How About Some Good Cheap Eats?

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It’s been great fun since our copy of my latest cookbook, Good Cheap Eats arrived. The publishing house gets a few boxes of “advance copies” before the official release date. I got one! Yay! It was a very great surprise in my mailbox that day.

Since it arrived, I’ve still had my head down working on book 4 and trying to keep this ship (The USS FishHouse and School) afloat. So, for meal prep, I’ve often turned to one of the kids (particularly the two teenagers and my 7-year old daughter) to make the salad, prep the bread dough, or make the Rice. Some children (who will remain nameless) like to say, “But, I don’t know how.”

Ha! Gotcha! My answer?

“It’s in the new cookbook.”

What fun to be able to completely delegate kitchen chores AND know that we’re going to have some good cheap eats as a result!

If you want your own I-Can-Make-My-Family-Cook-Magic-Wand, get thee to a bookshop (online or off) and order a copy of my latest book Good Cheap Eats: Everyday Dinner and Fantastic Feasts for $10 or Less.

You can preorder the book through a number of online stores, like Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Or you can walk into your favorite local book store and place an order.

The book is my concentrated effort to help you make the most of your grocery money. You don’t have to choose between real good food and a low grocery bill. You can have both!

broiled bruschetta

It contains family favorite recipes like Poorman’s Caesar Salad, Broiled Bruschetta, and Baby Cakes as well as all the tips and tricks you need to save money on food costs and still feast like a king. I hope you love the book as much as we do.

Want another little peak? I haven’t been allowed to post many of the recipes. We really want the book to have value for you, and it wouldn’t be as valuable if you could find all the recipes online. Grab this PDF preview and take a gander at all the new-to-you recipes I’ve got waiting for you. Some of my very favorite meals in the world are in this book.

And they’re easy on the wallet!

Don’t forget: when you pre-order from Amazon, you’re not charged until the book ships and they guarantee you the lowest price between now and ship date. Thanks for your support! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it when you buy my books. 🙂

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I believe anyone can prepare delicious meals—no matter their budget.

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  1. Megan says

    Looks like it’s going to be a winner. Can’t wait ’til my copy arrives!

  2. Nancy says

    Excited to get your book, I have tried many of the recipes you post. Even though I am single and live alone, I cook my own meals most of the time to save money. Even going out for one person adds up over time and I agree about knowing what ingredients are in your food.

    • Great feedback! I’m so glad to know that my mega recipes work for smaller households, too.

  3. Beautiful!!! Makes me want to get in my kitchen right now. 🙂

  4. I’ve been following your blogs for a while and am so excited about your upcoming cookbook! Going to take a look at the preview:)

  5. Bethc says

    Love the sample-but I can’t seem to be able to save it to my Kindle or IBooks when I download it. Any tips?

  6. Tried again by clicking the link instead of the image and it now downloads to iBooks -thanks!

  7. Sarah P says

    Can’t wait for my copy to come!! Made chicken from your make ahead cookbook last night. Tasty as usual!!

  8. Sarah P says

    So just took a peak at the sample and it looks AMAZING! very excited with the layout and easy sides to go with my main dishes. Very helpful.

    • So glad to hear. Tell all your friends! I’d love any help you can offer. This isn’t Field of Dreams, you know? 😉

  9. Courtney says

    I just ordered your book (even though I already have piles of cookbooks and swore I wasn’t going to buy any more!). This one just looks too good to resist. I love the way you have the book organized by menus – very helpful!

  10. CAllen says

    I can’t wait for your new book! Your freezer meals book has completely changed the way I cook and now I actually enjoy cooking. Its the first cook book that I have cooked most of the recipes and enjoyed everything we have tried. We have tried a lot of recipes that we wouldn’t normally have tried, just because it is in your book (or on your website). I have even started menu planning, something I have put off for the past five years. Thanks again for all your delicious recipes and motivation to eat better.

    • Wow! Can I quote you? Thanks for your kind words and great feedback. My husband doesn’t like everything I publish; but I do. 😉

  11. Thanks so much for the sample! Congratulations. I hope you find great success with this book.

  12. Eileen says

    Thanks for the sample – wondering how many of the recipes can be adapted to dairy free by substituting almond milk? Or if the cheese can be added at the table (I’m the only one allergic to dairy in my house.)

    • There are a significant number of recipes that are already dairy-free and labeled as such. And I would say that most of them could be adapted or made without cheese or other dairy.

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