaigrette and it’s delicious. I only have andouille sausage so it’ll be spicy, but that’s good. Hope you enjoy yours tonight!

      Also, kudos for making all those breakfast sandwiches. What a great way to use up odds and ends of veg.

  29. SON2 leftover ham, Leftover Broccoli soup and leftover mashed potatoes as I went to bed before even fixing dinner sick on 16th.

    Tonight is chunked up ham with scalloped potatoes tonight with green beans… I might be able to get that together.(17th)

    • Alice E says

      Hope you get to feeling better soon. Sick is no fun at all.

  30. Felicia says

    Wednesday – JAN 17

    Missed a day of posting but you didn’t miss much! 😉

    Breakfast – still oatmeal

    Lunch – avocado with tuna fish

    Dinner – Deli Turkey/Brie Cheese/Sliced Green Apple panini sandwiches with homemade ham and great bean soup.

  31. Maureen says

    Doing well here. We were out of town this weekend, but are back at it now. I’ve really minimized waste and we are eating more produce. We’ve eaten up a few things from the freezer that I wanted to get rid of. I wish we were seeing more white space, but no one is complaining and I’m sneaking in older items that I’ve flagged at almost every meal. I also made a batch of overnight steel cut oats tonight. Hoping that’s a success.

  32. Karen J says

    January 16
    B-poached eggs/toast
    L-apples/peanut butter
    D-assorted leftovers from earlier in the week-basically “microwave what you want” I did make peach turnovers for dessert out of peaches frozen last summer and puff pastry. The peaches tasted a bit off. I hadn’t used my food saver like I usually do. I’m glad I only made four, because they were not all that awesome.

  33. Terry calkins says

    6:30 Thursday morning. Mom called yesterday and wants me to take her shopping this morning so I got up early to put my basket together for my grandsons wife. I had a beautiful distressed wire basket but it was ivory and I wanted it gold, so I spray painted it yesterday. I lined it with a bread cloth that I had made and appliqued with gold and silver leaves. Added a pound of alder smoked cheese and a pound of Canadian bacon courtesy of hubby, a dozen fresh farm eggs , a loaf of pumpkin peasant bread and some tubs of cream cheese. I tied on a wooden heart from my craft supplies that I wrote her name on and sealed, then glued a magnet to the back Wrapped it all with cellophane and silk ribbons with streamers and shooting stars. Everything came out of my sewing room and pantry so I’m counting it as a pantry win!

  34. Felicia says


    Breakfast – English Muffin Sandwich (egg over easy with a TBS of shred cheese); hot decaf coffee

    Lunch – Bean salad, tuna fish and avocado

    Dinner – Turkey croquettes with grits and gravy, side of bean salad.

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