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Looking for meatless recipes? Here are over 20 meatless recipes!

Make it meatless! 20+ Meatless Recipes | GoodCheapEats

The last two nights for supper I’ve made meatless meals. I am not sure my people noticed. We had chili one night and vegetable soup the next night. Both were super tasty meals with fresh, whole ingredients. They just didn’t have any meat.

Over the years I have found this to be a good way to cut costs as well as bring a little restraint to our diet. In reading Salt, Sugar, Fat by Michael Moss, I’m reminded that meat at every meal might not really be all that good for us. (And I’m a total steak-lover, so don’t think I don’t WANT to just go whole hog. I do, but I think some meatless nights are good.)

If you’re in the same boat, well, here’s a tasty round-up of meals that taste great without the meat!

Try one of these meatless marvels:





Breakfast for Dinner:

What’s your favorite meatless meal?

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  1. Melissa W says

    We like black bean burgers with a little slaw on top and brown rice and lentil casserole. My 3yo and 1yo both love the casserole, we clean out the pan every time!

  2. Susan says

    “Whole hog” Ha!

  3. Jessie says

    There’s no sneaking a meatless meal past my man! 🙂 However, he doesn’t notice when I use 1/2 or 3/4 the amount called for in many recipes, so that’s my solution!

    • I used to think that with my husband, too. But, I found that I could make spicy enchiladas without meat and he didn’t really notice, especially if there was beans and rice on the side.

    • Sandi says

      My “meativore” teenager is the same way. None at all gets noticed 90% of the time. The more cheese, the greater the possibility of sliding it past, but too much cheese is not necessarily good for the body either. (gasp! Did I really say that?) If I use 1/4 lb of something slivered/shredded/ground in the whole 4-serving panful of food? Perfectly acceptable. It’s all in the psychology! That works with everything except seafood (which counts as meat to him) because he is a huge seafood lover and most definitely notices if it is only a tiny quantity.

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