The Benefits of Mom Food: Why and How You Need to Eat Better

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I get it. You’re busy during the day. You get focused on the task at hand. Sometimes you forget to eat. 

Or worse, you fuel yourself on leftover Halloween/Christmas/Valentine’s/Easter candy and your current diet drink of choice.

You would never feed your children on that type of regular diet, but you’re busy. You gotta take care of things. You don’t have time to eat well.

Well, sister. I’ve got news for you.

You don’t have time NOT to eat well.

I speak from experience. After years of running on caffeine, sugar, and adrenaline, my poor food choices caught up with me. I’d always been in okay shape. A high metabolism and lots of stress and anxiety had kept my weight in check for quite sometime.

Until it didn’t.

Last winter I found myself at my highest pregnancy weight. 

Only I wasn’t pregnant.

When the BMI calculator registered “overweight”, I knew I needed to make some changes. I’d tried lots of different things over the years, but few had worked well or been sustainable.

I gained six pounds the first time I did a Whole 30.

I lost weight traveling Europe for a month, but I gained it all right back as soon as I was at home in my kitchen.

I practically starved myself with South Beach and counting calories while my husband easily shed ten pounds.

You know the drill. 

Finally, I landed on some things that have helped. I did some nutrition research*, I made water and veggies a priority, and I shifted how I plated my meals. Over the last three months by making Mom Food a priority, I’ve lost 20 pounds! I’m happily at a pre-pregnancy weight of years past.

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Why you need to eat better

1. You need to eat better because you are worth it.

Yes, you are. It’s not a question of what you weigh or how you look. It’s about how you feel and what you value. You, mama, are worth it. 

You deserve a good meal, one that fuels your body and helps you live your life to the fullest. 

Sometimes that looks like a decadent chocolate fudge sundae, but I’d suggest that you’ll enjoy a big, delicious salad with lots of goodies just as much.

2. You need to eat better because your kids are watching.

Kids learn what they live. If they see us eating poorly or neglecting our nutrition, that gives them a free pass to do the same. 

Does it ensure that they will adopt healthy habits? No. But it does set a baseline for “normal”. They may choose to veer from that, but it won’t be because you didn’t show them the best way to go.

French author Anthelme Brillat-Savarin wrote:

Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.

3. You need to eat better because to maintain a healthier body.

You are what you eat. You’ve heard Perhaps weight isn’t an issue to you. And I would propose that weight shouldn’t be anyone’s focus, even mine. But, I’ll be honest. 

I think when we see our bodies change over the years, we moms can’t help but mourn and worry. It’s pretty normal.

While weight shouldn’t be our main focus, I think that it can be an indicator of something gone awry with our body’s system. 


How you need to eat better

Are you hydrating enough?

Do you hydrate yourself enough during the day? If you’re thirsty, that means you’ve waited too long to hydrate.

Staying hydrated can give you more energy, better skin, and help with fatigue, headaches, and excessive hunger. So, it’s in your best interests to drink up.

Here are some quick and easy “mom drinks” that you can enjoy throughout the day:

I think that we can all agree that sodas are not your best fuel, even though you think you need it to be a happy mom. You don’t. I kicked my soda drinking habit three or four years ago. I’m so glad I did. I know it’s hard. But my habit was going on 15 years. If I can do it, so can you.



Stepping off my soapbox now, can I encourage you to go make a pot or pitcher of your favorite beverage. Keep it handy and sip it throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated, fueled, and encouraged to take on the day. Find a favorite mug, glass, or water bottle and make it your constant companion.

* I did not purchase any special foods or join any weight loss programs, however I have learned a lot from registered dietician nutritionist, Ilana Muhlstein. I’ve followed many of her suggestions with great success.

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  1. Diana says

    Water! A little lemon juice really brightens it up and makes it into a delicious experience. Lime is great too. If I don’t drink enough water my hands are incredibly dry. I have to drink a lot more than I think I need to keep the dry skin at bay, too. It takes a week or so of good hydration before the results show–I think it must hydrate the dermis, and then when that becomes the epidermis, it’s much less problem-prone. (I think those are the right words and I think that’s how skin works? 🙂 Don’t quote me!)

  2. I’ve recently started a series I’m calling “Mom-Friendly Meals”–I’m looking forward to what you post!

    My go-to drink is water, which I sometimes infuse with fruit but usually drink as-is.

  3. Kim says

    This whole summer I made pitcher after pitcher of mint hibiscus tea from the mint in our yard. So amazingly refreshing that I was looking for excuses to have another glass all day long! But now the mint is dying I’ll have to come up with a fall/winter alternative. Typically my go to is water with lemon.

  4. denise says

    I get a box of True Lemon and a box of True Lime. It is so much handier that real lemons and limes to keep in car and at work. It is crystalized. There are no fake sweetner in it so no worry on that which is a biggy since it is hard to find much of anything without aded fake sweetner. If I want lemonade or limeade I just sweeten with a simple suryp. I find it at wal-mart by the fake sweetners. (pretty ironic)

  5. Janel says

    I recently read an ebook on skincare, and it stressed the importance of drinking water for good skin. I think the figure was to drink half as many ounces as you weigh in pounds. So, if you weigh 130 pounds, you should be drinking 65 ounces of water a day. I know that I don’t do that, but I’m trying. I find that I enjoy it much more when I throw in a little lemon or lime juice.

    • Well, that’s an interesting statistic. And do we really weigh the same? Or was that just an example. 😉

      • Janel says

        That was just an example. I would never put my weight out in cyberspace. 🙂

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