How Can I Save Money This Week?

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There are lots of ways you can save money this week. What will you do?

How Can I Save Money This Week?

As you head into a new week, think about how you can reduce your spending.ย There are lots of spending categories that you can address, but it’s been my experience that food has the most variables.

The gas bill is going to be what it’s going to be. Yes, you can adjust the thermostat, insulate better, and make other accommodations to reduce energy usage, but you probably aren’t going to be able to drastically change it quickly.

Your food bill, however, can differ drastically, depending on how and where you shop, what you cook, and if you even eat at home. Seven meals out each week at the cost of $6 each ends up being $42. You can make a lot of burritos at home for that same price!

Think about these ways to save money:

So, what will you choose to do this week to save money?

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Save Money on Groceries

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  1. cherie says

    I will be a smart cookie and make my meal plan before the day is over, defrost as needed and pre-prep as needed – and try not to spend!

  2. another sue says

    I will continue reading your blog! I live in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes in the winter I don’t get out for a couple of weeks at a time, so this is my “stocking up” time. I have done a complete inventory of what is here so I can see what else I should get. Yes, complete. Both freezers, pantry, downstairs storage. It was a bit tedious, but well worth it. Last winter a neighbor called me from town – “what do you need?” Well, nothing! “But I know you have not been off the farm for a long time.” I finally let him bring me some lard – I make homemade suet cakes for the birds, and I had lard, but it had gone rancid. He was a better shopper than I and found some in one pound blocks so I could freeze some. He just shook his head, but, he was happy enough to come and eat with me!

  3. Stephanie M. says

    My husband gets paid twice a month so I have to budget for food within that time period. Last week, I made my meal plan for that week and this upcoming week. So, I don’t have to go shopping at all this week. The next time I go shopping will be next Friday when he gets paid again. Until then, I have everything I need and a meal plan to go by.

    When the time comes to go shopping again, I will do the next meal plan and buy accordingly. I baked some bread on Friday to eat with the soup I made. Last night, we had the leftovers. This morning, we used it to make toast. Tomorrow for lunch my husband will take the last of the soup and the last of the bread. Baking bread is a great way to save some money and eat bread without any kind of preservatives. Next week, when I go shopping, before I go, I will look at the weekly circulars, find out what kind of meat is on sale and make a meal plan from that. Should I see some “Manager’s specials” in the meat section, if it’s something I can use, I will buy that too and freeze for a later date. This is another great way that I save some cash. Manager’s specials are a great buy and I try to take advantage of them every time I see them.

    • Sounds like you’re doing a great job keeping the food supply in check!

  4. Heather M says

    I’m back!! Missed being on here regularly. Crazy few months and it’s finally calmed down a bit. I’ve been slack the past three weeks since I got back from lots of travel. Shopping a lot and not planing perfectly. And now I have a lot of food. So, except for dire necessities (maybe eggs, maybe not), I’m going to make sure we only eat food we already have. There is PLENTY. Surely I will be able to plan some pretty tasty meals with what we have. That’s how I’ll save this week. No food shopping. At all. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hands down, the best way to save money is with the choices we make in regards to food. I always say that our bills aren’t negotiable, but our grocery receipt is! I challenge myself (just like in a pantry challenge) to see what I can do to make do with what I have on hand. Nothing will save you money like staying out of the store. Currently, I am challenging myself to see how many days I can go without setting foot in the grocery store.

  6. June Combs says

    I have a busy week coming up, so it will be a challenge? I’ll make my meal plans tonight, I have a Sam’s club trip planned, so I think I will minimize it? I’ve been planning to organize my basement freezer so I’ll do that! That’s what I’ll do to save this week. Xo

  7. Deb says

    It’s coming into spring where I live & I’m getting a few plants/seeds to put into the garden each week to help with our summer grocery bills. For the past couple months I have been making sure I shop with a list, shopping the pantry/freezer first, adding up the cost of what is in my cart as I go along, & menu planning as soon as I get home. I don’t menu plan before I go as I want to be able to take advantage of marked down meats, etc. if I get lucky. I was surprised to find that I’m spending ~$50 each week on fresh produce. This is 20-50% of the week’s grocery cost depending on the week. If I can halve that by getting the garden producing fresh veggies, then all the better as we’ll have little to no income over the summer school holidays.

    Another thing I’ve been doing is freezing right away any left-overs that I only have 1-2 servings. These become homemade frozen dinners for when I’m too busy/tired to cook or my teens need a quick meal before sport.

  8. Jessica says

    This week I will stay out of the stores and off my favorite food sites (Amazon and Vitacost). I will work to get creative with what’s already in the pantry and freezer. It seems like this is the season when everyone needs new shoes and coats and everything, so cutting the spending somewhere else is definitely good!

  9. Harriet says

    Yesterday I made a list of the things I want to make this week. I have great planning when I am looking through PInterest, but it is all forgotten once I get in the kitchen. Knowing what we already have, I listed all the recipe’s I want to make this week and the vegetables I want to serve with it.
    Yesterday, I made chicken in the crock pot. I doubled it so that I had 2 meals worth and I froze them both. I also froze the broth for soup. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I so look forward to the promised cooler weather coming this week. Soup weather is easier on the budget!

  10. Jenn says

    Like a poster above, winter is coming and I live in northern Canada in a small village so there are always times when I can’t get out to get groceries and the little store here is ridiculously expensive. So this is my stockup time as well. So no money will be saved, but come January when Im stuck at home, the money will be more than saved then! ๐Ÿ™‚ Or a list gets sent with a brave soul who ventures out in search of fresh food! Lol

  11. Janet says

    In order to make the Thanksgiving extras fit in November’s budget we have been living off what we have this week. When I did the weekly shopping this past weekend it was milk, eggs and fresh produce only. My husband and kids keep reminding me how “empty” the fridge and pantry are. I keep reminding them how many extras we will be having, not to mention all the yummy leftovers. I think it surprises them that we have been able to eat quite well this week from our “empty” fridge and pantry.

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