Make a Freezer Meal Kit

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Make a Freezer Meal Kit

Years ago in my couponing days, I found these pasta kits that came with all you needed to create a full dinner. No doubt you’ve seen similar kits for tacos, burritos, or even pizza.

Why not make your own kit and stash it in the freezer?

I did this yesterday, creating taco kits complete with seasoned taco meat, tortillas, and shredded cheese. We’ll thaw a kit in the fridge, reheat the meat, supplement with fresh lettuce and salsa. Voila!

Dinner is served.

You can make kits for pizza, tacos, burritos, and stirfry. Simply package the components individually and combine them in a larger freezer bag. Be sure to label it so that the fam can prepare dinner on their own on the night when you’re out.

Ready to get cooking, freezer cooking, that is?

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  1. I started doing this a few months ago and we love it! I do sloppy joes (sloppy joe meat, shredded cheese and cooked rice for sloppy joe bowls(don’t do much bread; buns could also be put in there, of course!), stir fry, the ingredients for Mexican Chicken Skillet (chicken, peppers, onions, cheese, cooked rice) and a sweet potato and sausage hash that we love.

    Most of the time, I just make enough for an extra when cooking dinner anyways. None of these are difficult to cook anyways, but I like making good use of my time and having dinner in the freezer! Esp. for the hash, it’s nice to have sweet potatoes chopped and cooked ahead so I just throw everything in the skillet!

    I have loved your series this month!

  2. Amanda Yoder says

    Can you do a post with more elaborate “recipe” for the stuff in the kits or at least with checklists of what to put in kits/suggestions of different kits at least? That would be helpful to people like me. I’m sure I know the information in my brain, but pulling it together is difficult for me!

    • Jessica says

      Sounds like a great idea. Thanks for asking.

      • Renea B. says

        I like that idea, too!

    • Nan says

      @Amanda Yoder, I recently found this site and love the idea of freezer kits. Have you compiled a list of possible combinations yet? Adding a category for them to be easy to find would be awesome! I’m single so it would be great for me to divide up what I cook and/or buy to make meals.

      • Jessica says

        Yes, we’re working on making some more navigation pages. Thanks!

  3. ashley says

    cool. this will make my meals much easier and i have a tendance to run out of tortillas before time to eat tacos. i already cook the taco meat and freeze it.

  4. I do this too, calling it sneaky taco meat. I throw in whatever puree or grated carrot, zuch or whatever is in season to the meat to stretch it further and boost nutrition. I’ll add mashed black beans if I don’t do veges, however I try to do both even if it’s pureed butternut squash. Hubs always asks what’s in this knowing I’ve done something sneaky.

  5. Jennifer says

    Jessica –
    I saw you mention somewhere on this site that you buy cheese in bulk and split it up. Am I correct in thinking that you freeze the divided portions (not clear on whether you can you freeze shredded cheese or not)?
    Thank you!

    • Yes, I buy the 5-pound bags at Costco and then divide them into 1-pound packages and stash them in the freezer. We benefit from bulk buying without wasting it.

  6. Danielle Warren says

    I know this is an old post, but have you ever done any “fresh” meal packs? Like a DIY home chef kit or blue apron kit?

    • Do you mean to make it yourself or to try one of the kits? Either way, yes. It’s really great to have that mise en place all done for you. It’s just cheaper if you do it yourself.

      • Danielle Warren says

        Yes, to make my own kits. I’d love to do that once a week so that all the preportioned packs are in my fridge and waiting to be prepped and cooked! Any tips on gettin started?

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